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What's Cookin?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by YellowJohnJocko, Nov 12, 2018.

  1. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    I also made up some rather large chocolate chip cookies tonight for us.
    Chef boy r keef.
  2. YellowJohnJocko

    YellowJohnJocko Big Dog

    That's cornbread @Soze the killer Very easy to make and you can add in all those goodies you like.

    @AGK looks and sounds yummy. My taste buds are still set on a steak from your earlier pic!
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  3. What's chicken rice A.G.K??....is it chicken fried rice like out of a Chinese??.....or do ya make the rice in like a chicken broth??...looks amazing man........and @ Y.Y.J.I'm with you, his Steak and peas from a few pics up still got me wanting a steak that big,,,just with peas.just that steak and peas.that's all....and a ice cold beer....and that jungle cake.lol
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  4. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    It's a product that comes in a bag. It's basically just white and brown rice, carrots and broccoli, and a seasoning pack. Real quick thing. Takes 12 minutes comes in like 8 flavors. Lol.
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  5. Lol...I use similar packs of rice...uncle bens.lol..microwave in 2 mins!..comes in many flavours...it's brill.lol..so easy lol....
    but yeah I do need to start making me own ........and that big cookie looks good to...I had chocolate pancakes with butter and cream for a late breakfast yesterday...very chocolaty,,not something is normally eat in the morning..but id had to much Star Dog,,so that what brought the craving on lol
  6. For you YJJ.....Potato and leek soup,with chopped chicken breast(skin on),kale,peas and corn......and a brown ale...but I had no cream in the fridge to put on it lol..
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  7. For you A.G.K.......my desert Star Dawg x Grape Dawg.

    Don't no who the fuck over here crossed it???......I can't find any were that has it?.....
    Boooming tho.
    AGK likes this.
  8. And normally I don't mix the peas and corn with the kale.don't no what happend with it tonight lol.
  9. YellowJohnJocko

    YellowJohnJocko Big Dog

    Looks great Soze!!!! :D
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  10. Thanks Y.J.J......it's nothing fancy.but it's a good meal..
    I'll try post some other meals when I can...
    LOL.this the best thread on here
  11. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    Tonight, I am beat from a very long stressful day at work. Followed by yard duties in 23 degree windy weather that makes me hurt. I just wanted something fast with little mess.

    I broiled up a few NY Strip Steaks and some cream of corn. Since I know how you folks just love A1 sauce, I artfully smothered it in it for you lol. It was fire!


    I picked up these simply adorable cookies for my daughter after work so we'll be enjoying them as well. Lol


    Dessert tonight is straight up gas. I can't remember what he said the strain was as I been smoking girlscout cookie oil out my vape pen all day but 2 bong rips and I'm drollin on myself over here while watching The Hate you Give.


    Highly recommend the movie.... Phenomenal.
  12. YellowJohnJocko

    YellowJohnJocko Big Dog

    AGK way to ruin that steak lol Those cookies look sweet AF...I'm sure after you hit the bong they tasted as good as they look!!!

    It's sort of homemade Chili (I cheated with a McCormick seasoning packet and canned beans but everything else was fresh.
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  13. That weed looks Phenomenal!!!.........
    How are them vape pens???....
    have you had shatter..or that extract that looks like honey comb,,on the vape???.....I smoke joints my self..joints are bad for ya man.
  14. And @ Y.J.J....that chilli looks awesome!..I hope you got cornbread to go with that:)
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  15. YellowJohnJocko

    YellowJohnJocko Big Dog

    Yep, leftovers!
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  16. Ha,ha,that's good...don't waste nothing!...I hate waste.I even drink the water what I boil my veg in,or poor it over the dogs food..lol.
    The only thing I waste is cooked bones.and I even reboil them sometimes!.to get them softer.then blend them.then the dogs don't don't miss out lol.
    YellowJohnJocko likes this.
  17. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    I've had shatter a few times, same with wax. The Vape pen oils are my favorite. The only problem with them is they make my tolerance sky high after just 2 days. To the point on the 3rd day when I smoke flower it don't really get me high. The oils are 70 to 80% THC so my tolerance goes way up when I smoke them a few days consecutively. I usually will take a day or 2 afterwards and not smoke at all to lower my tolerance back down. I do prefer the pens the most though. They are no mess, hardly any smell to them and I can do it anywhere descretely.

    It's very rare I smoke papers of any kind but if I do it's Zig-zag blunt wraps. That's rare though as it can get real expensive smoking gas out of blunts regularly. Lol.
    Soze the killer likes this.
  18. Tell me about it pal....joints are expensive.but blunts cost the fucking earth.lol....papers I use mostly are RAW.they like a brown paper with a cross cross pattern on them,so they burn smoother..otherwise,apart from them.it's blue Rizla all the way.....
    Wished I could get the wax or shatter...and what?!.70-80%thc in your oils.wow man thats a lot.....I've made isolator a few times of the trim.and that's like 40% thc.(depending how good the trim is)..so that oil you got there must ruin your-day man.fuck me how do you do anything?lol..sounds like some serious shit.......
    Anyways I have to ask.what are them vape like???.dose one toke get you high for hours???.I read it dose,for about 4 hours???...I can imagine it to aswell...joints don't even work on me no more.my tolerance is terrible with it..but if I don't have one for like half a day(half a day lol.pot junkie!).it works a bit better..but dose NOT last for hours.no way.a hour at most.if that.......I need to fuck joints of and go on a vape!.I no a lad who's younger then me.smokes slightly more(albeit not much more).and his lungs collapsed man..I think coz I walk so much with the dogs.well that's probably why my lungs aint collapsed.....yet.....I'm 33,but feel like I got the chest of a 90 year old who has smoked cigars his whole liife....
    I try eat healthy aswell...not that it will help my lungs.but there ya go...lol......

    Waiting for some haze just now....it needs to fckn hurry up!!!:)):)):))

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