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  1. Question How long does it take for the coat to grow back ?

    My female Tiger Lily had surgery September 2008 and the surgeons shaved her leg down ALL the way to the bare skin. It's grown back about 3/4 of the way but it about stopped growing or, is growing real slow. The hair growth is all very even not in patches.
    Also she has a very thick dense double coat kind of like a Labrador's.
    She has no health problems, is 6 years old 2 month, and is on a hi fat - hi protein diet if any of that makes a difference.
    I know they gave her a good close shave could the hair follicles be damaged or could it be the undercoat takes awhile to grow back ?

    8 months since surgery

    She's ugly as she is the shaved patch don't help much LOL

    Thanks in advance!

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    There unfortunately isn't any set amount of time, it really depends on the dog.
    If she has a double coat, those usually take quite a while, but as long as her skin appears healthy and not dry or flakey then you're on the right track!

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    Default Re: How long does it take for the coat to grow back ?

    shave her all over and then it will grow back evenly. lol. nice pic, that is some pretty country.

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    You might notice more growth when she grows the winter coat this winter,

    my uncle had a Newfoundland Dog , and tried shaving the dog for the summer and i guess he got sun burned cause it looked like he has saddle rash never grew back so if she's out side ask about dog sunscreen from your pet supply , or put her in a nice shady spot to prevent sun burn on bare skin.

    noses of a dog see sun all the time, its different if the skin is protected naturally i believe anyway. its more likely to get sunburn My white $#@! gets burnt bad if take her hunting during the day she gets bright pink with to much sun.

    probably would not hurt to give her raw eggs for her coat as well

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    Default Re: How long does it take for the coat to grow back ?

    Hair follicles are not easy to be damaged by shaving. When a vet gets a sample of skin and hair to put it under the microscope, he/she scratches the skin with a surgical blade up to the point of very light bleeding.
    There is always a very small chance that after shaving / cutting hair will not grow back to its previous length or not at all, don't ask me why just my vets' words.
    Most probably, you dog's situation is a matter of time, different seasonal temperatures and needs, all new hair in shaved area and new and expected to fall hair in the rest of its body.
    All these could take up to 18 months and more, so I wouldn't worry if I was you.


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