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What's Cookin?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by YellowJohnJocko, Nov 12, 2018.

  1. The haze has just arrived.:)
    Mako Haze...
    I'll show a pic later,,with my meal...
  2. A hour later!.piss taking cunts....LOL
  3. Sausages,Onion,and Stout gravy.....cooking.
  4. Cooked ....served with vintage cheddar mash,sliced leeks,sliced green and white cabbage mix...and the Stout what made the gravy...and a cup of the veg water lol.
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  5. Desert,,,and before dinner to lol........Mako Haze.
  6. YellowJohnJocko

    YellowJohnJocko Big Dog

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  7. YellowJohnJocko

    YellowJohnJocko Big Dog

    20190110_202139.jpg leftover Chilli gets turned into "Spag-illi". A friend made me this a few years back, I curled my nose at it but it's better like this to me. Not a huge chilli fan.
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  8. Lol.why??...veg water on the side:)........
    Ha,ha,lol...and I'm after the most calories to feed 3 of us in one meal.were all hugely active..can't afford expensive steaks and such......so anything what I can render the fat out.stops us wasting away.we need plenty of calories,and my wife breastfeeding......and lol.Y.J.J....green cabbage,white cabbage,leeks,,,and five big onions in the gravey.lots of veggies:).very healthy....but then lol,lmao half block of butter to soften the onions.12 sausages.2 full pints of stout...:))..not so healthy lol.....especially if you do nothing all day.that shit will give you a Hart attack...but I'm active.and my metabolism is crazy.I waste away of I don't eat a lot of calories..
    On top of being active,fast metabolism,and smoking so much weed.....it's no wonder I love my grub lol.
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  9. And LOL...spag-illi sounds crazy.......
    Just make a big pot of the meat and tomato sauce...split it into portions.and freeze them.....if you fancy a Chilli just add chilli and beans..spagboll,just add spaghetti.and same with Lasagne and so on....you can turn that sort of sauce into a variety of meals......it's even good as a cottage pie........
    Hummmm??.you got me thinking about making a big pot now..lol
  10. Lentil soup,with sliced roast Chicken breast(skin on)dumped on the top,peas and sweet corn mix,and corn bread(with butter)........
    Very ,very easy to make.no skill is needed what so ever...a stoned mong like me can even cook it:P........with the water I cooked the peas and corn in lol,and a Scottish Ale...

    Fills you up alot....looks like shit on the picture tho.lol.

    Healthy tho.
  11. Desert....and before lol...
    Star Dawg....
    Very,very tasty.pretty strong to...nice.

  12. YellowJohnJocko

    YellowJohnJocko Big Dog

    What do you do with the water you cooked the corn and peas in?

    Why do you boil them in water?
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  13. RobR73

    RobR73 Big Dog

    Haha. looks like your pics come out as good as mine.
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  14. RobR73

    RobR73 Big Dog

    My last attempt at showing the quality. Strain unknown......or forgotten. LOL This little nug is pushing 31%.

    Attached Files:

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  15. I boil them to cook them lol.....and the left over water ain t gonna harm ya..so I drink it...it's a healthy hot drink lol.....as I said I don't waste nothing......lol...
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