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    not sure if the same but

    Razors Edge was started in MD and DC by Dave Wilson and Carlos Barksdale. They started out with game dogs. They researched everything they could find and read every book publicized at that time. The also subscribed to many dog magazines like the ADBA Gazette, even some underground ones. They called nearly every breeder that they could find and questioned them, If it said Pit, they were on it. They already owned some unpapered BYB Pits. They even had there own Pit club and went hiking and other things back in the woods. Eventually they got enough money to get some real papered, good bloodline, game dogs. They purchased some of the best around at the time. Even paid $3500 way back then for a Grandson of the great "Plumbers Alligator", mainly Mayfield lines. Dave and Carlos were very heavy into the game lines and had dogs from Hemphill to Wilder blood. These were big game dogs.
    Later on they hooked up with George Williams in DC and purchased a dog they named Diablo, from Wildside Kennels. Diablo's dad was a bigger catch dog, "Hollinsworth Bull". His mom was a game girl names "Wildsides Ms.Leaky". This was the turn around time when Razors Edge started adding more size. The first ever registered "ADBA" Razors Edge breeding was from his Mayfield boy Zeus to a Mayfield girl name Jinx. Jinx was actually given to friend back then named Curt Plater, now CLP Kennels. He owned the first ever Razors Edge dog. They would lose contact after this for many years before hooking up again. They banned Pits in PG County and Dave was forced to move. Eventually through Dave*s job in the Pet Store industry he landed a mangers job at a Pet Store in VA. He had to move to VA and still resides there as Razors Edge Kennel.
    Dave managed a Pet Store, worked as a professional dog trainer, and still bred bigger ADBA game dogs. Basically, he bred his own pits now. He also put fliers in the Washington Post explaining what the breed was and what Razors Edge was.
    Dave met a guy name Ron Smith who came aboard and took Razors Edge to another level. Dave saw this blue dog named "Steel Town Blue Monday" and was hooked! Ron already knew every UKC and AKC breeder under the sun. He had been researching on his own for years. So this man had all the pictures, info, etc…. He had fliers and pictures from every AKC and UKC breeder from Coast to coast. He literally had pictures of almost all the dogs in all these pedigrees. That man really was the "Pit Guru". He first contacted $#@! 'n' Bull Kennels, the ones that produced Monday. They turned them onto people in Cali with that blood. Candace Eggart was one. Candy sent pictures of what she had and what she had going on. Just to give you a time frame, She sold a dog years later to Tony Moore named Showtime! Showtime went on to be one of the foundation $#@!es in the Greyline bloodline! So this was years before Greyline was even around.
    They went to every breeder on the East Coast. Up north to Bobby Morehouse, Beth Jones, a friend of his Lee Fitzgerald, Flying A's, Minot's Ledge, etc. they actually purchased a blue brindle female named "Sadey" from Minot's Ledge. This litter was had an extraordinary pedigree. The top half were mainly Flying A's dogs like "Oreo" and "Reo Speedwagon". Dogs he had seen and liked. You could see in the extended pedigree how these dogs stemmed from Ruffian dogs. Then you could see how it went back even further from the AKC Ruffian dog to the UKC Colby dogs. This top half of the pedigree actually showed how Pits eventually were registered as Staffs! Dave thought that was cool to see on paper and in a dog he owned. Then the bottom half of the ped went right back to Stratton dogs. Dogs like Going light Barney, dogs he grew up reading about! Thanks to Richard Stratton, Then behind them were the same Colby dogs he saw on the top half of the pedigree. So he had this dog that showed the history of the Am. Staff and the directions the Colby line went in the UKC. he also purchased a male named "Razors Edge Blue Maxx". His top half was a dog named "StoryTime's Upon this Rock" AKA "Peter" Peter was a dog bred by Beth Jones. He was a big dog, but kinda ugly. They bred him to "Wassuc's Farm Maggie May". Dave really liked this compact girl. He researched her lines and found she was Ryan. When they got to see the Ryan dogs they were surprised to see they were game dogs. They were AKC registered Staffs, but they still bred for game dogs! This was something Dave had never seen, I'm sure that's why the AKC people didn't like that line, . However; Dave loved it! Bully, game, blue, staffs! Now that's what I am talking about! Maxx was there boy from this blood. Now Razors Edge was big ADBA game dogs, one UKC Blue Brindle girl, and a Big hot Blue Fawn AKC boy.
    In Va there was Sharon Stone of Cloverhill, who had the biggest Staffs Dave had ever seen! Her old stuff was huge! Too tall for what he was looking for, but huge! They changed years later and went more showy. Paco, was in Dave*s opinion actually a throw back of her older days. Ginny York, Pam Perdue, GiGi, the Garretts, etc….they visited them all. Even went down to Florida and checked out Marsha Woods. Met KC Courtier of Watchdog Kennels. Eventually, went up to Md and met Kimmar Kennels. As soon as Dave stepped on the ranch, he knew he had found the build he was looking for! The Razors Edge package was almost complete.
    Razors Edge also had been advertising in the Washington Post for many years. Some young dudes from DC used to come down and hang out and bring their dogs. Edwin Salinas and Joey Nevils were two of them. These guys had been buying dogs from Kimmar and mixing their own stuff in them too. Kimmar used to have an ad in the post under the Pit Bull ads, it said "Petey pups". They didn't want their dogs to be labeled as Pits; but they advertised directly under Pits? Hmmmmmm? Not as Staff? Anyway, local people knew the deal and picked up a lot of her dogs. Joey, Edwin, Joey's pops, and their boys had a bunch of these dogs. Even some old friends of Dave*s Jerry and Gerrold had yards with these dogs. They all had game stuff in the mix. dave tapped into a lot of their dogs as well.
    In Kimmar's yard he learned a lot about breeding and genetics. Dave spent every weekend there for almost three years, and actually put on a training class for all her buyers every Sunday.

