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White Diamondback

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by Stone Shark, Jun 14, 2020.

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  2. Furious_Ford

    Furious_Ford Big Dog

    Your asking way too much for the low quality of the blood on that bottom side, yes Stonewall himself is the top side, but your stud is still if your lucky maybe a $1,000 stud the most maybe to die-hard Stonewall/Rocca show dog lovers, but I myself wouldn't even pay $500 if I had zero access to the blood knowing what I know first hand!!!

    I can breed to your dogs more proven belly brother all day every day for free but I still don't, & remember I can say that because my name, & my breeding that I did for Frank Rocca is forever in your dogs peds!!!

    I regret ever doing that breeding, I did not want too, but I did it because I was begged as a favor, & hustled into doing it...many promises & agreements never came to be, or received!!!

    If you would like me to publicly breakdown all the wrongs, & curs in that ped on the bottom side which you should have been told about before you purchased that dog, well then let me know, & I will!?

    But first wrong thing in your dogs ped I will say, & ask of you again, because I've told you before to change that false title hung ped that you created of Rickson because he was not a 2xW!?!?

    Thank you,

  3. Your a lowlife bitch who talks shit on peds online. As a matter of fact White Diamondback is proving to be a quality stud. As good as any from the line.

    You're such a bitch you come here to talk shit. Why? Because I would not give you a pup when you fucked over xxxxxx when he bred his bitch to Rickson. A dog you never paid for. Not only are you a lowlife POS, you took a world class dog and turned him into one time will forget. So Brett, run back to wherever you crawled out of. You're not even a footnote in the breeds history. You're more of a cumshot to the face.
  4. Screenshot of WD ped. Notice created by, reported POR points, off 3 breedings which produced.

    Attached Files:

  5. Notice Ricksons ped. Who created it. Not I. So I can not add or subtract anything from his ped. As for you being able to breed to his brother, I doubt it and if it is true. Spite would be the only reason. I seriously doubt if that would happen as you would need a clear tick panel for any bitch. I doubt if you could get one.

    Again you are a POS lowlife. Run back to peds online and post a ped how mean I am. Ask Rodney Allen to co-sign it. Or any other admirer. Truth is your nothing but a wanna be Dogman who had 1 good dog. 1 you didn't breed, didn't even pay for. Reason the Rat who is a Rat never gave you paperwork on the dog.

    Attached Files:

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  6. Gengar94

    Gengar94 Pup

    Wow stone shark you completely destroyed that guy
  7. Furious_Ford

    Furious_Ford Big Dog

    I never asked for a pup, you offered a pup to me because you was a deer in the spot lights looking at me & sucking my dick & thanking me for the blood you currently have at that moment...please remember I have proof of this truth that I speak of!?

    Also why are you saying people's public names...like the snitch that you are known to be!?

    You yourself on here, & on Facebook have called Chico, & Desert Rat as snitches plus spilled the beans on them....but yet it's you yourself that reports public names on here, plus screenshots, & reports public names & posts on Facebook...DO I NOT SPEAK THE TRUTH!?!?

    You & your puppet master Frank reported to Facebook all proof of the breeding, & photo proof if the breeding I did for Frank, the stick/tie, whelping, pup photos, & all (LIKE SNITCHES)...but guess what, I won that SNTCH case against you both & Facebook, & I still publicly have proof on Facebook that I did breeding for Frank!!!!

    Any Admin on here feel free to contact me, & I will show you all the the truth...I have had this account for many years, & I have had zero confrontation on here, but I'm sorry I myself will speak the truth when it needs to be told.
  8. Gengar94

    Gengar94 Pup

    Damn. Furious Ford hitting stone shark back hard. Stone shark is that true ? You got some explaining to do.
  9. Furious_Ford

    Furious_Ford Big Dog

    Son, you created the ped, & stated so yourself...like I said I tried to correct you on it as, I myself would know, I fully paid for & owned Rickson from 8wks old up & until he was 11 years old...please publicly have ANYONE who was involved in the breeding that made him say otherwise...that is my open challenge to you or anyone else!?

    Truth be told Rickson's mother quit in a show after whelping Rickson, & his litter mates...I had already purchased Rickson before that(FULLY PAID FOR), & after that I myself, & a partner got the rest of the litter handed to us for free!
    Guess what only Rickson made the cut out of the whole litter, & he was a good multi purpose hunting dog, & house dog, but a world class dog he was not, & I'm sorry if you believe in your Puppet Master Frank's sales pitches, but you're deeply mislead !!!
    Plus there you go again snitching like you're known for, & naming government/public names...who the fuck, & what the fuck does "Rodney Allen" have to do with any of this!?!?
    Pedsonline??? What the fuck does pedsonline have to do with anything, & what have I ever said on there???
    Like with here I have had my account on there MANY YEARS & have rarely made posts compared to others, so please show me these posts of how mean I say you are!?!?
    I'm sorry boy you're a fraud, just like your Puppet Master who lost his old lady, kids, & his own family loyalty...all he has left is his Puppets like yourself!!!

    Plus you know the belly brother to your stud I speak of...the very one your Puppet Master hyped up, & then we cut him off from breeding too...son, or in your case should I say BITCH PLEASE!?!?!?
  10. Furious_Ford

    Furious_Ford Big Dog

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  11. Calling a Rat a Rat , that offends you. If it's public knowledge and your friend who you fucked over is a Rat. As for your great accomplishment with these dogs and contribution. Gtfoh,

    When you could out xxxxxx was giving xxxxx 2 pups you extorted him for more when your deal was for one. No need for me to drag him into it. You know it and I know it, so do those gentleman. Even your buds call you a rank amatuer who is bipolar.

    You even cried to xxxxxxx so she would feel sorry for you and give you a pup. The one I offered you was again because of you crying how you got fucked over etc. Then you showed your colors trying to impress while down talking the accomplishments of another. A guy who made it possible for you to get the only good dog you ever owned.

    Another thing I find extremely funny, you save messages from me and I have none from you. Your not important, your a cockroach that shows up once in a while. Crawl back into the crack boy.

  13. You really believe yourself? You can't. I have never made a ped on Rickson, and if I put Xxxx for names and you pop them out like nothing, your really a cocksucker.

    I know zero on WDs littermate. Could care a less and like I stated, Spite is a mfer. You on the other hand protend to access, and cut off, yet your feeding an offspring of said dog. So you must like something. World class is what the Dogmen who saw him called him, and a house dog. Only you man. That dog destroyed everything in front of him. You must of bought a couch a week.

    Let's see, you think I don't know all the shit you were talking on feds online? You really think that shit even bothers me. Just want you know you can run to your bitch buddy and tell him how horrible I am. You are a worthless cocksucker. The only one giving you shit is women and kids who don't have a clue either.

    Back to the curb as you call him. Since you have never personally seen anything of mine. For that matter never will. Your opinion is valued only by people like you. Worthless POS mfers who talk about what they do not know.

    You came on a FB group running your mouth about someone who couldn't speak up and when you got put in your place you got mad. Ran to peds online talking shit, and still come here talking shit. It's quite pathetic. Meds are available to you, use them.
  14. STFU, I owe you nothing. Proof of completed ped above. Never hung a w, or title on anything and never will.
  15. Gengar94

    Gengar94 Pup

    Haha keep scratching. I'm just taking the piss. So much drama arguments and slander in the dog game.
  16. Gengar94

    Gengar94 Pup

    And you owe me better dogs son of a bitch.
  17. Only slander on this post is by Brett.
  18. Get yourself one of these vials and you will find out
  19. Gengar94

    Gengar94 Pup

    You are in the United states?
  20. Yes, Kentucky.

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