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    Default White foam around dog's mouth

    I left my dog outside for a while, while i was away, and when i came back he had threw up(grass in some white bubbly lookin stuff). So i brought him inside and he has no problems since i cleaned the bubbly stuff from around his mouth. What could this be? If the dog already had it's Rabies Vaccination could it still contract rabies? PLEASE ANSWER QUICKLY.

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    Default Re: White foam around dog's mouth

    Was the animal running around a lot? Most overweight dogs foam at the mouth when they are burning fat. Most people have overweight dogs although they might claim otherwise.



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    Default Re: White foam around dog's mouth

    If the dog ate grass it had an upset stomach. Figure out why. Worms or food alergy are typical causes. You would know if it was rabies before the foam thing. Dogs eat grass to make themselves vomit. Natures way of getting rid of something irritable. Sometimes it is just a upset stomach just like we get or heart burn. Common for those that cave in and give their dogs table scraps.


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