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    Smile 20 Mule Team Borax, the miracle soap?

    Hello All,
    Just wanted to see how many others have used the 20 Mule Team borax as a homeopathic remedy for skin issues? ((or for other health issues)) I have used it on many strays that have been dropped off at my place with fleas, mange, and other skin issues...with great success.
    Just recently a freind had an older GSD that was literally bald from his mid back to his tail, they tried everything the vet gave them with no success...I told her to use the Borax mix I have used and he is BACK to NEW...all hair is growing back in and itching has stopped...he even enjoys his "borax" time...
    It was such an amazing success that this is why I started the post...because I am just so amazed that a simple laundry detergent can do such great work....and I wanted to see how many others use it too!

    We use this mixture, sponge it on and leave it on the dog/cat etc...

    4 cups lukewarm water
    4 cups hydrogen peroxide
    3 tablespoons MT borax

    We have also used it in the barn for our animals that have "stomach" issues sometimes. I just sprinkle some on their food and they get better within a couple of days...its amazing...
    This method of actually feeding it to the animals was suggested to us from our equine vet. He agreed he had used it for skin issues in horses as well.

    Just curious! Please share your experiences/uses, if any!


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    Default Re: 20 Mule Team Borax, the miracle soap?

    i tried to post this earlier. must have a problem with my pc.
    i have never used it for skin. but have many times for oder control in tha yard and stains as well. works great. i keep a few boxes on hand as well as bleach.
    might have to try for that skin thing if need be.


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