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    Default momma dog don't have enough milk

    anything i can give her to make her produce more milk?? i've never had this problem before, she had the pups saturday, and wasn't due til about tuesday or so could that have something to do with it?? is there anything i can do or give her to get more milk?? she got 8 pups and she should have twice the milk she has.

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    Default Re: momma dog don't have enough milk

    this is a great product you can feed her but you can also use this for the pup as milk replacement...keeps them strong, and healthy keeps their bones nice and healthy ...


    This one I think is even better still the same brand


    good luck~

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    Default Re: momma dog don't have enough milk

    will that help her produce milk??

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    Default Re: momma dog don't have enough milk

    Are you sure she doesn't have enough? Mothers milk is not Free-Feed. She nurses them, they stimulate, and the milk comes only for a short while. When it slows or stops, the pups start searching again. It's almost like it's on a timer.

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    Default Re: momma dog don't have enough milk

    sometimes. i really wonder about all you "breeders" some of the questions you all ask are very elementary. Exspecially if your a breeder. If you dont have any idea of what your doing and how to fix these problems before you have them then u really should reconsider your Breeding the animals and if you just cant help it....Get a Mentor. u should never have to come to a online discussion forumn to ask questions like this. no one here has seen this $#@! or the pups so there is no way they can give you sound advice like a mentor could.

    with that said. Dont take the advice that u receive on this forumn due to the fact that as i said before every circumstance is different and no one here has seen your $#@! or the litter. take her to the vet. find out if there is a true problem. which like chinas mom said. im sure there is not. unless the pups arent being fed at all. but again no one here can give u sound advice. go to your vet. and consider finding a mentor before you BYB again.

    not trying to be rude or an ass. giving my HONEST opinion. which is what u asked for.

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    Default Re: momma dog don't have enough milk

    What are you feeding her? If it's anything less than premium puppy food, that could be part of your problem. Either way, you should talk to a vet! Pups & Momma are going to need a general checkup anyway, right?

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    Default Re: momma dog don't have enough milk

    Take her to the vet but in the mean time weigh the pups frequently to make sure they're getting something. The size of the teat is not necessarily indicative of the amount of milk being produced......

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    Default Re: momma dog don't have enough milk

    Puppy gold....


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