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    Default Diamond Jim's dogs?

    Is Diamond Jim's dog same thing Chopper Dan dogs?
    Chopper Dan dogs is ,,real'' thing,or naice pedigre dog?

    Sory for bad english......

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    Default Re: Diamond Jim's dogs?

    There's threads on this if you try the search option. Some info on old threads about carver dogs. Basically, IMO Chopper Dan gets DJ's hand me downs and peddles pups off his cousin's good name. I think you could get a good dog from him, but basically, CD just peddles pups and is fortunate enough to be related to someone with good dogs. I will have to say, CD is one of the nicest guys i've talked to bout dogs, but I've heard it said that some of those dogs didn't do what it says but that's just hear say.

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    Default Re: Diamond Jim's dogs?

    Same family yes but with different breeding mentality. DJ may not necessarily do the same breedings as CD. DJ likes a certain type of dog and knows how to get that better than anyone else from his stock. We have a really good one from CD but there is a female in the ped DJ didn't care for even though she produced exceptionally. DJ said she didn't throw the type of dogs he liked....that's the diffeence. One mans standards versus another, whose standards would you rely on if your money was on the line.

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    Default Re: Diamond Jim's dogs?

    Without a doubt I would go with DJ and his stock. But me personally would go with the owner of Black Dog, but that's just me. Nothing against CD, but IMO there are way better dogs in the swamp.

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    Default Re: Diamond Jim's dogs?

    Here is one of my mutts http://www.apbt.online-pedigrees.com...?dog_id=330120 and the female is Jame that I mentioned above. Friend, this is a bulldog.
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    Default Re: Diamond Jim's dogs?

    try one & see foy yourself. it seem like when it comes to mentioned dogs folks with them never get a bad one. & folks that never owned them will talk down about them. best way is to talk to the folks that have what you want. try one or two out & see what they turn out to be.

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    Default Re: Diamond Jim's dogs?

    Heres the thing. I was all about getting se of those DJ dogs when I came on here. I read some stuff on it that are still on old posts here about CD being a peddler and se of his dogs didn't do what he says they did but are still good dogs. I've never heard anyone say the dogs are junk. Personally I decided to try to meet a connection with dogs from DJ and not CD. And I did. And this person has access to get dogs from him and is good friends with the owner of Black Dog. So after all that searching and trying to find the best source of these old ironhead and satch dogs, dude tells me that ain't what I want at all. Well he should know if he can have any of that $#@! but ain't running it. So not to say that they're bad cause even he said they were good dogs, but I still believe there are better in that area.

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    Default Re: Diamond Jim's dogs?

    my buddy just got one we see

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