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What brand is better?

Discussion in 'Health & Nutrition' started by Megger, Jan 11, 2010.


    JRSPITS Top Dog

    Its ok to feed both BUT not at the same time; raw and kibble have different digestion rates. You can alternate am & pm or every other day or a few times a week..

    Use the seach feature or google what to feed. There are differing views from BARF to Prey Model, ultimately its your choice.
  2. Jessymp1

    Jessymp1 Pup

    Our dog Oscar, loves Kibbles n Bitz; though every dog is different. Some of the cheaper brands gave him diarhia. But the other brand that he loves, and can handle with his stomach, is Beniful. And being it's suposed to give them a great diet, that may be one to try as well. It's about the same price as Kibbles n Bitz ( at our local small town grocery store, that tends to be higher than chain stores like Walmart, it's only about $1 more than bitz.)

    And the Yogert idea sounds good as well. My dog does tend to have some gas shortly after he eats. So thank you, 'Patch O'Pits', I may try that as well.

    The raw idea is good for dogs in training for muscle. A lot of sights that I have read on about 'bulking' up your dogs muscle, says to feed them raw meat. But start slowly, by mixing it in with their current dry food. And over a course of a couple weeks, ween them off of the dry food and to a mostly completely raw diet. Though, it can get expensive. My suggestion would be to keep some dry around that they can munch on in between times.

    And I want to say thank you for this post. The 'gas' question is very helpful. Good luck, and let us know how you make out!
  3. Jessymp1

    Jessymp1 Pup

    Also, there is a great website to help you in getting toys and materials for creating more muscle. Such as weight harnesses and spring poles. Look through "The Bully House". It is a great site that helps you decide on the types of toys, food and training to do, in order to build good muscle. And it is more specifically for weight pull training.
  4. StopBSL

    StopBSL CH Dog


    just because a dog does "well" on a food doesnt mean its a quality diet. Both Beneful and Kibbles N Bits meet the minimum requirements for AAFCO to allow them to be sold on the market, but neither are quality foods.

    Both include Meat Meals and Meat By-products which when the word "meat" is on the bag can contain ANY kind of animals. The By products are the Heads, Feet and Intestines. Furthermore, the ground yellow corn, ground maize, or corn husks etc are all indigestible for dogs. The only part of corn that ANY dog/cat can digest is "corn gluten" So, all other corn is filler.

    Basically, with a food that doesnt include any of the filler ingredients listed above your dog could eat half as much food, get better nutrition, poop less, shed less and have fewer health problems throughout their life.
  5. briarpatch

    briarpatch Banned

    tractor supply carries a really good food..called 4Health..I use the performance forumla on my big dogs..is 30 bucks for 35 lbs and it lasts me about a month with 2 grown dogs eatin it. no fillers or corn or wheat...

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