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Thread: Turtlebuster

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    nice breeding! I love it! when can i get some lol

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    http://www.apbt.online-pedigrees.com...&dog_id=226921 this is one of my pups i bred i sold the dog to a good friend and the deal was i was to get the dog back if he dident want the dog and he sold him to someone eles i would like to know who got him so i could work out some breedings

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    http://www.apbt.online-pedigrees.com...&dog_id=330142 this is my shannon $#@! i have pup on the ground now bred back to a brother to nut and im starting to have to seperate them just 6wk old

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    Looks good Primer... keep us posted

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    thanks gcp its been a long road

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    Barbie was a hell of a dog, nice breeding, nice tight TB blood. That's what I like to see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by primer View Post
    hey ohio do you have any males bred like lit bit
    Lil Bit was the only one to live out of that breeding.

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    damn that sucks thats a good breeding lit bit.yea barbie was the best bulldog she was a sweet hart and $#@! i like her breeding and the pups i have on the ground are 2 times bad barbie top and bottom she what i based my yard on her and china ray litter mate to ch dynomite iv got about 6 breeding lined up in the future and still have 50 percent barbie i still kick my self in the ass every day for loseing her but i no there are still some sister and brothers out there to barbie just got to find it

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    damn that sucks lit bit is a good breeding do you know of anyone who has something bred like bad barbie brother sisters i liked the buddy,bugeye,bishop gretchen,sis breedings i like the red dog stuff to but i need something like barbie

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    i also had a stud named rukus came off gains yard litter mate to this dog http://www.apbt.online-pedigrees.com...&dog_id=194632 he was all hart lost him the same night i lost barbie run of bad luck i'v been tring to get my brood stock built back up

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    LOOK'S like bad luck . $#@! lost good one's

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    the two was my brood stock i couldent get rukus to breed barbie i guess cause she was such a $#@! she would get pissed rukus would just stand there looking the other way

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    you will make it.

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    Kay /tb/rbj/chi

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    Lil Bit is up FOR SALE $$

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    THAT'S going 2 cost a grip but worth it

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    shake you have turtlebuster bulldogs

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    no whant some

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    shake's got 3 indoor barking cats (toy yorkiepoo's)...all of which stare out the window upon a world they will never get to enjoy.

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    looks good 2 me

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