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    Default When to take off the staples

    Hi everyone, I recently posted about my bandog having a scrap with another dog in my back alley, well, right after the incident , i washed up my dog and the only puncture wound he had was around the top part of his ear (his ears are cropped), it was pretty deep and big about the size of a dime, you could stick your pinky, I had yard accidents before and normally I leave the wound open , so it can breath and heal from the inside out , then keep the dog on amox for about a week, but this wound was pretty deep and big, so i went ahead and used for the 1st time my skin stapler, my question is, normally how long do i have to keep the staples on my dog, its been almost 2wks since i stappled his wound. Thank you.

    Ps, He was on amox for a week. I am posting a pic of my dogs ear with the staples, i only used 3 staples , so the wound could drain a bit and breath.
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    Default Re: When to take off the staples

    Ive had to use em in the past and took them out after a week.

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    Default Re: When to take off the staples

    Usually when stapling or stitching, they stay in for 12-14 days or reavaluated in this time frame. If there is no puss and the wound doesn't smell, and it looks closed, then you could take them out. JMO


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