    Razors Edge had been breeding now for a few generations and even used a lot of her dogs from other people in the mix. Ron, also had some York dogs, and some other AKC stuff, they experimented with. Before they got Knuckles or any of them, Razors Edge was already in the game. Kimmar actually used there dog Maxx for some breedings. Eventually we purchased around 15 dogs from her line, including Knuckles and Rage. While these pups were growing, Razors Edge already had it's formula. They just wanted a different head. They were not given papers on some of these dogs and they had to be UKC registered instead! This is where Razors Edge became heavily involved in UKC. Dave started searching for a better head and came into some Watchdog stuff. KC was not breeding anymore, so he had to find that blood somewhere else. he bought dogs from Grapevine Kennels, and also hit up Hughzee's, who he believe later on became Chaos Kennels. They had been talking to Pam from Gaff Kennels for a few years, and really liked a boy name Seiko! So they got a dog from her. So Dave experimented with a lot of lines and different dogs. Razors Edge started having a real consistent look. The heads were big, but they still wanted them to be a little blockier. A few generations later it was pretty much there.

    So by taking combinations of dogs and bloodlines Dave eventually got to the style of pitbull he wanted, now called "Bully Style" of Pitbulls, Meaning large in size, such as a large head, wide chest, short blocky muzzles, large, but not over done bone, and a shorter back, but at the same time correct as the United Kennel Club and American Kennel Club judge by.
    Razors Edge purchased a pup from the breeding of Kimmars Catt Man Roo and Pam*s White Path China Black. These two dogs produce a few dogs in the litter that helped to promote the Razors Edge line, dogs such as: GR CH Razors Edge Throwin Knuckles, CH Razors Edge Inna Rage, and Razors Edge Sapphire Lil. Another breeding that produced one of the most famous $#@!es in the history of Razors Edge was between Ch. Jackson*s GMJ Mr. Brooks and Razors Edge SilverSadey of ML which produced GR. CH. Razors Edge Sadey*s Paddington and also Kim's Blue Dekota. Dave used Ch. CloverHill*s Watuka Spirit AKA Paco and bred him to Paddington, which produced the legendary CH. Razors Edge Purple Rose of Cairo, the most famous dog of all the Razors Edge dogs today in my opinion. Razors Edge Kenna Claddaugh, Razors Edge Top Notch Chino, Razors Edge Chi Chi of Trueblue, Tonka and Jigga and Iced Mocha are also productions from this breeding.
    When the time was right the grand champion knuckles was bred to Paddington, which produced another female, named Viagra. Viagra was bred to the legend Cairo and produced one of my favorite males Razors Edge V*s Lil Ro, AKA "RO". They also produced Cai, Diva, Caira and a few more. RO lives his own legacy today in producing some beautiful dogs such as suarez bulls paco and genuine Edge's Toxic, and Titan Kennels Titan, just to name a few of my favorite males out of him. A friend of mine at Bully Loaded Kennels also has a son, Quake, and daughter, Faith, off of him that will be very nice when there older. Cairo was also bred to a few other females but I won*t name them all just ones that come to mind, some of the important ones in my eyes, such as the Cairo and Koi Breeding. Koi who is out of GR CH Knuckles and Dakota (Paddingtons sister), was bred to Cairo and produced Rage, Neela, Brooklyn, Shamrock, Rolli, Rosetta, and Diamond. Cairo was also bred to tiki and produced a male by the name of Hennessy. Cairo was also bred to my friends dog trixie of blackout kennels in VA and produced his male Gooda, Bo at Bow Wow Kennels,Denile at Razors Edge Kennel, one of my personal favorite females of Razors Edge bloodline and two others that go by Bosko and Bun. The cairo side of razorsedge is just a fraction of the bloodline. The line has been taking in different directions but everythang basically stems from the knuckles, paddington, and rage blood.
