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    Redboy was the result of a father/daughter breeding of Teal's Jeff and Mc Leod's Susie Q Gal. Teal's Jeff was off of Teal's Sarge bred to Teal's Lou. Teal's Sarge was a pure Colby dog out of Colby's Dime bred to Colby's Margie.

    Redboy was a winning match dog, but his real recognition has been as a producer. Redboy himself is an established name now which is primarily used today to describe a superior line of dogs that have been dominating the scene for many years now. The foundation of the Red Boy line can be traced back to two dogs, Bass' Tramp Red Boy and Bass' Cleo. Cleo was a Loposay bred $#@! out of Loposay's Cash bred to Loposay's Bobby. This combination of Red Boy/Cleo had produced top quality proven brood females, who in turn were bred back to Red Boy or other inbreed Redboy studs to strengthen and improve the line. This is an example of how the Red Boy line works. Red Boy was bred to Cleo to produce Bass' Cat, Cat in turn was bred back to Red Boy to produce Marlowe's (Whaley's) Red Feather, Red Feather was then bred back to Red Boy one more time to produce Marlowe's Venom.

    Venom was bred to Marlowe's Brandy Girl who was off of Red Boy and Cleo, the result was Marlowe's Fanny. Fanny in turn was bred back to Red Boy to produce one of the tightest Red Boy studs of all time Bailey's Bingo. Bingo has subsequently produced some of the best Red Boy dogs in the world, particularly when bred to Kitten's Peaches a triple bred Red Boy $#@!.

    Kitten's Devil Deacon, also known as W.C.C.'s Deacon ROM, Crenshaw's Hunter Red ROM, and Kitten's Ch. Radar Man a dead game match winner are three superior dogs from the Bingo/Peaches breeding.

    A word of mention here is that when Crenshaw's Ch. Jeep ROM was bred to Marlowe's Fanny the result produced the great Miller's Ch. Cobra. Peaches had an an excellent producing sister known as Marlowe's Tabby Girl.

    Tabby Girl when bred to Crenshaw's Ch. Jeep ROM has produced White's Tab a tremendous producer who will no doubt reach the ROM status in the near future, Ramrod Kennel's Ch. Tramp, and Locke's Bliss a very good producing $#@! when bred back to Deacon.

    The Deacon/Bliss breeding produced the multi winning Don King dog as well as Bailey's Katie an off the chain winner going well over the hour mark for the win.

    One of the best Redboy dogs to ever live was Chavis Ch. Yellow John ROM. Not only was Yellow John a tremendous match dog, he was also a fantastic producer. His most famous offspring without a doubt was the 6xw Tant's Gr.Ch Yellow.

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