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Your opinions please....

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by FearlessKnight, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. jaystreetsA4

    jaystreetsA4 Top Dog

    name him Jimmy :) always liked tht name.
  2. Searcy Jeff

    Searcy Jeff Top Dog

    **quote edited - Mia**

    I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you meant this in sarcasm.

    FK is asking for legitimate answers in regards to her unborn son's name. I'd appreciate it if you kept it serious and on topic for her. Its a big decision for her and her husband.

    Not saying there isn't room for jokes, but especially not this Vick thing. Kinda old and played out don't you think?
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 22, 2007
    1 person likes this.
  3. Searcy Jeff

    Searcy Jeff Top Dog

    If you understood who I used the term chigger for, you'd get a kick out of it.;)
  4. Really......wow, that was shocking to hear. I ran a social security name run and didnt find that many of them...LMAO! You must live where they all are...
    I hope if we do pick that name, we dont live close you...
    If you dont mind, could you Pm me and tell me ABOUT where you are..or at least the state would be enough...Please dont let it be the carolinas...LMAO!
  5. Its all good...I appreciate it Jeff.. He will get his..not to worry!:D Judgement day comes for us all at some point!:D
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 20, 2007
  6. Envy's Mom

    Envy's Mom Top Dog

    I like Kaden. I know only one little boy named Kaden. I really like Cadence too. Its such a strong name.
  7. OOOOHHHH...I like that!
    It is a strong name...and I have never heard it before either
  8. coolhandjean

    coolhandjean CH Dog

    I only know one like mentioned before, but he lives in Utah. lol. I had never heard the name before, until my nephew was born and I got the call. I was like "Kaden? how in the world do you spell that? Where did that come from?" lol.

    "The boy's name Kaden \k(a)-den\. Modern name. Also (Arabic) "companion".

    Here's a chart on its popularity. http://www.thenamemachine.com/baby-names-boys/Kaden.html
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 20, 2007
  9. Envy's Mom

    Envy's Mom Top Dog

    Yeah! I am glad you like it. Cadence is a military song in case you havent heard of that before. I just like it because it sound so masculine. I am a big fan of boy names for girls so I like the name for a girl too. Keep me updated of whice ever name you descide.

    Sorry to steal your thread, but I wanted to ask you. Since I helped you out how about a name for my new red and white girl? The only thing I have come up with is Nevar which is Raven backwards. The new pup is a grandaughter to my first APBT Raven in my gallery and looks very similar.
  10. hrdeluxe

    hrdeluxe Big Dog

    This is my preference.....Elijah Kwynn(my first name)

    Kadens are popping up around me all the time. (midwest)

    I like Dylan Patrick.

    What is the child's primary heritage??
  11. I have actually never heard that before..the song I mean.
    I am looking in your gallery now..
    I can do dog names....kid names are a little different though! LMAO
  12. Suki

    Suki Guest

    LOVE Dylan Scott. just luv the name Dylan for some reason....

    and btw, congrats! tho i personally think I have the best son in the world!!!!!:p

    j/k!!!!:D (he is a GREAT kid/guy tho) best of luck to you!
  13. ChiaPit

    ChiaPit Top Dog

    **edited. Problem taken care of. - Mia**

    Anyway, Kwynn is a really cool name...I don't think I've ever heard it before. I think the last name plays a part too and how it all sounds together.
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 22, 2007
  14. hrdeluxe

    hrdeluxe Big Dog

    Thanks Chia. The first three of us from my mom and dad are all K's....the 4th named after pop (RIP before he was born) and the fifth was a 1/2 sis---McKlaire.
  15. Bullyson

    Bullyson CH Dog

    If we had a boy it was going to be Cayden Guage...So I like Kaden. :)
  16. Well hubby just came out and told me that he liked Cole Lewis too...but he no reason...just liked it I guess. I wish we could make up our mind! This is nerve wrecking!
  17. coolhandjean

    coolhandjean CH Dog

    My Mom told me that you will think or names and think of names, and then the baby will be born, and when you look at them, you just know what the perfect name will be.
  18. Jeex you mean we have to go through 6 more weeks of this? LAMO....oh brother!
    If it just would have been a girl....it would have been so much easier....we already had that name.....It was very easy to pick and agree on...but this boy thing, I think it is just a SMALL fraction of the pain and agony that he will put us through in the future....LMAO! Little Sh!t
  19. Michele

    Michele Guest

    I'm going to call the little baby 'bean'. All little babies remind me of a little bean. Their little hands and feet:)
  20. Suki

    Suki Guest

    Consider this a Warning to those who continue to "stray" off topic.

    and mind you i am quite "settled down". ;)
    Stick to the original post, and leave out the sarcasism. TY.

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