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    Unhappy The hits just keep on comin...Erie, PA

    This is from the Erie Times News...

    6 dogs found dead
    Pit bulls' wounds 'look consistent with animals fighting'
    The little pit bull tied to the tree, limping on a broken leg, was
    one of the lucky ones.

    It survived.

    Monday evening, police and animal enforcement officers pulled six
    dead pit bulls from the backyard of 702 E. 21st St. as part of an
    investigation into a possible dog-fighting operation.

    Nine other pit bulls were either taken to Summit Pet Hospital for
    immediate treatment or were being held at the Humane Society of
    Northwestern Pennsylvania.

    "Having been involved in other dog-fighting cases, these wounds look
    consistent with animals fighting," Erie County District Attorney
    Brad Foulk said. "Whether they were wagering (on the fights) remains
    to be seen."

    A caller tipped off his office to the hurt animals, Foulk said. Erie
    County detectives and Erie police still were trying to sort out whom
    the 15 dogs belong to before deciding what, if any, charges to file,
    he said.

    Foulk said Monday night he asked that none of the dogs be euthanized.

    Twenty-year-old Shawn Russell, the owner of the home, was
    cooperating with officers, but said he had no knowledge of any
    dogfights taking place there.

    Russell said he doesn't live at the home, but is fixing it up to
    turn it into a rental property. He said he leaves the four dogs he
    owns in the care of a friend who visits the house. It was unclear
    who owns the other dogs found on the property.

    Asked about their injuries, Russell speculated that children who
    live in the neighborhood could have hurt them. The children take the
    dogs, which Russell said he sells, only to return them later for
    reward money, he said.

    "I'm just a young black man trying to make some money selling dogs,"
    Russell said. "I don't know anything about dog fighting."

    While officers lifted the dead dogs into black plastic bags, an
    injured dog let out a low growl from its cage in the back of a white
    City of Erie animalenforcement van. The dog with the broken front
    leg wagged its tail when an officer brought it what appeared to be a
    bowl of either food or water.

    "They're docile," Foulk said.

    Depending on what the investigation uncovers, the owners of the dogs
    could face charges of animal cruelty or animal fighting, felonies
    punishable by up to five years in prison, Foulk said.

    "This is not the first time I have seen this," he said. "To say that
    it is beyond my comprehension that dogs or any animal could be
    treated this way is putting it mildly.

    "If you think in the county that you're going to fight dogs, wrong,"
    Foulk continued. "Wrong, wrong, wrong. It's not going to happen


    The good news is the town lynch mob (HSUS) hasn't dropped out of their tree huts, swooped up the dogs to deliver them to their certain demise (yet). I find it a pleasant surprise the DA has asked for NONE of the dogs to be euthanized.

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    Default Re: The hits just keep on comin...Erie, PA

    Why is he keeping dogs somewhere that he doesnt live at? And why is he letting other people take care of them?

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    Default Re: The hits just keep on comin...Erie, PA

    Quote Originally Posted by BlaizenJ
    Why is he keeping dogs somewhere that he doesnt live at? And why is he letting other people take care of them?
    I'm willing to bet everything or most everything that fell out of his mouth was BS or close to it. His first thought was probably to remove himself from responsibility for the dogs, so he made up some story. That's just a guess, I really have no clue what's in this guy's head at all


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