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    Question outdoor whelping box

    hi i would like to know if any one has pic or plans for a outdoor whelping box if you do please post thanks

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    inside the box there are pig rails. i'll grab some measurements off it in a little while if you want.
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    Very nice..

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    That's a very nice whelping pen.

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    It's like a big rabbit hutch I have never seen one like that, very nice. Time to go put my husband to work, That is the solution to an on going discussion in our house. what are the dimensions if you don't mind. How much weight can it hold? Thank you

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    i'm not sure exactly how much weight it can hold. i know before i put the panels on the sides i got inside it and crawled around. it didn't seem to be under any kind of strain. i weigh 180lbs so i'm not worried about any dogs i know of over loading it. i'll grab a tape and get the dimensions when i feed in a little bit.

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    that one great looking whelping pen get me the the dimensions if its not to much of a problem please also how long did it take to bulid and what was the over all cost tanks alot

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    i'll try and write out the dimensions without having to draw up anything but if i need to i can draw up some plans.

    it is 4' wide. the total length is 8' 4.5". the total height from ground to the roof is 6'6". from the roof to the floor of the pen is 4'. the actual box part is 3'6" long. the paneled area for the $#@! to get away from the little ones, to eat, and use the bathroom is 4'10.5" long. i think that is about all of the dimensions aside from the doors and stuff.

    i'm not sure what the total cost was, because i had some material laying around already. i think i had 3 of the 4"x4"x8' square post so i only had to buy one. i believe i also had one sheet of 3/4" plywood. and i had some 2"x4" that i rip cut down to 2"x2" to use for the pig rails. i'm not for certain but other than that i think i spent about $120 at lowes.

    i was kinda making it up as i went, i had an idea as to what i wanted and figured up the materials i should need. i think i got started on it a little after noon and was in no rush to get it done, and finished it a little before dark. if you had two people working on it i think it could be done much quicker.

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    i also didn't have to buy the panels.

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    thanks i plan to start on mine in the morning went and got all the supplys 2 nite hope to finsh around 4 in the after noon thanks so much for the help

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    let me know how it goes.

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    looks AWESOME! Great job!

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    DAAAAMN...that sure does look nice. I know usually when I build stuff after Im like , well...I shouldve done this or I could've used this instead......Is ther anything you felt yoiu couldve done to improve it or ...?


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    the main thing i don't really like is, it is kind of a pain to clean out the box part. i think i'm going to cut a 3" high by 6" long piece out of the back wall in the bottom corner. then rig me up something to slide to open and close the hole. that should make it easy to get in there with a hose and clean it out good and should make it pretty quick to do.

    another thing that isn't really anything i can change but it is that is ridiculously heavy. to move it i had myself and another guy pick it up and walk it on a little trailer as a third party backed the trailer in underneath it. if you can, id recommend building it where you want it to be.

    oh and one more thing, i might would have put a little pitch to the roof. it's not really a big deal because i have it sitting where the front is slightly higher than the rear. so i get the pitch i wanted like that.

    something you can't see in those pictures is i framed around both doors on the inside so they are pretty solid and it should prevent them from warping. i'll grab some pictures of that stuff tomorrow.

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    i already had these pics in my camera so i just uploaded them.....

    the framed doors...

    inside the box, pig rails...
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    No outdoor whelping here, but if I did that's how I would do it. Geat job!

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    why no outdoor whelping? temp?


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