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    Default Georgia dog legislation in Cherokee county HELP

    I went this past tuesday to a public hearing regarding changes in the dog law here in Cherokee County GA. These changes stem from 2 loose pit bulls (which the newspaper said has been loose before) dug there way through a pen in someones backyard and killed 2 dogs and severly injured a 3rd.
    The changes to the current law are serious changes.
    The current law allows animal control to seize a dog if it attacks a human.
    The change will allow animal control to seize a dog if it attacks a human or animal.
    The other major change is that if your dog is classified as "vicious" , "dangerous" or "potentially dangerous" you have to maintain a $1 million dollar liability policy.
    A dog is classified as vicious if it "acts like" it would attack a person if it was not restrained.
    Well my dog may "act like" if would bite if you knock on my door. That does not mean it well. This proposal is not breed specific but it is pretty damn close.
    Also the $1million dollar policy is unatainable. My insurance agent said there are such policies available but with strict underwriting procedures it is very hard to get.
    This is a breed ban without being breed specific because you would have to get a policy that no one could qualify for. If you can't qualify than you have to get rid of your dog. Me and 3 other people were there that were opponets of this proposal. The othere 3 people were all farmers. I was the only one defending dogs. The county is going to rewrite the proposal because it did not protect farmers. Basically farmers have dogs to protect there livestock from prey and they would be in violation of animal on animal attack. So there is time to fight this.. HELP.

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    Default Re: Georgia dog legislation in Cherokee county HELP

    All I can say is lay low. Just stay out of the revolving door and the spotlight and try to maintain. Make sure your dogs are properly restrained and there are no possibilities of an escape. These idiots that cant control their dogs dont have any buisiness having them in the first place. Just MHO. Good luck! YIS, D.

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    Default Re: Georgia dog legislation in Cherokee county HELP

    Try looking into Foremost Insurance thats who i am through and we pay 75 dollars every 3 months and thats for a million dollar policy. But you cant have any record of the dog being vicious but that is with any insurance company.


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