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Why most people have curs

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by NMWAPBT, Dec 15, 2009.


    NMWAPBT Top Dog

    ive been thinkin maybe its our fault why people who own ambullys say they have pitbulls ik its more their own fault for not doing research but we need more press more shows all around also our breeders should post websites up ik not all people should own these dogs but ik of breeders who screen there buyers befor they sell just wanted to know what you guys thought good or bad idea?:confused:
  2. c-murda

    c-murda Big Dog

    "Real Bulldawgs" AIN'T for every Tom, Dick, and Hank. The so-called "game-dog" population is over populated now with half-assed owners and ignoramuses. Good dogs shouldn't be in the hands of the ignorant. That's just my opinion. Not tryin to hurt any feelings. To each his own. :rolleyes:

    NMWAPBT Top Dog

    i agrea with you bt i still believe that they need to be seen more often by people so they dont call am bullys pitbulls becouse then thats all we will see and it will become an extinct breed like a dozen other working breeds have already disapeared jmo:rolleyes:
  4. magnoilaotis

    magnoilaotis Top Dog

    I agree with C. Besides most people believe ambullies are the ultimate bulldog. I have many times had to hold back laughter as some idiots describe the best dogs. You know the jughead, wide chest, short ones with a very short muzzle. I say ignorance is bliss. These clowns wouldn't know a bulldog if he crapped on their shoe and we probally need to keep it that way. The ones who want a true bulldog will eventually find them. I know I did trough homework, trail and error.

    NMWAPBT Top Dog

    y do they belive that tho cuz they never seen a real pit before
  6. msdogman

    msdogman Pup

    you speak the truth c
  7. Jrouble

    Jrouble Big Dog

    It happens to a lot of breeds, GSD's, Rotties and Dobes just to name a few have been through the same shit over the years. Neapolitans and Mastino's are at a tipping point right now as well.

    They become popular and mainstream - people fuck them up ridiculously, and then the popularity falls and you're left with a heap of shit on one side, and the purists that really love the breed on the other.

    Take a look at the difference between working GSD's, Dobes and Rotts, compared to the pet/show variety.

    Thats what you're gonna end up with here. Those of us that actually give a shit, are gonna be the equivalent of the working GSD's from hard Czech/German (sometimes Dutch) lines that still do KPNV and breed for a purpose and function - and the ambully, ignoramuses are gonna be the equivalent of the slobbering HD ridden frog legged fucks they call show GSD's.

    All you can do, is make sure YOU personally, do what you can to make sure, that the good side of the breed remains in tact - how to do that. Responsible breeding/buying and owning practises. Don't buy from backyard muppets, don't buy from irresponsible breeders, don't buy from no name jerk wads that breed for looks, don't buy show dogs... breed responsibly yourself, breed to what the dog was supposed to be for and ignore the assholes ruining it - the less attention they get, the sooner the popularity falls, the sooner we can start trying to turn the shit around.

    Here's an example for you in pictures so you get what I mean:
    Czech Border Patrol Dogs
    Cow Hocked Slant Backed, Frog Legged - Best in Breed Winner

    What a real APBT should look like.
    What they are trying to do to them.

    Whether its slant backs, or wider stance, bigger dogs, larger heads... the cosmetic cowboys will fuck your dogs up one way or another, theres no way to stop them... you know why?


    So just do what you can, stay true to your breed, practise correct personal measures and ride it out, til we get the opportunity to say I told you so, and back these pricks up when it explodes in their face.
  8. jack the lad

    jack the lad Big Dog

    Keep this breed to real dog men:cool: not d#######s that want one because it looks good or make's them feel a man when walking it down the st;).
  9. jack the lad

    jack the lad Big Dog

    less is sometimes better.;)
  10. Colossus

    Colossus Big Dog

    The shows and the so called "breed standard" f*cks the dogs!:mad:
  11. alabama

    alabama Big Dog

    Both them show pics are shocking jrouble specially the bottom one

  12. alabama

    alabama Big Dog

    Both them show pics are shocking jrouble specially the bottom one

  13. teras

    teras Big Dog

    the saddest thing of all is that they dont just screw up the working breeds in terms of introducing things for looks that prevent working ability. the worst is that they take healthy breeds and introduce a load of health problems on them.

    if you seen the 'pedigree dogs exposed' documentary (it's being posted before) all these things are evident.

    dogs suffer a lot in the end due to their health problems. in this documentary it was showing a king charles whose head was too small for its brain and had to open his head up cause it was suffering badly. but, non of these damn ass breeders was ever accused for animal cruelty!!!

    someone said in that documentary that if you cause this amount of suffering to a dog and anyone sees you you gonna get into shit. but these idiots continue doing it and they also say that this is how dogs should look like.

    i realy cant understand the lack of plain common sense that goes on in these circles. i guess they make enough money to shut up
  14. wardogkennels

    wardogkennels CH Dog

    Lol, Most people own curs because they don't game test hard enough and just want to talk and act like they are doing the damn thing;) I beleive it was Woody that wrote 99% of the people on here are to damn scared to break the law that would require them to find out before they breed their dog if it was game. That is why people shouldn't breed their dogs and leave it to the professionals!
  15. LuvMyBulldogs

