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Thread: Red Cell

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    Can we at least see a picture of your dog. Then, maybe, $#@!sments can be made as to what it will do for him. Like you've been told, it will only enhance, not change the way your dog will look.

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    Here is Zues....like i said he's pretty big, just his muscles arent very defient, i work him out Alot..ONe Day On and a day off........HOw do u make your albulm veiwable to the public

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    Quote Originally Posted by BishopBullyZ13 View Post
    HOw do u make your albulm veiwable to the public
    Put them in the Gallery of the site...

    And they will be veiwable to the public

    Be sure to click on Member's Categories though and I'll let them through

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    Bishop....What do you refer to when you state "work him one day on one day off" ? Not trying to blast you in any way buddy...BUT IF this is what you get from working a dog, then it is no wonder you seek the assistance of some majestic super supplement to give your dog a false image. Considering that you wish to dose your dogs with Red Cell for equine as your friend, maybe you should go a lil' further and just use anolbolics and dose that for a 1200 pound horse as well. Then you will get the results you seek REALLY FAST. Maybe even before you withdraw the needle. So dig a hole for him before you inject!

    See, the issue is this buddy.....People like yourself look for a quality dog but are followers not leaders. Jumping on the wagon of fad rather than trying to set the example. Granted we may all find quality in different lines and such...But none the less, we strive for what we comprehend as correct form and function. BUT....The problem that goes overlooked is that YOU as well as countless others are looking to have the biggest whatever at the expense of your product, your reputation and ultimately the breeds existance in general.

    Some lines run beefier than others....And there is nothing wrong with that. BUT when you breed to alter the form of the breed as it is known, then function is thrown out the window. Have you read the standard of the breed? Did you miss the lines that read the dog is NOT supposed to be what you and the other follwers of fad are trying to achieve? Then the sad part is that due to the history/lineage of the mutations you/other followers create, mutated pups adorn ADBA registrations. Then make false claims on the web sites how they will produce monster this and that and alla that other fraganagle $#@!. Follow me here? The dog you aim to achieve is a mutation. An example of what a red penny will do for ones ego. Be content with what you have, strive to make it the best IT can be NATURALLY.

    Now...BEFORE you get all crunk and think I'm bashing your dog....I AM NOT ! In fact I like your dog just the way it is. It will need a lil leaning down to compete in ADBA or AADR if you so choose to do so as simply put...Your dog is fat. Let me clarify what I mean so your feelings are not hurt....The dog needs to get off a few cups of feed, get outside and worked. It's not all that hard to work a bulldog brother! They love the attention and will take anything you dish out.

    I have fat dogs just as well as anyone else here. HOWEVER, some of us...Our dogs are fatter due to winter season or due to no shows coming their way any time soon. And then there's the "I'm just spoiled rotton" house dogs that only go out to empty. (smile) So we all have fat dogs! But to suggest you work your dog 3 times a week for the shape you have....Something somewhere them dollars ain't making sense.

    You work at the feed depot brother....Rope is what .50 cent a foot for cotton/nylon blend? Springs are only 3-20 bucks depending on how BIG you wanna go? A foot a chain to hang your spring pole rope toy from yer tree cost what a whole 2-5 bucks? Ummm.....Lunge whips are only 12-18 dollars and thats for the 6 footer with a lengthy cracker to throw a piece of hide on. You can get hide from you local slaughter house (and sell the remains to reimburse your investment for the hide) or a friend who hunts for free. And the time you spend trying to figure out how to kill your dog, you can spend out in the yard playing fetch, watching him bang the spring pole or chase the flirt pole or whatever and watch him turn into one hell of a well defined dog. Your options are endless working at the place you do! (smile) Mills, weight pull building materials etc. etc. .....

    Brother RE-evaluate your decisions and know that every action has a RE-action.

    *****Game Over*****

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    Hand walking will produce some amazing results as well, and it's something you AND your dog can do together, that benefits the both of you. I like to work my dog myself, and not rely on "supplements." Don't get me wrong, there is NOTHING wrong with nutritional supplements when used as directed, but as far as using them to try to make your dog something he is not genetically built to be? No thank ya. I'll rely on the ol fashioned spring pole, flirt pole, treadmill and LOTS of good ol' hand walking.

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    I have used it as a supplement ONLY! This is what i've read.

    Liquid Vitamin, Iron & Mineral Supplement

    Beef And Liver Flavored

    Canine RED CELLŪ is a feed supplement for dogs for use as a supplemental source of vitamins and minerals.
    Feeding Directions

    Mix the following quantities of Canine RED CELL with the animal's regular food, or feed directly. Shake well before using.
    DOGS & PUPPIES: Feed 1 teaspoon for each 10 lbs of body weight.
    KENNEL FEEDING: Mix 4 ounces of Canine RED CELL for each 10 lbs of food.
    Double amounts may be fed to animals during gestation and lactation.
    This product is intended for supplemental feeding only. Feed only as directed.
    Caution: Follow label directions. The addition to feed of higher levels of this premix containing selenium is not permitted.

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    Ha, Ha,

    I've used Red Cell for years (like 14-15 now)high source of vit. (Acetaminophen, Benadryl etc. are people meds. too but can be used on dogs. Many, many products are made for one species, doesn't mean it can't be used on another. BishopBully did right by asking about it first.

    On the back of the container it has the dose per weight.

    That's what I go by. my dogs don't like it to much so, I have to mix it in with other food. I've used it on my $#@!es prior to a breed.

    Oh by the way, Not sure if the dog in the pic. is a Pitbull or has staff in him but he sure is pretty. I wouldn't be shame of him.



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