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When did you APBT "turn on" if at all?

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by Michael., Jun 15, 2017.

  1. AGK

    AGK GRCH Dog Staff Member

    One can also find just as many videos of these dogs around other dogs and no fight happens. Every single one....

    Here is 2 that lived their entire lives around each other and never had an incident so I just proved you wrong in one photo since these are both true to standard APBT's..... I'm not debating the idea that it's very likely this breed will attack another dog, I very well know they will, this isn't my first rodeo. I'm debating the Every single one comment. There are 2 right there in photo for you. Every single one would include them 2 as well. Therefore, the every single one comment was just debunked.


    Neither is a cold dog. 8 years together up until the one on the right passed last year.
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  2. this a very good topic, with some very interesting views from expeienced dog men.
  3. promoe

    promoe Premium Member Premium Member

    i think slim and agk pretty sum'd it all up with the OP question.

    LOL @ the ol blue in the 2nd video "god dammit,god dammit god dammit"
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  4. Saiyagin

    Saiyagin Chihuahua Premium Member

    Moe, I guess he did not teach his dog the "LET GO", command. LMAO

    Also I agree with AGK that not every single bulldogdog will attack without cause even though majority would as there are a few exceptions to the rule.

    Also the misconception with Blue bullies (like in that vid that was posted) is that people think they wont fight BUT they can and do fight, its just that majority of them are not game. LOL.........In fact all dogs can fight as fighting is part of nature but majority of them are not game.
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  5. It is not possible the chances are 1 percent to none, the thing is to be responsible to own such a powerful breed,it is not like 25 million pitbull's together would attack,its like saying 25 million of those pitbull's owners are not responsible,attacks do happen and it is owner to be blamed not dog breed itself that is what i was trying to say, if you dare enough to own such powerful breed then you dare enough to be much responsible.Just because some of your pitbull's don't attacked does not mean they would have not in different situations at different places.
    My male pitbull when was 3 and half months old attacked an adult stray female dog but got his ass handed to him,i gave my dogs(when i did not start training them from hunting and fighting) so much love even when they was 3 months old but he still attacked another dog.
  6. AGK

    AGK GRCH Dog Staff Member

    I think you need to go back and do some more reading friend..

    I never said those 2 I posted would not go after another dog, both would go after anything with fur, feathers or scales. They didn't fight however with each other. I also didn't say anything about letting 25 million ABPT''s get together lol. It sounds to me that you are not very experienced in this breed of dog other than maybe owning 1 or 2 ( and if your APBT got thrown a beating by some stray mutt, I'd say the figure just dropped to 1 lol.) and a bunch or reading on the internet. I could be wrong however, with a comment like I never trained them to fight or hunt well, that is a greenhorn comment right there. You don't train a herding dog to herd, a bay dog to bay, a beagle to chase after rabbits or a APBT to fight. They are prisoners of their genetic make up. They do what they do instinctively, not because they are trained to do so. They do it because that is what selective breeding for certain traits does. Makes the trait an instinctive act. They do it out of instinct not because they are trained to. You can't train a dog to be a cur or game. They are or they aren't. It's there, or its not.

    A cold dog will NOT engage another dog. That is a we'll known fact. It also proves, not every APBT will go after another animals.

    My debate is with the every single one comment. That's absurd..........

    Also, as far as your % you posted, lmfao, where you get that figure at? That shit is extremely made up and you will not be able to back that number up with any real statics therfore it's simply your opinion, not a fact. You can't prove that at all :D
  7. I said about going after another animal not in family,family dogs would fight but not in serious mood,some may would fight serious but most not and that is what i said they(pitbull's)would go after another animal out of family(home members,friends).You also misunderstood my whole other passage,my pitbull was only just 3 and half months old when he got defeated by stray adult dog and about training i never said that you have to train them to develop gameness,no you don't,i do know pitbull's already have gameness bred into them centuries ago,i meant by training was condition training,like slat mill,carpet mill,jumping,spring pole and other to develop muscles and other things mud digging,weight pulling,tree climbing,coconut biting training(to develop strong bite and helps in growing big teeth's if done since puppyhood),wood scratching with nails,pulling rocks with neck and about hunting i meant you have to train dogs to hunt wild boar,of course game pitbull would attack wild boar even without training but we should always take precautions, no one who hunts wild boars straight introduce adult pitbull with boar,they introduce pitbull's with boars as small as puppy.
    So i talked mainly about enhancing already existing strength and experience,gameness already exist in pitbull but you don't fight pitbull on professional level without training.aND
  8. A
    And about % post it is just an estimate,so yeah on maximum level it is just my opinion,to make this fact i have to study on data too much but ain't no one got time foe dat.
  9. AGK

    AGK GRCH Dog Staff Member

    Lol where are you getting this stuff from man. This shit is a riot though. Coconut biting, mudd digging and Gameness oh my. :D
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  10. siccen

    siccen Big Dog

    What in heaven's name are you talking about?
  11. Its to increase biting power(bite force)do you think all those dogs like zebo,chinaman,pit general got hard bite out of thin air,no their owner def give something to them to chew or these dogs ancestors owners did give them something,if you give your pitbull coconut since puppyhood then when it grow up it will have freakish bite, mud digging helps to build leg strength and sharp nails,if done too much from puppy hood then your dog will have very long sharp claws,this can also apply on soft woods which can be pierced,never give dog wood to eat only for claws,woods are bad to eat,i hope you know that.Other ways to have your dog freakish mouth stronger then gr ch zebo are:
    1. Bull horn chewing(not harmful)
    2. Give pork chicken every twice a day to puppy (it will help to grow skull bones and other bones much larger and hence increase skull size)do this with combination of bull horn chewing for your dog give rest every sunday or any another day to give your dog teeth time to grow at fast pace.
    3. Milk also helps in calcium which helps in bone growth in puppy,but give milk with water.
    4. Give goat bones (Never give pork bones)
    If you do these i guarantee your dog will have the hardest most destructive bite force.
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  12. wicked13

    wicked13 Top Dog

    All these things I see you say are used as key words on the news and for aspca commercial are you sure your not just a baiter to rile some shit up even your name to me Iimplies baiter
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  13. AGK

    AGK GRCH Dog Staff Member

    Please stop giving advise. It's pretty obvious you have no clue WTF your talking about. Lmfao.
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  14. AGK

    AGK GRCH Dog Staff Member

    This thread has definitely been comical. I can't stop laughing :D
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  15. niko

    niko CH Dog

    All this time and the secret was Coconuts???!! I wasted so much time SMH Lmao!
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  16. AGK

    AGK GRCH Dog Staff Member

    Dont forget the wood to sharpen the claws. Shit had me Rollin. :DDancing dog
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  17. bamaman

    bamaman CH Dog

    Sometimes we step out of our comfort zone
    ! It really never ends well at this point
    Dignity can be re established as long as we learn to STFU .
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  18. Mop Master

    Mop Master Yard Boi AKA MopMaster, Gutter Boy & LWG

    Damn slim...dont think i could have said it better myself...
  19. Gmann

    Gmann Pup

    I'm not gonna get technical or scientific here LOL.
    I think each dog has it's own personality. As the owner you should know how your dog behaves.
    I had one that slept on the bed with my kids lay on the couch . His friend was my daughter's Boston terrier. He really never barked, which i liked that a lot. Not agressive with friends and family. I did go through some brooms and mops LOL because as soon as he saw that thing go from side to side he thought it was play time and when we would go on a hunt it's like flipping a switch. He was the first on the Hog and the hardest to get off .
    I really do miss that hound.
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