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Thread: Sundance

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    Thanks for that appreciated.

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    Kojack...THE REAL DEAL !!!!! What litter you referring to Kevin ? Iron Core ?

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    Nice Mashamps as always spreading the Gospel lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mashamplan View Post
    Kevin, u obviously from RSA. Rebel's Sundance was a legit champ. The import off him was Bell's Lady (Sundance x Boyd & Stevenson's Mad Maggie). She came in pregnant from her half bru Bell's Hollywood (Sundance x Alexander's Diamond Lil). She dropped Marius' Kojack and K.Botha's Sundance on our shores. The Yellow breedings with Sundance dogs were Tant's David imp (Yellow x Miss RedBoy) x Bell's Lady, Marius' Kojack x K.Botha's Alex, K. Botha's Sundance x K. Botha's Jocko and Marius' Kojack x K. Botha's Scud (Tant's David x Bell's Lady). K. Botha's Alex and Jocko were littermate sisters off the littetmates Tant's David x Tant's Tanny. Hope this helps. There were breedings with Kojack back to daughters of Sir Thomas as well. Sir Thomas was a 7xw off Willempie (David x Tanny) x Carvertjie ( a tight stomponato / ch diamond female).
    Those Bullyson hounds has put some solid kick ass into those slow, earsucking Yellow hounds, much like it did to some Bolio dogs.

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    I met M.D. the man that campaigned GR CH Sundance. To say he was a a character would be an understatement LOL!!! He took out Gator for his CH too I believe. He's long retired now and full of stories lol

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    A story or 2 regarding Sundance would be appreciated. I think that was the initial request when this thread got started.

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    Gonna make this AI breeding with Grinderman later this year....Run it back to some Toby dogs if we like it.

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    The Sundance /Kojack (littermates and dbl grandsons of Rebel's Sundance) cross to the old RedBoy Jocko imports in South Africa put some good ones down, as did the Sundance Rattler cross. And the Kojack Shorty Bolio cross put some very good ones down like Ch Kuzzac and his littermates. Politics prevented the crossing of these different successful Sundance crosses imo.

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