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Thread: Jimmy Boots?

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    [QUOTE 1. Why isn't the Boots line out there?
    2. Why would people breed into a line that has been put down?[/QUOTE]
    A little History for you buffs.
    Jimmy Boot's best son was a dog named Brother Bill(often seen in pedigrees with Greenwoods name in front of him), owned by Bob Gregg and Ed Weldon. He had won two great fights against Boyles and Stepanick. Going for his championship he was matched into great dog named Noah, also a two time winner that had won over Greenwood and later over Don Alexander (of Mason's Hog fame).This match took place around 1980(for detail nuts you can look the exact date up in old Sporting dog Journal) at 47 lbs. Noah was sired by David Koehler's Bull ( Bull was later purchased by Bert and became Sorrell's Bull. Noah was probably the best "Sorrell's bred dog" that Bert never had anything to do with, lol) out of Koehler's and Howard Peterson's $#@!, Josie.
    This match was Icepicks and Switchblades with Noah coming to the top in the chest. At about 45 minutes, Weldon could see Brother Bill's ribs and told Gregg to pick him up. It took Brother Bill a full seven count to get his feet back up under him to complete his courtesy, Noah screaming at him the whole time. Those were BOTH BULLDOGS, great dogs matched into the toughest competition available to them in their times.
    1. Why isn't the Boots line out there? ...it is, I have dogs today that go back right there. not missing a beat. but it's mine and I am careful with it. 35 years later i still have dogs with both Brother Bill AND the Bull x Josie dogs in them.
    Now for the rest of the story.... 2. why would someone breed to a line that had been "put down" (beaten)???? ...Noah's mother Josie was sired by an ol' dog named "Bullyson" when he was bred to a $#@! named "Miss Spike". Some of the best dogs that ever lived have come out of that line, just ask the Bellon Club about their winners coming down from Guera and the Quinanilla's Zeke blood. Or ask about the little brown dog that carries both blood that beat the bigshots from Mexico to Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Arkansas (:43, 2:15, :24, 3:07, :35, 1:48) Do Your homework, his blood is still tight and strong today.

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    60676 Ped,might have some Jimmy in there some where!

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    Nice piece of info Bobm,

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    another good little dog that was never hyped that i saw was a Jimmy Boots x bolio x stompanato dog named Tommy 2 Toes. I saw him kill a son of Halls ch Carlos, and later where he stopped a double grandson of jeep, but i didn't get to see his match where PDK took him to east texas and whipped what i believe was the brother to Gr Ch BB Red and Gr Ch banjo. Too bad he was confiscated in the Tyler Tx bust, or he just might have become a famous Jimmy Boots descendent. If somebody that bragged and self promoted owned him I believe he would have been a household name.

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    good info bobm always thought jimmy boots and ittle boots were great ooking dogs . Did not know much about them outside of the info located in stratton books. Also good to see people keeping good dogs private and not all being about bragging, hyping and trying to make a buck of the dogs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by usmcsalt View Post
    60676 Ped,might have some Jimmy in there some where!
    Ped number 227221 just might have a little bit of that Jimmy boots stuff too!

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    There's been many great dogs based off the breeding of Howard's Tobe to Howard's Rose that produced Booger Red (sire to jimmy boots), davenports spike, and maloneys Colorado. There are some Jimmy Boots bred dogs out there but I'd rather have a dog centered around the Tobe and rose breedings and not just Jimmy Boots himself. IMO the meno who had those dogs bred some of the best and new how to breed a family....here is a wonderful case in point. Matsons Fred T. I don't see any Jimmy Boots there. I see almost everything closely related to him though and bred linearly!

    Jimmy Boots wasn't a flash in the pan but simply another brick in the wall that are the Tobe x Rose dogs. Who cares about one dog when the whole damn family spits hot fire lol!!!

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    Another heavy Tobe x rose dog.... I heard she produced pretty good ONLINE PEDIGREES :: [427] :: PATRICK'S RED LADY

    I wonder of Gr Ch Buck cares if Jimmy Boots ain't back there.

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    Tobe and rose doing it again but through spike... ONLINE PEDIGREES :: [41671] :: REDDICK'S GR CH PETERBILT

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    ....and again ONLINE PEDIGREES :: [1119] :: W&P'S LITTLE BOOTS

    I think I'm beating a dead horse so I'll stop. The point is to show how well these dogs produced when bred as a family and how well they keep producing very game match quality dogs!

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    Tobe and Rose, certainly impacted the game, and ur preference is a good one. But Jimmy Boots is the topic and was important and is important to others.
    Who knows maybe if Jimmy Boots was in Buck he would have been better, lol. And maybe those that have some of these Jimmy Boots dogs are happy not to have any of the Buck blood mixed in theirs. Just maybes so dont kill me for them, lol.
    I have no info on any Jimmy Boots dogs but I certainly wouldnt say no to aquiring one from the privately worked stock some hinted @.

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    ^that post said absolutely nothing pertinent.


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