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Discussion in 'Health & Nutrition' started by JoeyNzoey, Feb 13, 2010.

  1. JoeyNzoey

    JoeyNzoey Top Dog

    My dog threw up yellow bile a few hours ago after an hour jog which I believe may have contributed to her throwing up, she did an hour jog yesterday as well so I am not sure what happen. Anyway I tried to search for any threads on whether or not you should feed a dog the day it vomits or not? I some what recall coming across some searches on the web where they say no you shouldn't or you should give the boiled white rice with boiled hamburger or chicken breast instead of their usual meal. What do you guys think? everything else is fine with her and this has happen in the past where I was not sure if I should feed her or not the day she had vomited. I guess some have said you shouldn't because the stomach needs to rest? thanks guys.
  2. Deniz

    Deniz Big Dog

    Usually they vomit yellow bile if they have an empty stomach. How many meals do you feed your dog? And how many hours is there between meals?
  3. JoeyNzoey

    JoeyNzoey Top Dog

    I feed her once a day in the evening, she is fed a raw diet with a small portion of soaked kibble she receives her correct serving each night. She may have just exercised to quickly after she awoken shortly before we went jogging because she is perfectly fine. All I am concerned is to not maybe upset her stomach by feeding it when it needs to heal? :confused:
  4. Sounds like you overworked your pup and that's why it threw up. If you are only feeding it once a day then I would not skip any meals with a young pup and you may want to think about feeding it twice or even 3 times a day in smaller portions. Also you may want to reduce the amount of excersize it receives at one time and also break that down to twice a day doing less excersize until it matures.
  5. BringBackup

    BringBackup Top Dog

    Great topic title lol

    But yeah, my dog pukes yellow bile when she has an empty stomach, because I have a crazy schedule and sometimes she gets fed later than normal. If it becomes an issue for Zoey, try splitting her meals into morning and evening so she has less periods of empty stomach syndrome lol The acids in their stomachs are very strong, and if they aren't digesting anything the dog feels the need to expell it. You can wait to feed her if you like, but I doubt she is legitimately sick...
  6. popper

    popper CH Dog

    when yall got back did she gobble down water? i know one of my dogs runs so hard and when he comes down he drinks water like a nut and ends up throwing up water with a little yellow bile if he is on empty stomach. i would try cutting back the jog a little and slowly started adding more minutes each week. Also try and feed once in themorning and once ine thevening see if that helps
  7. JoeyNzoey

    JoeyNzoey Top Dog

    thanks guys for your inputs, I did feed her a tad bit later then usual the night before since I came home later the usual, yeah she is not sick one bit I think she just blasted out to much energy at an earlier time.

    Popper, I won't allow her to drink water until she is rested usually an hour after a hard work out. I am aware of increasing the time per week and since this is the first week of a new exercise routine I am making sure she is keeping steady in a timed manner before increasing more minutes.
  8. Deniz

    Deniz Big Dog

    How old is your dog?
  9. Rickf3

    Rickf3 Big Dog

    I've had the yellow bile thing happen many times, not sure what caused it.

    Sometimes it because he eats a lot of sticks, so I'll get Bile and Sticks but sometimes like Zoey, it seems random and when the eating schedule is normal.

    My fatso is good about free eating, he stays in fairly good petbull shape becuase of an active life style. For me, it wasn't an eating schedule.
  10. Our football coach used to work us so hard most of us ended up puking our guts out. We were never allowed to drink any water until we had all cooled down and then only a few sips at a time at first. I think most anyone who has been involved in any sports that required very hard workouts knows what I'm talking about.
    These same techniques should be applied to dogs, never allow water until fully cooled down.

    Also a young pup should not be working so hard as to cause it to vomit. Overworking a young dog (or any dog) can cause damage to it.
  11. JoeyNzoey

    JoeyNzoey Top Dog

    yeah this has happen in the past maybe 3 times? and she has never been sick ever since I have brought her home. From those three times that she had vomited, it was always yellow bile.

    Zoey is a year and 8 months at the moment, I don't work her to hard nor do I force her she has had many days where we have done much much more work I suppose this was just an off day. The reason I had posted this thread was to see if feeding your dog the day it vomits is an ok thing or not. She's fine I did feed her that night I can't fast her she demands her bloody food! :p
  12. Oh ok, 20 months old is bordering on adult and it should be fine to work her hard. If you can post a pic of her it may help. She may just be blowing out gut fat.
  13. Laced Wit Game

    Laced Wit Game Yard Boy

    out of curiosity do you know how the dog is bred, sorry i know its off topic.
  14. JoeyNzoey

    JoeyNzoey Top Dog

    it's fine, no I don't I took her in from a friend who had to relocate and there were 5 other friends on the waiting list for her though. He gave her to me :D people usually think she has colby in her? but I wouldn't count on it and go around stating it.
  15. Laced Wit Game

    Laced Wit Game Yard Boy

    naw it doesnt matter either way i was just wondering cuz you mentioned raw diet and to be honest wouldnt expect to hear that comming from you
    (not claiming i know you but you know what i mean!;))
  16. Old Timer

    Old Timer CH Dog

    Maybe try feeding the dog twice a day instead of just one meal, Some dog's stomachs do better on two smaller feedings rather than one large one.

    Best thing when they throw up is to feed them mild for that day and then try them the next on their regular feed. And I can't stress enough the importance of starting your dog from the bottom and working her up, More than likely the combination of no food and a hour jog just got her and she threw up. I would run with her for about 20 minutes and work her up slowly while feeding her in the morning and at night.
  17. Laced Wit Game

    Laced Wit Game Yard Boy

    listen to this, its true! lol people have ruined theyre dogs by working them to hard from the get go.

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