    LuvMyBulldogs Big Dog

    LMFAO!!!! Good one wardog or woody whoever. I totally agree with C. Every now and then I call a ad in the classifieds for a good laugh. Seriously you guys should try it. They have NO F*****G CLUE as to what they are doing, totally ignorant. Since D. Tant was all over the news everybody around here got RBJ dogs. Ask'em what strain and they have no answer. Havent read the pedigree, thinks cause it barks at other dogs and acts good on the chain they got something. But that goes back to what wardog, or woody said.
  16. Blau

    Blau Big Dog

    Amen, I completely agree to that!
  17. Wood23

    Wood23 Big Dog

    Look guys I was the same way, My old man was a Dog Man but when he stopped I continued I was only 12 or 13 but I was breeding curs as fast as their heat came. But finally I got tired of runnin curs and I begged my old man to give some pointers. He wouldnt but he hooked me up with right people and I learned from watchin them. So people that breed curs just dont know any better.
  18. yrrej

    yrrej Pup

    you guys are flogging a dead horse. A long time ago, the breed was very rare and in the hands of only a very few who wouldn't let them out except to people they trusted. Then people started breeding them for money or even trading them for guns or drugs, and this includes well-known dog people with quality dogs. At that point, things started going to hell. lots of good guys got out of the dogs completely because they didn't like the quality of the new people. it had nothing to do with the dogs.

    in any case, people talk about 'game dogs' like it is a quality all their dogs possess. Go to any breeder of game dogs with any bloodlines you like, and ask him what percentage of his pups prove out. if he's honest, you'd find most pits are not very deep game. it's just a matter of degree. however, most bull breeds, even including Amstaffs, Staffs, even Bull Terriers, are gamer on average than the other breeds.

    What is gameness really? Did he quit in 5 minutes, 20 minutes, 2 hours? how tough was the opponent? Did the people doing the roll, match, or whatever have the foggiest notion what they were doing or how to go about it? Did they really try to make him quite, maybe 2 - 3 dogging him, or just watch him a while and decide he's really 'game'.

    in any case, most pit bulldogs have never heard the echo of a dog fight. They are pets. people love them for the ideal quality of gameness that they represent. They are interested in screwing up their dogs by fighting them or, worse yet, finding out they are all they thought they were, which is what will happen most of the time.What is wrong with people owning our breed just because they admire them?

    As far as conformation, the ADBA standard was based on the appearance of the best proven fighting dogs. They even dug up skeletons of champion dogs to check the conformation. But i guarantee you, if you were around in the old days, you'd see dogs of every description, e.g. gigantic, tiny, skinny, muscular, some might look like boxers, English bulldogs, or even mastiffs, long hair, short hair, all colors, etc. But their appearance didn't have anything to do with the way they acted necessarily.

    half of the reason the bull breeds are in the fix they are today is because of back-biting among their own owners. And the last ones to stand up for the breed are the so-called 'game dog owners' who test their dogs. When we went down to Austin to fight the proposed dogfighting legislation years ago, which passed BTW, most of these brave people were home hiding under their beds with their dogs praying nobody noticed them. They didn't donate money, they didn't go on public record, they just bitched and complained
    secretly from the safety of their homes. meanwhile, my boss was trying to fire me. i wonder how many people who talk so boldly on these boards will challenge the public perception of the dogs in the media? Want some unwanted attention? Try being the president of an ApBT club like i was.

    The lesson where other breeds and breeders are concerned is, 'hang together or you will all hang separately.' it's always been true and still is today. if you see someone who is ignorant about dogs and doesn't want to listen to reason, recommend a reading list. guys, if you are part of the solution, you are part of the problem. So who subscribes to the ApBT Gazette, which regularly tackles these issues? Do you not subscribe because it costs money, or because they don't discuss dogfighting? Well, guess what, nobody discusses dogfighting in the public media for very long without coming under public scrutiny. i guarantee you the ASpcA and peTA love to hear threads like this where people are trying to cut each other's throats, so they can take sides and divide one group against the other.

    Sorry about the rant. i've been close to this issue since the '70's.
  19. Laced Wit Game

    Laced Wit Game Yard Boy

    that is the case A LOT of the time or it seems to be. but there are folks out there that just get dogs for the peds and theyre peds only that believe the papers speak for themselves, therefore they never test theyre stock and they sell pups for ASSinine prices!
  20. csotelo9388

    csotelo9388 Big Dog

    the other day my cuzn n i ran into an old buddy of his frm skool.he was out buying dog food.he tells us he's breeding pure blood game pitbulls.been doing it for bout 5-6yrs now.i aked him what bloodline he is using n he says gamedog bloodline!said he would sell me a pup for half price $500.tryn hard not laugh i told him i was lookn for a dog that is going to weigh in the high 30lbs-mid 40lbs.he says real gamedogs weigh between 100lbs-120lbs!!!i couldnt hold it any longer i started to luagh n told he was breeding over weight hippos.he got very upset as did my cuzn.i said sorry to him n my cuzn,tryd to xplain the difference but he wasnt having it.what a dumbass.anybody want a gamedog bloodline pitbull for $1000....hahahahah:D:D:D:D

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