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Who stole gr. Ch. Art?

Discussion in 'APBT History' started by Dr. Lector, Jan 11, 2012.

  1. pitbulld0gs

    pitbulld0gs Top Dog Staff Member

    Somebody edit those posts please, i shouldn't of put that out there because i don't know for sure.

    TROTLINE Top Dog

    Who stole ART really!!!?? Who said he was stolen the magazines! There is a lot more to this than A stolen dog! That was A long time ago, sometimes when you dance with the devil you have to pay the price!
  3. pitbulld0gs

    pitbulld0gs Top Dog Staff Member

    I'm pretty sure he was stolen just miles from my house at some point. Again, no facts but that's what i heard.

    TROTLINE Top Dog

    I just read this whole thing! One person got it right, read what Jay wrote, and go from there! The person who allegedly had him when he "GOT Stolen" new exactly where he was! All he had to do is go get him!!! Then the magazines pump this stuff up and look 30 yrs. latter still being discussed! Sometimes Things Arnt What They Seam!
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  5. stedz

    stedz Big Dog

    Love this thread,keep it going guys,did he produce? THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE!

    TROTLINE Top Dog

    ^^^ READ POST 190!!! that's exactly what happened, believe it or not! Somebody didn't hold up there end of the deal!!!! That's all I'm go'n to post!

    TROTLINE Top Dog

    I mean post 159 ..........
  8. Nina's Dad

    Nina's Dad Big Dog

    I was told recently that he got stolen in Cincinnati.
  9. You get this backwards. Baker Davis called out James Crenshaw in the sdj becuz James an company Kept dodging baker An said baker was lying. Baker called out jeep an several others an James never but the hook. I just read the sdj with bakers add.
  10. Iron Mike

    Iron Mike CH Dog

    No, I am right. I have the issue when Jack sent it to me. I have the issue when James called out Baker. James named 3 different people to contact to make it happen. Barker never ask for Jeep. That was Billy Stepp with GR. Ch. Angus who wanted Jeep after he curred out Ch. Otis. I knew both and what was said, did you? BTW James didn't own Jeep, Garrett did.
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  11. mccoypitbulls

    mccoypitbulls Underdog

    Take some pics and share the articles with us....some of us may not have access to them like some others
    david63 likes this.
  12. david63

    david63 CH Dog

    I had some dogs down off of Doug Nightrider this is the first I've heard of him being a dog thief.HE and MR.Clemens were in together with the dogs back in 70s and the 80s.
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  13. david63

    david63 CH Dog

    Soze remember me talking to you about my red dog
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  14. david63

    david63 CH Dog

    His reg name-Red Rover--67600d-62 and His littermate Sister's name is CARDIN'S PRETTY GIRL-reg-676OOD-63.
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  15. bandm

    bandm Pup

    I only heard one side of the story so I can’t say for sure but James told me that he tried going into Baker but Baker did not take the match. I believe James was going to use Charlie. He ended up going into D Favre and some folks with Charlie and won. I believe the dog Drew used was the last dog that Maurice sent out, he was a hard scratching son of either Stompanato or Diamond if my memory serves me. It’s been a long time ago so forgive me if I got some of the dogs mixed up.
    david63 likes this.
  16. david63

    david63 CH Dog

    You are right it's been a long time ago early to mid 70s is my guess. Carver passed away what 1977 or 78 and Earl Tudor too.
  17. pitbulld0gs

    pitbulld0gs Top Dog Staff Member

    Not quite that far south but close. It was actually in Seven Mile, right outside of Hamilton, OH.
  18. Waundolla

    Waundolla Pup

    I heard the same thing from an old school

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