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What's your favorite body type for Bulldogs and why?

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by Pitrulez, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. old goat

    old goat CH Dog

    blow legs or dogs walking like they have a stick up their ass didn't slow some down and they did their job better than they good conformation dogs did and some even made champion . i guess maybe by some peoples thoughts they would have culled that dog or never made them champs . this good body verses bad body is stupid when it comes to these dogs . sure you want good conformation but hearts more important to some .
  2. Saiyagin

    Saiyagin Chihuahua Premium Member

    Naw, what you are sensing is the Error in your ways that is bringing out your emotional content blinding you from the real TRUTH hence why you think you sense a bitterness because that stench if coming from YOU LMAOROTF.
  3. Saiyagin

    Saiyagin Chihuahua Premium Member

    You should already know what those performing attributes are , if not why didnt you consult the scientific community or your Stratton books? LMAO
  4. patjr

    patjr Top Dog

    "What's your favorite body type for Bulldogs and why?"

    LMAO.....obviously some have misunderstood what the topic at hand is asking...(someone's personal opinion)....so next minute a JUDGE appeared on the scene to critique selections, which in turn brought the REFEREES out in force to let one n all know about 'the real deal'....nobody asked to get their eye rubbed nor to get lectured about the broader issues relating to Bulldogs...lol... I guess one-upmanship is the winner at the of the day(no physical preference but must comment anyway)...LMAO.

    btw....there appeared a story in (shock horror lol) a Stratton book which featured GrCh35 in which the new owner believed him to a APBT based purely on the dogs physical structure prior to it proving itself to be an exceptional performance athlete . I'm not sure if this is bullshit since it is in a Stratton book(mock...not lol) so if anybody knows GrCh35 owner could they please ask him whether or not it's true...thanks.
  5. patjr

    patjr Top Dog

    Opps...it seems I've missed the odd word..not to worry, I'll get over it lol.
  6. Saiyagin

    Saiyagin Chihuahua Premium Member

    I highly doubt anyone misunderstood the topic at hand, its just most cant or wont accept the truth. If one asks a question on a forum its OPEN to all comments and interpretations of the topic.

    The 35 comment I will leave that to the person that was "THERE".
  7. patjr

    patjr Top Dog

    It's all good Saiyagin, I know what the meaning is behind your madness (seeing isbelieving lol)...but geez,don't them APBT look pretty in the yard...oh you do recognize one outside of the [] ae???....just joking with ya lol....I've dribbled far more than I intended to or felt qualified to do, so if you choose to respond don't be offended when I don't reply... (you won't be ignored lol)...peace.
  8. Saiyagin

    Saiyagin Chihuahua Premium Member

    My madness has no meaning or end to it LOL I do not know what this means [] as I havent seen NO evil ever in my life time LMAO. I never get offended if one replies back to me or not but I dont forget or do I? LOL. have a nice morning peace out.
  9. TDK

    TDK CH Dog Staff Member

    Patjr, let's look at a couple of things with respect for everyone's sentiments here. First of all, in a thread of this particular nature, it begs also, for the sentiment that prefers NO particular body type, and that other things certainly mean more to them. I see nothing wrong with a thread veering in THAT respect.

    Now, as to 35, with due respect to my old friend Dick Stratton, 35 was NOT bought because of his body type. He was bought because he was cheap. I was partners with the man who bought him, so I was there. I mean RIGHT there.

    He figured that at 35 bucks, he might just get at least a good ol' yard dog for schooling other dogs. So he bought him right then and there. And THAT is the truth of the story. Luckily, he was one of the biggest surprises ever. But he wasn't bought for his look. In fact, his head was flat at his age when he was bought. Hence, his original name was Panhead. Changed to 35 from his owner always referring to him as his 35 dollar dog instead of his name. His owner is now deceased. So I'm giving you the real of it. Stratton is a writer. He tends to romanticize once in awhile. LOL But bless DS. He's been a great champion of our breed for a long, long time.
  10. grove

    grove Big Dog

    As allways gentlemanĀ“s answer TDK.
  11. patjr

    patjr Top Dog

    Thanks TDK, I appreciate the answer to my query, particularly from someone with firsthand knowledge.... (btw...I thought the I was fishing in the right spot but the waters are so murky I wasn't too sure if it was the big fish or smaller fish lol)...yep "Panhead" is a fitting description as if it really mattered lmao...oh n I second what he said ^^^^....most of the time anyway lol...(nothing wrong with a bit of mongrelism to keep ya on your toes):lipstickpitbullf:
  12. Saiyagin

    Saiyagin Chihuahua Premium Member

    Good post as usual TDK....hopefully these young Gurus realize that NOT every thing that Stratton writes is the Gospel Truth LMAO.
  13. corvettedex

    corvettedex CH Dog Premium Member

    IMO, AGK'S Post Sums The body type issue up !!!
  14. treezpitz

    treezpitz CH Dog Staff Member

  15. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    I don't feel anyone is getting upset or bent out of shape over this thread, just a good ol' fashion debate that has stayed more civil than most any other controversial thread I've read this week. lol
  16. Kelticwarrior

    Kelticwarrior Top Dog

  17. corvettedex

    corvettedex CH Dog Premium Member

    Yes Lord !!! Me Too !!!:cool:
  18. Bones1

    Bones1 Pup

    All this talk of body type or structure started me to wondering if there is any truth in what I've heard about skull structure or shape/type and bite force. What has experience shown to be true the structure or the desire? Was 35 a hard bitting dog?
  19. Bmf_bt

    Bmf_bt Big Dog

    I dont think rocco looks that bad actually, a little short and bowlegged, but thats it. Otherwise i think he looks great. Conformation is important, but it is not the make or break of the dog of course. The majority of all great dogs have great conformation, but of course there are dogs with bad conformation that make the cut as well but the % is low and thats why i have a type of body i look for and breed for, but of course it is not the most important thing. Just like curs and cold dogs can produce game dogs, crippled-looking dogs can turn out, but its not the norm. Some type of bodys are better suited for the game.

    http://www.apbt.online-pedigrees.com/modules.php?name=Public&file=printPedigree&dog_id=356237 This ugly ass bitch(The ped pic makes her look good) produces nothing but lookers, and made ROM through two breedings.
  20. Kelticwarrior

    Kelticwarrior Top Dog

    AAAH she aren't ugy, she too bootiful.

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