    Another well known producing dog is Razors Edge CLP's Short Shot, Short Shot is off of Buckshot and Rage, and is also a grandson to Knuckles on Buckshots side and Rage is Knuckles sister. Shortshot has done a few breedings is his life, such as Diamond, and more recently Paradise and Steel. there is also sections of the blood that are almost like a line in its own depending on what your looking for, you got the Cairo side, the shortshot side, the you got manu side, dozer daisy line breedings, which all of this basically ties into each and every dog produced from razorsedge yard in the very beginning! You just have to connect them all together. It's the facts of producing outstanding dogs from the start and putting time and effort and lots of money into building a dream.
    Razors Edge Kennel has been involved in learning, breeding, showing, training and raising the American Pitbull Terrier for well over 15 years and it keeps getting better! Razorsedge will not die! It will live on through Dave*s kids, friends, and mainly in his dogs! Razors Edge is a bloodline for everyone, it offers show quality dogs, bully correct dogs, bully dogs, and overdone dogs, overdone meaning extreme bone, head, and chest, at the same time very nice dogs, but dogs that would not be able to win in the show ring. So if you want a real pitbull where there females outdo other kennels males go to Razors Edge Kennel and they can point you in the right direction!
    dogs. And not all blue dogs are alike.

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    He could have been implying they were from Razorback Kennels. RBK was owned by the late Jim Combs who lived in Cocoa Fl. He was from wv originally and was best friends withy wife's father. JC traveled the circle with Victor of Souther Kennels, Havana Chico and those guys. He carried a lot of old Clouse, Carver dogs and had Gr Ch Ronnie as well as other great dogs. A lot of his stuff is overseas and a little in Texas. What little bit is left anyway. This guy was a true dogmas and superb conditioner in every sense. RIP JC

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    6sN7s.....you are full of $#@! lol.....but you proberly are not on the need to know basis.....lol...

    the dam of proberly one of the best i ever owned......but hay i wouldn't know.

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    seen as though ya can't edit fark all on forum now days ill add that i am refuring to post #20 were 6sN7s states the name infront of the dog,dogs etc..razorback is not apbt...obviously someone may enlighten me to what they are, re ped above.....???

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    friend of mine said she has a razor back i told her what is that saw the dog and she said its a razor back becuz of all the hairs stand up on its back so that is why she told me its a razorback tolder the truth that it was an old family red that is why alot of people say that its a razor back cuz they dont know much about bulldogges or dog in that case.

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    I know this is an old thread, but I have seen Razorback on peds. However I do not know that it is a deffinitive bloodline. From what I have gathered, a breeder took a solid old family red(dame) and bred it with a rhodesian ridgeback resulting in pups that looked no different than the dame other than the very distinct ridgeback trait of a strip of hair that grows in the opposite direction from the rest that starts around the crown and leads down the back. These dogs were. almost always reds solid fawn, occasionally showing darker jawls as do the ridgebacks. People have begun breeding "blue razorbacks" also.

