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We need to educate our enemy

Discussion in 'Laws & Legislation' started by EliJr, May 25, 2012.

  1. EliJr

    EliJr Pup

    Once in a while, or to be more true, quite often, I read about raids being done to famous dogmen (ed faron was just one of many), but also just ordinary people. There's plenty of ways dealing with this. Someone said let's start a war. Nothing good comes out of a war! Another person said if they're showing up at my place, the last thing they will see is a bottom of an frying pan. We can't handle these people that way. Because we gonna lose that way. We need to start educate those people. There raids are done out of misconeptions based on pure ignoration. These people wont educate themself. They are not searching for truth, they are only searching for things to reenforce their imaginations about how WE ARE and what we are doing with our dogs. Imaginations seldom has anything to do with reality. These people dont care, they make their own reality so we need to start feeding them with truth. Truth about ourselfs, truths about our dogs, truth about our life together with these dogs. Some other guy said it's time to start closing the doors. When you cant see what's behind a door, you once again start to use your imagination to make up a conception about what's behind that door. Open up your doors instead. Feed them with knowledge until they can't protect their actions. They actually think that they are doing something good. They actually think that they are saving the world from some evil. That reminds me alot of when I left my dog 5minutes in the car. She's handling that without any problems. When I arrived to the car a muscular, angry guy was waiting for me. He was furious and thought that I had left my dog in the car for hours, and litle was it to say that actually made him change his mind. Thing is, he didnt know shit, he just took things for granted. Just like the authorities. I explained to him gently that I actually was just away for 5minutes. He reacted with anger, said he was ganna call the police, which I felt was a good idea, so I said please call the police, I will wait here. That made him insecure, and as our conversation went on he actually started to understand that he was wrong. The same way we need to handle people with misconceptions about who we are. With knowledge.

    If I just made one single person changing their ways about how they handle authorities or ordinary people in every day encounters, then it was worth the writing. You can build a bridge in many ways and you can burn a bridge in many ways.

    /the swede
  2. Saiyagin

    Saiyagin Chihuahua Premium Member

    First of who is THEY? LOL

    AR people dont care about the TRUTH, they only care about there agenda and will lie and twist shit around to accomplish there goals. AR people live in a reality where there opinion over rules , common sense, morals and facts LOL.

    Authorities , most of them dont care they are just following orders and get brainwashed by what they are told, most of them is like robots in which they only follow commands lol.

    General Public, although this is the best option of a group of people to educate them on the truth, there is hardly any influence to do so because most of them are already brain washed by influences of what they see on TV and read in a book, magazine, newspaper etc...

    Unless both sides find a common ground most times the bridges do not last for very long and eventually fall and crumble.

    CBRSALT Big Dog

    All of whats posted is true. Hear the saying nowadays "ur lucky you got a job".(which i hate). But if someone in authority goes out and chks a "claim" and constantly reports that it was false they will be shipped out and replaced by someone who will "get the job done". Theirs no $ to come in when most "claims" thats reported are false ones. Me myself, i try to educate ppl. Got an apprentice that was die hard on his beliefs about "pitbulls" and wouldnt listen to a word I said till I showed him the exact same thing in a Stratton book, which I keep in my lunch bag just for the occassion. Then and only then he saw the truth. Its hard to teach a old dog new tricks, and even harder to prove a persons "beliefs" when they believe every word in the the media to be the gospel. Will I stop? No. will every person listen? No. But it dont hurt to try.
  4. blackcloud

    blackcloud Big Dog

    Bottom line: Owning a different breed is the simplest solution, the powers that be are poisoned toward this breed and I see no end to the witch hunt!
  5. dayair1

    dayair1 Premium Member Premium Member

    Your right, thats why I own a sbt x lab mix. Thats what his vet papers say since he was a pup.
  6. david63

    david63 CH Dog

    These b*******you're talking about. i wish he would have been waiting on me at my car or truck. you are a better man than i. There's no talking to them.
  7. EliJr

    EliJr Pup

    I actually wrote "They are not searching for truth, they are only searching for things to reenforce their imaginations about how WE ARE and what we are doing with our dogs". So when they see your treadmills/slatmills, flirtpoles, breaking sticks etc they get what they want. That's why education is so important, so "they" no matter if it's a ordinary guy or an authority person, can see that those tools arent only used for dog fighting. Every person having a gun in the home havent bought it to kill someone. You got your right to your own opinion. Personally I think there's to much conspiracy amung us pitbull owners about their agenda. They whey we know ourself, that's the way we know other people.

