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working staffordshire bull terriers

Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terriers' started by dougs85, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. Fly

    Fly Pup

    Now now for sure you really can't read. Where the fuck do you see mee writing that i like apbt more than stafford. Don't have apbt's but have staffords. But i'm not a dreamer but a realist.
    And about the comparison between apbt and stafford is simpel work = work. And for me a working stafford is one who can compete with apbt's. A stafford who will run over the j.r. and labrador of the neighoubrs in 20 min. is not a working stafford.
    And the ones that can compete with the apbt are hard to find.
    I don't know them all, don't know much but you can name 4 ch stafford that won the title olso against apbt's?
    I only know 3. But you seem te know everything, so tell us guys.

    Sunbeam over here mentiont Redbull. I heard great storys about that dog and also about dogs out of a breeding of him.
    It seems on the rocks has some great onces, i will believe that. But if On The Rocks has ones that can run against apbt he is a very lucky guy. Don't think there are more than 10 stafford kennels all over the world who has the luck of O.T.R., what i do know in fact is that every country has 10 stafford kennels talking and dreaming of the quality O.T.R. has.

  2. Fly

    Fly Pup

    12 gauge are you trying to say yankee staff is a breeder of good working staffords?
  3. 12 gauge

    12 gauge CH Dog

    say what?
    Fly, i'm responsible for what I write not for what you understand. if you look/read carefully and the words "died, other things in mind but preserving the breed as it should be", mean a breeder of good working staffords to you then so be it.
    a good working dog is a good dog. I dont agree with many breeding practices including her, but those 2 dogs I mentioned above, especially the one i've seen its worthy of being fed to me.
  4. hmots

    hmots Big Dog

    :confused:I give up??????
  5. Nash

    Nash Big Dog

    Hahaha. FUUUUUU !
  6. Shakka Staffs are the only working type of Staffordshire breeders I know...and I'm not even sure if they're still running =/
  7. Levi

    Levi Pup

    Didn't redbull quit!
  8. sunbeam

    sunbeam CH Dog

    redbull stopped, not as black and white as it may seem perhaps, sometimes people messing with chemicals they do not understand gets a dog a bad name. the owner admitted they messed him up big time. he was tried harder than that when not juiced and showed no sign of quit. each to there own but even if it was a legit quit he still did past the hour with pit bulls, how many staffords genuinely do that ?
    i'd rather have a dog like red bull in the pedigree than many bred for fancy papers that did not do a tiny percentage of what he did.just my honest opinion.
  9. Levi

    Levi Pup

    I agree with what your saying , my memory's crap and it just popped in my head about him I seen what he did through his career , he beat was put in front of him wether that be good or bad it's all you can do
  10. sunbeam

    sunbeam CH Dog

    some will never accept him for that "quit" though and that is their right, everyone is different. i think it was big of his conditioner to admit his mistake, it would have been easier and less of a knock to his ego to just say the dog was a cur but he was a man about it and has to be respected for that. the dog won again after that, perhaps his opponents thought it would be easy money going against a dog that had stopped.
  11. Levi

    Levi Pup

    That soft southern git couldn't condition shit anyway I taught him everything I know and that's nowt ha ha ha only joking I love him really was and still is one of the better people involved in the doggy game
  12. darlo

    darlo Banned

    i would defo have one out of him, an i know a few others would give teeth for a pup
    just my 2 cents
  13. coach

    coach Big Dog

    Of course they are mostly garbage because other than show they have no use...I will say that in some cases there are dogs that are unknown meaning private stock....I was Lucky enough to receive such a mutt...I am blown away by how the breed has been hurt...I wish we could save them but I think it's too late....it's truly abuse in a sense...
  14. Fly

    Fly Pup

    12 gauge, thanks for answering i read indeed correct what you wrote.
    Topic starter asked for full working stock. For me this means dogs out of proven parrents and a full proven pedirgree. You mean other things with a working dog. Think you are realy disrespecfull to the ones whe keep the breed really alive.

    Indeed of working stock is the level of dogs you think it's working stock there is not a hand full of them but indeed a land full en you are totaly correct. Excuse me for my stupidity.

    I was once lucky to have 2 dogs out of proven parants. Even one of the dogs was mentiont in the book of Ricky B.
    Didn't work them ore you must think work is biking, a-frame, tow ore littlebit hunting. But for me its sport not work.
    I bred the dogs and the littre was realy worthy fed to me, but.......... not proven stock anymore. Think you mix things up. Or you must think proven stok can also be a good aframing dog.

    I think it is disrespectfull to the proven stock and breeders of that to call the littre i had or littres of yankee staff or keetch has to compare them with the proven stock. Think it's disrespectfull en stupid.
    Not that the dogs are not worth feeding, but if we talk about proven the can't stand in the shadow of those.

