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Your opinions please....

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by FearlessKnight, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. Marty

    Marty Banned

    I took care of it ;)
  2. miakoda

    miakoda GRCH Dog

    Since my son's name is Cole, it's a given that I like that name. :) And the name Cayden/Kayden is becoming quite popular here as well.

    If you like the name Cole and want it to be a little bit different, you can spell it with a K as well - Kole Lewis. My friend's baby is also named Kole with a "K".

    Also, my nephew's name is Dillan so I also like the name "Dylan Scott." (especially since Scott is my younger brother's name as well). Heck, are we related? :D

    My pick is Dylan Scott as I really like the way it sounds. But since Lewis is your dad's name, I totally understand keeping it personal.

    Good luck whatever you choose! Boy names were the easiest for me (I already have the next one picked out - Brody Paul (Paul is after my other grandfather as Cole's middle name is after my maternal grandfather). As for girl's names, I still cannot decide between Caroline or Kayli or Kirsten or who knows what else...........................
    P.S. - I've got a cousin named Carson and I really like that name as well. Carson Lewis............. ;)
  3. Cole Lewis. Yes, I like that one. Its something like Jerry Lee Lewis, that are cool names. [​IMG]
  4. jr Pit Guy

    jr Pit Guy Big Dog

    I kind of like Cole Lewis, it's a strong name which will encourage confidence when he's older. Me, I didn't get to pick my step-son's name for obvious reasons, but his name is Tristan Gage, and my son's name is Keaton Floyd. Floyd is a name that has been passed down for FIVE generations, now that is a dynasty ;). I felt Keaton was unique, yet strong. If you like unique names, try to keep it masculine, or at least with some meaning behind it. JMHO.

    Also, Kaden is becoming popular around here as well, but hey everyone wants something unique these days, and we all end up with the same names. I named my daughter Katlynn Marie, at the time it seemed different. When she started school, two of her classmates had the same name each with different spellings LOL.

    Just my input, good luck picking a name!
  5. LOL..that is ironic....Sounds as though I slipped right in your family and friends and took their names......LMAO!
    I thought we had it all figured out with Kaden Elijah, but then, I stared seeing both names and hearing of them everywhere...sooo...and then hubby thinks it sounds a LITTLE feminine....I still ike it, but it is becoming too popular....so now it between Cole Lewis...(which I am not sure about) and Sheldon Lane (which I really like, but he isnt sure about....LMAO...Sometimes 1 parent is easier....LMAO

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