Switchblade was born oct 30 1989 He was bred by the yankee boys .Switch was given to jo-t as a gift.He was tested by Jo-T against yankee boy Georges Raff,It was much better than most matches.From there Raf went on to win two for the a team.Both dogs were wrecked in 58 min.Well after passing his game test he was heated up and ready to match.

His first was against BoBo,a hard mouth turtle Buster X Rascal dog.BoBo came in at 50 LBS and had it his way for 30 min.Switch was wrecked in the front end,but he came back and made BoBo pay on the nose and legs.BoBo stopped half way over and was counted out at 58 min.

Number two came against Tommy's spike who was said to be a tremendously hard biting virgil dog.Spike could bite,but he was consistently beaten to the punch.Switch chewed him up from nose to tail.Spike stopped at 48.

After a year and a half rest,it was time for number three.We got in touch with Mr Bill,who reffered us to leo and the Bogg Boys from Mass.The weight of 48 Lbs was agreed on.They brought one hell of a dog out of pretty boys loose goose.He proved to be one hell of a do.No turns or out of holds for 51 min in an all out war,at 55 it looked like spook was pulling ahead Jo T started talking to switch and he started to come back.This proved to be to much for spook who was in shock by 1hr 5 min at 1hr 12 spook to scratch,he cant switch courtesy like hes got plenty left,Leos spook turned out to be dead game.Switch lost some ivory and has been retired to stud

All acounts are fictional