    All I say is, it can be done. I think, as I met MANY MANY MANY people when Im outside with my dog, they have met me with the opinion I own a monster, and left with the opinion "what a cute dog, those dogs really seem nice". It's up to yourself. You can choose to talk in a calm way or you can choose to tell them to fuck of. I rather talk instead of giving them more fuel to the fire.
  8. shoes

    shoes Big Dog

    I agree with EliJr that we need to do our best to educate. My question is how do we do that? Stratton wrote 4 books with that intent and he appeared before state senates to try and educate them, but to no avail, they created ignorant laws anyway. But, I'm willing to try something if you think it'll work, but what do you propose EliJr?
  9. Nina's Dad

    Nina's Dad Big Dog

    I agree, if this is to ever cease we need to somehow eradicate the fear that seems to be so hard wired into the general public and practice responsible ownership. In the same token, the unsavory characters who don't exercise proper care could benifit from a little education as well. Keeping a clean yard, proper containment, and CORRECT breeding practices would make a world of difference in my opinion. The media will always latch on to and amplify any misfortunes regardless of the subject; a united front and good representatives is what's needed for our breed of choice! If we could somehow increase education of the breed without increasing its popularity, I feel we would see fewer incidents in total.
  10. 6sN7s

    6sN7s Top Dog

    stupidest tread of this month so far. why would you open doors to illigal stuff your doing?
  11. shoes

    shoes Big Dog

    No one's saying that dude.
  12. david63

    david63 CH Dog

    Hey i am a responsible dog owner to and i believe in education the fear people. but waiting on me at my truck or car it would have been on. and you said he was angry to. oh yes??
  13. david63

    david63 CH Dog

    hey some people will listen and some will not. i do not waste my time anymore.
  14. EliJr

    EliJr Pup

    If you consider trying to make something good for the breed being stupid... well. Then I guess no answer at all is the best answer. Even the obvious isnt obvious to some people. Why would you open up your doors to illegal stuff? Do you honestly think that was what I ment? I was trying to say - using treadmills, slatmills, flirtpoles and breaking sticks doesnt have to have anything to do with illegal activities.
  15. EliJr

    EliJr Pup

    And with this being said - the implication of these words was - authorities LEAVE US ALONE and stop making judgements based on misconceptions. But it wont happend. So we need to educate. The only way to beat this fellas is with words, pens, and knowledge.
  16. EliJr

    EliJr Pup

    He wasnt just angry, he was cocky to haha =)
  17. EliJr

    EliJr Pup

    He wasnt just angry, he was cocky to haha =)
  18. EliJr

    EliJr Pup

    Something that can't be done to many times is doing public events where you invite people to come and see the dogs, talk with the owners and so on. Media cant twist any facts when you are the supplier of the facts being sent to the people.
  19. sega

    sega Big Dog

    eli i know yr intentions r prolly good but people dont wanna hear anything abt pitbulls or the people that own em, its like trying to force a wilderbeast and a lion to be best friends it aint gonna happen. i suggest keeping yr thoughts on paper any maby putting on pamplets locally or something cause if u invite people into yr life for the good of teaching u might find yr self in court trying to explain why u have "dog fighting paraphernalia" in yr house. they dont care if you use a treadmill for yr pet or a spring pole to keep him fit or a break stick for when a fight does happen. u will be called a dogfighter they will take you in a room threatin to give you years and want you to roll over. anyone who is considering this take a 2nd look @ it cause it might be a very constly mistake for something thats never gonna happen. dude reality is the public see pitbulls as animals that should be deAD, and those are just pet bulls, having yr dog on a chain just raises that suspicion 10 fold, having a flirt or spring pole makes you guily. ohh and god forbid they find any books on pits or scares on yr dogs. trust me the justice system is blind as fuck and when i say blind, just pic a actuall blind person shooting into the crowd and sayin god will guid the bullet to the criminal. it aint abt what u did its abt what they got against you. remember this b 4 come in here and get innocent nieve people fcked over, and youll who r thinking abt doing something crazy read this again. JMO

    had to edit 1 quick time, educate those who wanna be educated, dont jam yr beleifs on haters cause all yr doing is giving them ammo for their legal guns. you wouldnt tell the enemy in vietnam where yr base was so they could come listen to you teach democracy right?
  20. EliJr

    EliJr Pup

    If it was THAT EASY to put someone in jail, every pitbull owner in the world would be shaking the bars. And that's not the truth nor reality. There's different ways dealing with this subject. We all have our opinions. I know, since I met haters, alot of haters, that you can make them change their mind. Like I said, many people met my dog with the opinion I own a monster and left with saying "what a cute dog, those dogs really become what you make them become". My neighbours is hangning dog snacks on my door knob, old people is walking up to me to talk about my dog. On the other hand, I dont walk around trying to look bad ass and dangerous, I try to look friendly when I meet new people. Looking like a bastard and behaving like a bastard for sure will give these people fuel to their fire. So dont.

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