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    Thats the razorback blood that i know of...Hard to find blood but well worth it when worked.....If you know of this blood, then you know about CH. Spunk (You wont find him on feds online) a super game bulldog and some others that carry the name well!! This isnt hear say either , its first hand knowledge!!

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    ONLINE PEDIGREES :: [12178] :: RAZORBACK'S JUMPER And to say that the dogs bred like this and down from this are not true apbt's is completely ignorant...Like i said if you know, you know, if you dont, you dont need to know!

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    this is the only razorback I have heard of

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    [QUOTE=NC;203229]I saw this guy the other day walking this really nice looking APBT. So i get to talking to him and he says he's of the razorback line... Now I don't know much about bloodlines. I know the popular ones but I've never heard of this razorback line.

    I asked if he meant Razor's Edge.. and he was appualed "Hell no.. not one of those fat dogs." So I was happy with that reply.. he said he bought him in Alabama.. So has anyone else heard of this? Dunno about what the dog could do.. but he was pretty as hell and was in really good shape.Yes I've heard and seen razorbacks they come from budros bht I'm Not to sure of the cross I'd have to ask my dad.

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    [QUOTE=blogmonster;723713][QUOTE=NC;203229]I saw this guy the other day walking this really nice looking APBT. So i get to talking to him and he says he's of the razorback line... Now I don't know much about bloodlines. I know the popular ones but I've never heard of this razorback line.

    I asked if he meant Razor's Edge.. and he was appualed "Hell no.. not one of those fat dogs." So I was happy with that reply.. he said he bought him in Alabama.. So has anyone else heard of this? Dunno about what the dog could do.. but he was pretty as hell and was in really good shape.

    "Yes [@ NC] I've heard and seen razorbacks they come from budros bht I'm Not to sure of the cross I'd have to ask my dad."

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    Budros: short for Bouderaux from the late Great Mr. Frank Bouderaux.

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    Opps Mr.Floyd Boudreaux

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    Quote Originally Posted by blogmonster View Post
    Opps Mr.Floyd Boudreaux
    Floyd is still among the living.

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    lol..........that was funny ha

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    Yea there is no legit razorback bloodline. Backyard breeding it sounds like to me. They should have just called it gator like all the other trash out there backyard breeders breed. And yes not all razor edge are fat they are all worthless in the apbt world.

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    Razorback is razorback kennels, which was the late Jim Combs' kennel name. He had some great dogs and was one of the best dog men you never heard of. He was the only person to beat Rebel Kennels Ricky Jones twice. Victor from Southern Kennels would take JC to Maydays matches for his help and expertise. I was fortunate enough to meet and know this man through my wife's father. They were best friends. RIP

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    hey all. sorry to bring back an old post.

    I was looking up Jim Combs to see about getting a dog. i came across this thread & forum. i have some hoodlums messing with my kids. i figure them sporting a big ole pit bull may run them off. i don't need to break any necks.

    My dad was great friends with Jim Combs. We moved down from WV to FL with him around 76. had not heard from him in 6 or more years.

    It is great to see the respect Jim carried. he named me "Dangerous Dan" LOL. funniest $#@! ever. my dad was filming & Jim is on my little Indian motorbike riding down the street & flicks the camera off. jim was over 6' 300 lbs of mean. to me it was the funniest $#@! ever. every time my dad played that film it was always funny.

    He wouldn't let my dad drive his car because my dad always broke $#@! but, it went a whole lot faster hehe. for a big guy, jim was all heart.

    another time jim got a couple of rotweilers "don't kill me on spelling" ..he was kind of scared they could do something. my mom just walks up to the dog, the dog hopped & put his paws around her to give her a hug. so my mom & he dog had a moment. he about had a heart attack.

    wish i had more stories, i was six when we moved to FL

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    if any knows where Theresa is, would be much appreciated. she would sun bath nude at the kennel. wish i saw that one time. beautiful woman & a true firecracker..she kept jim inline


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