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working a pup?

Discussion in 'Sports & Activities' started by kimbel2392, May 12, 2004.

  1. kimbel2392

    kimbel2392 Big Dog

    Good idea or bad idea? LOng walks or light jogs? Is exercising a pup a good idea? She is 5 months. Little pure colby dog

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  2. KnOck

    KnOck Big Dog

    Its fine to walk your pup but not for a Long walk right away. Slowly build the pup up for that. The pup is still young. Basically what your tryin to do is get your pup use to being on a leash and going for walks. If you have space for the pup to run around let em. Being that she is a pup; just let her be a pup; play with her and build a trust between one another. ;)

    BTW nice lookin pup:D
  3. Bubba

    Bubba Top Dog

    Good advice...
    I don't understand the need to have a big bulky looking pup, had people asking about creatine for a pup...bad idea.
  4. gator

    gator Big Dog

    Your pup will get all the conditioning it needs by just playing with it as I have said before let it be a pup.
  5. J.W

    J.W Pup

    Little short walks are fine, but the long walks like getting a grown dog ready for competition is out of the question. Just simply play with your pupppy that is the only kinda conditioning that it really needs.
  6. Onac

    Onac Pup

    keep in mind that a pups bones will grow for about ten months. if inbred, the pups bones could and most times to grow for a bit longer. a bulldog is continually growing for about two years in most cases, and my reason for bringing this up is this.... strain to the body while the body is still growing can cause pain and suffering in the ladder years of age.
    we have all talked with the idiots that run thier new three, four or five month old pups down the road with tires latched to the bulldog's ass. or have the pups hang from tree, rope or spring pole. all this type of activity, including running down the road for extended times are not activities for pups.
    frankly, i do not know from where i could steal the time to spend with our pups, when the adults get all of our time. pups are socialized and then pent up in the middle of the grown dogs to keep them busy, and see us all day. but we don't have time to run and play with our pups. unless we are conditioning, the only dogs that get off the chain space are the yearlings and brood bitches. especially if the brood bitch is pregnant.

    i hope this helps someone
    yis amwk
  7. Crash97

    Crash97 Top Dog

    I 'd heard a bulldog will grow til around 2yrs. but didn't realize that springpole/ hanging from a hide was detrimental. Just thought good exercise/ playtime. Should I avoid any strain more than walks such as tug of war with pups til older?
  8. Onac

    Onac Pup

    pups are going to find something to tug a war with. but that can not be helped. simply find some chew toys that are durable enough for the bulldogs. and tug a war is going to be a way for a pup to have fun. the hide or material should be strapped to a spring and the spring fastened at or just above head height. no swinging from tree limbs and such, until adults, even then you risk hardware loss. always use a spring to decrease the shock of body weight against enertia
  9. I think a pups a pup just let it be that there is always enough time for the rest.. Ejoy each others company.. Never know one day you just might wish you had more time with it..

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