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    Default IL: Pit bulls seek true love at Kendall shelter

    Pit bulls seek true love at Kendall shelter

    By Jenette Sturges January 31, 2012 2:42PM

    Kendall County Animal Control is hosting a pity party this Valentine’s Day. But everyone, alone or committed, is invited, so long as they have room in their hearts and homes for a pit bull.

    “Pit bulls always tend to sit longer at shelters because of the misconceptions in the public, so we’re really trying to put a positive spin on them and help people realize what a great breed they are,” said Anna Payton, of Kendall County Animal Control.

    During the month of February, anyone adopting a pit bull terrier or a pit bull mix also will receive a special doggie bag of treats, toys and other fun stuff for new owners and their love-a-bull new dogs.

    “They have a goofy smile you just have to love; they’re intelligent, good with people; and many are very good with other animals,” said Payton, extolling the virtues of a breed she owns herself. “Like any pet, it just depends on how they’re raised. The ones we have here are just wonderful.”

    The shelter has just two pit bulls up for adoption as of Monday, but more are constantly relinquished to the shelter. Because of the breed’s bad rap and the high demand for smaller dogs, pit bulls tend to hang around longer.

    “It always takes a lot longer for them to get adopted, so we’ll have more throughout the month,” Payton said. “The teacup poodle is going to sit for a day, while the pit bull is going to stay for a few weeks.”

    In addition to the goodie bag, the adoption fee for pit bulls, like all dogs at the shelter, includes spaying or neutering, microchipping and vaccinations. All dogs adopted out from Kendall County Animal Control are also temperament-tested to ensure they’ll make a great family pet.

    Pit bull owners also are educated on the breed.

    “We try to educate people a lot when they adopt,” Payton said. “It’s not necessary they have previous pit experience and a fence, but we do let them know that, unfortunately, they are going to get some strange looks walking their dogs, more than they would with a poodle. But many people who adopt a pit bull say they love them so much from now on that’s the only kind of dog they’re going to own.”

    'Murphy' is one of two loving and house trained American Pitbull Terriers up for adoption at the Kendall County Animal Control in Yorkville on Monday, Jan. 30, 2012. Because of the unfair image problems Pitbull Terriers have, director Anna Payton using Valentines Day holiday to get potential owners to notice the dogs and adopt. | Steven Buyansky~Sun-Times Media


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    Default Re: IL: Pit bulls seek true love at Kendall shelter

    i read this article in the beacon news thismorning if the dogs eyes were pure black i might think it came from here nice looking dog the shelter sounds so humane i was suprized how good they put it thats how us kendall county people are ,,

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    Default Re: IL: Pit bulls seek true love at Kendall shelter

    he looks like wildsides lucifer

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