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Thread: rabies vaccine

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    Question rabies vaccine

    is there anywhere that will ship rabies vaccine to north carolina instead up me going to spend a fortune at the vets

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    i dont think so. here in va. vets can only give rabie shots. i believe it is that way across the u.s. but i could be wrong.

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    Post Re: rabies vaccine

    in va you can get you own rabies vaccine shipped to you from kv vet but by law it is posed to be given by a vet if you are concerned about having a rabies tag which im not

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    thanks for the info . learn something new everyday

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    Wink Re: rabies vaccine

    You can buuy Rabies vacc here at the feed store in Texas. I know you could a couple of years ago. The vet I go to once a year only charges 8 bucks a shot and thats cheaper than the feed store anyways.

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    You can get rabies shipped by KV vet to damn near any state, the problem is local regulations require that you have a vet. rabies certificate, which KV can't supply.



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