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Walking The Dog

Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terriers' started by zuidwest, Apr 2, 2018.

  1. zuidwest

    zuidwest Big Dog

    this is a small story about one of my favorite pasttimes.
    when i walk my dog i tend to walk the same routes, i have 3 walks 1 is about 10 minutes 1 is about 15 minutes and 1 is about 30 minutes.
    the short walks are just for the dog to do his bussiness but i always enjoy a good 30 min walk at least once a day.
    now it just so happens to be that on the 30 min route we always come across a pack of geese.
    they are located on a small piece of grass with on one side some water and on the other side the streets.
    these geese have a sort of small patch so they often wander off to different plots.
    most of the time i really cant stand these birds because they defacate all over the sidewalk and my dog sort of likes to pick that up as well as it can get messy whenevery you step in it.
    but still i like these birds a lot because of what happends next, they tend to cross the street and stay lingering sort of halfway quite often.
    with automobilists going berserk inside their cars because of the swirving they get involved in.
    now im not working for my city or tend to be but every so often that this happens i feel compelled to help out my fellow citizens.
    so what i tend to do with my dog is (i dont even know if this is legal because geese are a protected species in the netherlands) i start a small chase on the pack, i can see them from a far whenever they are on the road so i can choose a tactical approach.
    today i chose to change from sidewalk to the sidewalk on the other side of the road because they were very near the sidewalk i switched to instead of being in the center of the street.
    and then the chase was on!!!
    well not much of a chase it was seeing as though these geese are familiar with at least one of my dogs.
    but i felt like i was steering nature right, i had to control their pack by steering my dog left and then right and i had send the geese back to the other side of the street into the grass.
    not much of an effort but to be honest i can never be happier when i take my 30 min walk then everytime i see the geese in the streets.
    so this must have been my civic duty for the day and i can not explain how good and fun it is to be sending this little pack of geese back to the grass.
    hahaha maybe this sounds kind of stupid but i wanted to share this with you guys as a little anekdote of me whenever im walking the dogs.

    with kind regards ZuidWest
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  2. zuidwest

    zuidwest Big Dog

  3. GK1

    GK1 Big Dog

    great stuff @zuidwest. enjoyed watching my Malinois chase the screaming seagulls up and down the beach at dawn a couple weeks ago. way i look at it, good exercise for the hound, while keeping the wildlife alert for predators as nature intended.
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  4. Nice dog.s.b.t.?old Irish line??....
  5. zuidwest

    zuidwest Big Dog

    his mother was primarily judas bred going over melmar bitches, his father was a kc staff with some proud bandits behind him.
    he is a veteran at 10,5 yrs old now.
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  6. Nice.he looks brilliant.you must look after him.looks awesome for a ten year old.well done....not many left now like that!.....the story was great as well......Judas was a psycho bread dog right?......
  7. zuidwest

    zuidwest Big Dog

    i must say this is an older picture but hes doing pretty well for his age.
    judas was indeed a psycho bred dog out of jocko going over one of his daughters.
    pretty tight and he really left his mark on the dogs out here.
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  8. Thanks.great staffords.Real staffords!.......not many of that stuff left.great to speak to some one who owns one.......did you ever have pups of him?.......
  9. zuidwest

    zuidwest Big Dog

    i never had pups of of this dog, his registration never came through so we couldnt match him up with registered stock.
    we once tried to mate him with an unregistered bitch but that didnt fall through in the end.
    however i owned a bitch that was similar bred and i bred 2 litters from that bitch.
    she is now passed away unfortunately at the age of 10yrs, she had the same sire and her dam was a half sister to the dam of this white dog.
    so very similar in line however the bitch had an addition of a rednosed line wich i think (this is speculation) was down from ch handsome.
    she was mated to a dog who was also down from judas but with the addition of the beanie bitch (i must add that there are many pedigrees goin round for this dog and i think one believes the ped he likes best to be the real one, so i cant really be sure of what was behind him in the end) and the second litter was with a double bred judas dog.
    both litters were pretty nice in my opinion however due to circumstances i didnt get to keep anything from the first litter and also due to circumstances my keepers from the second litter had to be rehomed.
    however im still working on getting some new stock.
    if everything goes well there might be a dog down from my line coming in a good few months and round new years there might be a bitch coming down from the family.
    this is if all goes well wich im really praying that is.
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  10. zuidwest

    zuidwest Big Dog

    This is Djago out of Spike X Sharaira
    This is Youngster out of Spike X Sharaira
    This is Boogy out of Spike X Kantaraela
    This was Djago her first litter Devil X Djago
    This is Chopper out of Devil X Djago
    This is Aaliyah out of Devil X Djago
    This is Damian out of Devil X Djago
    This is Bruno out of Devil X Djago
    This is Djago her second litter Samson X Djago
    This is Eleonora out of Samson X Djago
    This is Octane out of Samson X Djago

    this is pretty much what ive been about the last decade hahaha feel kinda old now
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  11. Wow.great story.most have got a bit a.p.b.t.In there.hope all goes well for you........respect sir!!!............good luck in getting new stock....
  12. zuidwest

    zuidwest Big Dog

    thanks bro, and if things dont go as planned there might be some other plans brewing as well so itll work itself out in the end either way!!!
    Kind Regards
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  13. Great bunch!respect sir!..best way to spend the last decade!lol.well done.they all look like the old type!not many left.they do look like they have a touch a.p.b.t.but not a lot.......Great bunch,keep up the good(hard)work.......
    zuidwest likes this.
  14. Yes!that's the attitude.be positive.....make it work!......good luck with your project.not many people doing it,perhaps try and find people who got the same idea and goals as your self?obviously there not every were,but there's still some folk around.if you find them it's a dead sirt they will wanna get together.them folk are probably looking for good people with the same interests as them selfs.......good luck,respect,and nice speaking to you.......
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  15. Lrs

    Lrs Big Dog

    Nice dogs been looking at similar bred dogs the last few months...do you get much chance to work them? Been told the hunting laws are better there than In the uk.
  16. zuidwest

    zuidwest Big Dog

    for as far as i know any form of hunting involving dogs is prohibited over here. (the netherlands)
    but im not quite sure, maybe pest control might be allowed when you have proper forms etc from the local government officials.
    if i remember correctly there has been a case of some irish chaps being caught poaching somewhere in my district, they did get their dogs back i think and also collected a big fine.
    so im not trying to incriminate myself, but accidents have happened from time to time regarding my bitch djago who has recently passed away.
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  17. david63

    david63 CH Dog

    Nice looking set of dogs you have zuidwest
  18. They sure are david.should suit your needs my friend.;););)
  19. david63

    david63 CH Dog

    Yes Soze I will keep my eye on this.Hey Congratulations on the new baby.
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  20. Thank you sir.you are a true gent.I wish I well in the future...yis......

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