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    Default BTW, what lines to you still see as relevant now? Who are breeding the Primo-ish conf

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ID:	20906Here is my 2 cents on the question that was posed to me (OK, I went off, it more like 4 cents). My opinion may be way off base, that is OK.

    I could write a book on that.

    Its like life. Its a living contradiction.

    First off. The old saying comes to mind. If you do not have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.
    That being said, hold on.

    Dogs are mans best friend. Any dog, can be next to perfect.However, if you do not want a game bred APBT, buy a Staffy.
    Because that is what they are. An APBT comes from game bred lines. Bred for mainly gameness. That highly sought, easy to lose, invisible trait. They in turn, tend to be show worthy. If you are bred to perfection, you tend to be show worthy.

    Once more, INVISIBLE TRAIT.
    Some of best dogs looked like wimpy hounds, but they HAD HEART.
    So anyone with a "Pit Bull" whose pedigree is full of "big puffy muscled" pretty "PR" UKC dogs wining in dog shows (in the 1970s and to to some extent 1980s') when they should have been winning in the other ring, are, in MY OPINION, not APBTs', they are Staffies.

    I have never been to a dog fight and do not want to go to one. I have never been to a $#@! fight, Bull killing, etc.
    This is why it is so important to make sure these past dogs (who were bred for games, some turned out to be dead game, RIP)
    are treated with respect and we make sure they did not fight and die in vein.

    The gameness in the APBT was found after hundreds of years of only keeping the strongest, healthiest, the fastest healing dogs that were worth feeding for one reason or another (mostly they came from being a poor mans WORKING DOG!!).

    Even many of the ones that look good, if you check the pedigree right, they are CRAP (most of the dogs on game-dog are true).
    They come from show dogs in the show ring when they should have been in the other ring.
    UKC, etc.are almost all pure show stock.
    Pre 1950s' (when the UKC advertised game dogs in their monthly mag.), this was not the case.

    Game dogs went from UKC to ADBA, plain and simple.
    Enter the American Bully papered as an APBT.
    Now a potential APBT owner has to avoid:
    1)non game UKC APBT that is really a Staffy (if its UKC, its a Staffy, the American Pit Bull Terrier, is by definition, game.
    The UKC were bred for show when they should have been game tested, so they are therefore, not game)

    2)ADBA registered APBT from show lines (it seems there are duel registered ADBA/UKC dogs - that is like
    breeding an APBT to a Staffy)
    3)American Bullies
    4)APBT paper hung with a fake pedigree
    5)A super tight game bred APBT that may be to much to handle for some people

    BTW, most old timers felt gameness was lost in a gene pool in only 1 to 3 generations of not testing dogs. I would never test my dogs. Its better to at least have a chance of your APBTs being game, than no chance at all. This is one more reason why the pedigree must be kept pure. Otherwise, this breed is already A THING OF THE PAST (in this country anyway).

    I can not recommend anyone.
    When you buy a dog:You must trust the seller and LEARN THE PEDIGREE
    Tim Sterbentz

    That being said, someones best bet may to be to go to an ADBA weight pulling event.

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    Default Re: BTW, what lines to you still see as relevant now? Who are breeding the Primo-ish

    I want some of what he was smoking old goat! LOL!

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    Default Re: BTW, what lines to you still see as relevant now? Who are breeding the Primo-ish


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    Default Re: BTW, what lines to you still see as relevant now? Who are breeding the Primo-ish

    Do a Google search on Pit Bulls for sale.
    You will find UKC show dogs (Staffies) and ABKC American Bullies for sale.
    Here is a list of new lines.
    You make your own call
    Razors Edge
    than you go on to
    other lines
    is the APBT a UKC show dog or
    a gamedog?

    If the dogs were in the wrong ring in the 70s' and prior, its a UKC RR pretty show dog (ie Staffy).
    It it comes from game lines, its APBT.

    This is not just BS.
    I can not (will not) sell my pups to half of the people who contact me because they want to breed it to what they think is a Pit Bull. I am saying they do now own Pit Bulls. They own Mix breeds papered as APBTs's.

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