    As i wrote before i'm not a dreamer but a realist. Think that's big difference between us why you dont (wanna) understand what i'm writing over here.

    If this topic starter is asking for proven stock he's not asking for dogs like yankee staff, mine, your's or those from keetch.

    Stop dreaming and keep feeding your dog i will do mine but be honest en realistic. Thinking our dogs is working stock thats the end of the working stafford.
  15. hammer head

    hammer head Top Dog


    Sad but true.......rather have a mayfield dog than a SBT in the fastlane unless you got time and money to burn.
  16. 12 gauge

    12 gauge CH Dog

    ok, you are still responsible for what you understand i am responsible for what i write. i think i know the box dictates gameness, hunting is the next best thing i can get my staffords into, i'm a family man and cant afford jail, those crazy days are long gone. have you ever seen or had a dog against a mountain lion/cougar/puma or an animal of that caliber, i dont want to offend you and say it takes gameness to really take one of those down, better yet it takes a good working dog to do the job.

    if i was disrespectful to you, or any other names you've mentioned i'm sorry but i dont give a shit

    i dont dream i just tell you how i see it.

    i hope you can comprehend this paraghraph better since is shorter and more concrete
  17. Fly

    Fly Pup

    12 gauge the same here, i'm not in the box with my dogs, family man, maybe not the guts, name is as you want, but if i don't do the box and do second best it's not proven working stock any more. No discussion about that. You must know if you were in the box in youre crazy days.
    They still can be nice dogs. You never see me writing the can't.

    But the topic was clear, proven working stock and that can be only one thing. You were not disrespectfull to me i never wrote that i'm a apbt lover, never wrote i have proven stock.
    I have nice dogs i think for the majority of people, but when i have to be honest, i dont have one ch. nore one 1xw ore a proven game one.
    But i like my dogs, think they are worth giving the food but i think it would be very unrespectfull to the real ones to compare my dogs to them. This topic was about the real ones and not yours or mine second best.

    Often i see a topic about working stock then a see kennels named as quintlent, keetch or yankeestaff. If we wanna discus please try to be realistic in stead of dreaming. If dogs of these kennels are game or good working stock mine are also. And........ mine are not.

    I like my dogs but if information is correct about a dog as Redbull i don't think they will stand 20 mins. hopfully 10. Not proven is not proven and what me was told the real deal disapears quickly.
  18. 12 gauge

    12 gauge CH Dog

    Fly, eventhough this is a the game-dog forum and assuming the op asked about proven staffords, do you think anyone in their right mind from the UK, US or elsewhere will come here and talk about these proven dogs publicly?

    I have never said litters, kennels, afixes produced proven staffords, "but" I have seen one not long ago with the yankeestaff name on his pedigree that i would breed to, no hesitation, because this one stafford i liked. I have no business talking about Keetches, because i'm not involved in kk dogs and whatever else line is in his staffords.

    you believe in rb, a dog i'm not sure if you have seen for the way you write about him, but you have faith regardless of ped.
    the same way goes for any other good dog regardless where they are from. a good dog is a well balanced dog, phisically and mentally and willing, and this one little dog working ethics i like, regardless where he's from and the breeding behind him. so in short, one special dog out of a whole non working dogs, get me?

    yes i talk about how much i dislike the showline of staffords, but behind this i see most of these dogs are bred deformed, short winded, eyes bulging, short snouts, barrel chested, in short a dog designed to be a mess, and that is how the majority are, worthless.
  19. Finito

    Finito Big Dog

    I still find it hard to reason that it was a valid excuse for the dog quitting. Losing yes,quitting no.
    The man deserves credit for his work & the 4 or 5 gen behind him. Maybe that had a little influence on his excuse,i don't know.
    Maybe his selling the dog soon after tells you more,i don't know.
    All ifs & buts.
    Whatever the truth,i believe he was a good stafford (with a little bulldog blood) & deserves a lot of credit.
    Two i was happy getting out of seperate litters many yr ago,but they are long gone now,along with the rest.
  20. sunbeam

    sunbeam CH Dog

    i agree, the dog stopped but may not have if not juiced, the fact is the dog was not himself. i always say a true gamedog doesn't stop but they are only flesh and blood. what i do know is that the dog done more than 99% of staffords, no fancy claims about his pedigree or anything like that, just a far better than average stafford.many working type staffords from other strains are given high praise for their bloodlines without doing a thing themselves or the odd 10 minute bump here and there. the dog has to be rated up there with some of the better staffords of modern tiimes. it is my belief a lot of the well known ones that did not quit only did so because they never faced a good enough dog. at the end of the day, they are only staffords.

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