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Where is this all going?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Bullnuts, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. scratcher

    scratcher Pup

    yiz all need to get up off the computers and go walk your dogs get some fresh air lol !
  2. Elmo

    Elmo Big Dog

    Its understandable that alot of people react like this when it comes to a Iluminati discussion.
    I say lets drop that and just look at fact that we all kno are true.

    Lets take vaccinations. Mexican flue,

    Its documented that the vaccin was already made and even distributed before the epedemic broke out ne were.
    if you take a closer look at the companys and the people behind it you wil get a slight idea of what is going on.

    Take the Cia and there study's on mind control.

    Look at the whole 9-11 propaganda they still looking for that same terrorist that was interviewd by an Amerikan film crew in afghanistan. 3 weeks before the so called Terrorist attack.

    Not convinsed it was a propaganda thing to start of a war.

    Hitler had done it back in the 40's
    He let a goverment building be bommed. after that there was sayd the comunists did it.
    The same happend after 9-11 people lost have there freedom germany became a police state people could be searched for wtf ever reason. (meanwhile germany is in the ban of that propaganda after the bomming thousands of germans volenteer for the army) next thing you kno germany was ready for war.

    Just some random facts here

    dont you think there must be a certain group of people to orchestrate this and pull it al of? (no matter what the name of that group may be)
  3. Bishop123

    Bishop123 Big Dog

    I would like to add that the music and everything that comes with it (videos, lyrics, character, etc) dumbs the audience and brainwashes the listeners therefore keeping the group of listeners at a low socially and mentally. I've been engineering music for 12 years. This is a very serious problem because it opens the door to other negative influences society allows. Whether it starts at the government level, I have no idea.
  4. BoogiemanBlood

    BoogiemanBlood Premium Member Premium Member

    This just in.....the earthquake in japan was all a setup to thin the herd and solve the overpopulation problem. The tsunami was water pumped in with a big fan blowing it to make it go faster! Just look at the facts! The radiation leaks are all a ploy to continue the population control for years to come through long term radiation poisoning!

    Wake up people it's happening!
  5. cutt

    cutt CH Dog

    I knew it........ bwhahahahahahah
  6. stillborn

    stillborn Banned

    if you weren't so cynical you would actually be stating facts. haarp was used in japan as well as the gulf disaster. the little bubble you live in is a testament to the fact that you're a product of your staged environment. instead of dismissing things out of fear or frustration, why not search for the facts instead of repeating the slide-show of garbage the media brainwashes you with?
  7. stillborn

    stillborn Banned

  8. BoogiemanBlood

    BoogiemanBlood Premium Member Premium Member

    LOL you calling me brainwashed is so ironically funny I can't even comprehend it bwahahahahahaha!

    Stillborn is a perfect name for you because you sure were born brain dead! LOL
  9. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Staff Member

    Mikkos Cassadine tried to freeze the world back in 1981 with a weather machine. Thank the heavens for Luke and Laura!
  10. AmericanDogMan

    AmericanDogMan Big Dog

    1. I am mentally free and was just leading people to a practical way to move on with their lives and guarantee their doing all they can to bandage the bleeding.

    2. :StillBorn: is nuts and may need some serious help before he starts talking about grammar; communism and revolution. We all know how that ends! Find a chrch/synagogue/atheist house of worship or a bulldog to pray too. Take care of your family see them happy and relax in your manhood; this world is not for you but against you! That is the burden of a man; Spend time protecting your property and children and you will find peace. If your a woman serve your God and your man and children and you will find peace.

    Powerful people try to use power big deal! They are trapped by that curse! (it's an inferiority complex)! Have no complex and be a man vote for freedom in this land and the rest will fall in place.


    :In Closing:
    Do not become consumed by these theories follow your god find peace and don't give consent for governmental authorities to give you free stuff because nothing is free.
  11. AmericanDogMan

    AmericanDogMan Big Dog

  12. crimsonghost

    crimsonghost Premium Member Premium Member

    I'm no where near the smartest man in the world. But god dammit feels good to know there are people dumber then me. Thank y'all very much
  13. Bishop123

    Bishop123 Big Dog

    I don't know about a big fan, but something nuclear on the ocean floor crossed my mind, but it was just a thought.
  14. stillborn

    stillborn Banned

    research "the hundredth monkey syndrome" and you'll see (in essence) what I'm trying to convey.

    when you point a finger at someone to call them different, you are giving that person power over your mental state of being, it causes you confusion, rage, and ultimately fatigue. in a stressed out state of mind you're transmitting all the electronic frequencies that inactivate every cell in your body to become less receptive, to the point of cerebral paralyzation. you can't digest what it is we're trying to inform you of because your brain essentially can not activate the range of amino acids needed for both sides of the brain to work in conjunction with each other, rather than one side (left side) taking over all cognitive thought. i still have hope that in any event disillusioned sheople will still benefit from the collective 100th monkey syndrome. you can thank me later. although in reality it's me that would gladly thank you for "waking up".
  15. BoogiemanBlood

    BoogiemanBlood Premium Member Premium Member

  16. Crisis

    Crisis Pup

  17. stillborn

    stillborn Banned

    ignorance is truly bliss. until you find the need for true wisdom. the ones who were meant to get it will, the rest wont. it's not a matter of opinion, it's a state of awareness.
  18. stillborn

    stillborn Banned

    serving god is nothing more than filtering the filter. in your quest to know it all, you've never achieved free thought. all your thoughts and ideas are some one else's. before you interject on a subject please know a higher consciousness is innately more advanced than regurgitating what you've heard.
  19. Elmo

    Elmo Big Dog

    Lol i see were this is heading..

    @ Crimsonghost, Lets put alll the so called conspiricy bs aside.

    i wonder if you have an opinion about the next subject,

    Do you believe in the so called Anti Terrorist war that is going on for the last couple of years? yes/kno and why ?
  20. Elmo

    Elmo Big Dog

    I also wanna ask.. if half of the people in this thread is so smart. and kno how it realy works.

    Can atleast 1 of you explain here how the Federal Reserve System got it's power back in the (i believe late 1910 or early 20's)

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