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Discussion in 'Laws & Legislation' started by FearlessKnight, Jun 2, 2007.

  1. Well, we received this in the mail yesterday, and are appalled by this.

    Here is the letter that we got:

    Note: American Pit Bull Terriers are NOT BANNED where we live

    Here is our yard....the one that is so junky:




    What exactly can we do about this? I mean really...legally, what can you do?
    They are giving us 10 days to get rid of the dogs, and CLEAN up our yard??

    PLEASE HELP..any and all legal and legit advise is welcome...thank you all in advance.
  2. simms

    simms CH Dog

    NC is not what it used to be. i would find an attourney ...civil rights maybe?

    I would also want to know who made the complaint and if they documented it.

    I beleive that what is coming down the pike is that if you want to keep your animals you will have to hide them.

    contact TG, maybe he can direct you in the right direction...
  3. koening

    koening Top Dog

    the yard looks clean and tidy to me ! hope you get this over and win over those bashing smucks ! we are all for you !
  4. Unfortunately we are in South Carolina....right on the border..
  5. WWII

    WWII Banned

    That sucks. I don't know what to say:confused:

    Maybe tell them that if you want to take them seriously they should know the difference between something you eat and a classification for a type of dog.

    Bread v Breed
  6. I know....they have listed 9 dogs as a problem.....we have 11 altogether. So I dont know if they think that some are not of the pit bull "BREAD" or they do not know how to count......NOT SURE there!

    This shit sucks......SO BAD...
  7. Pitbull219

    Pitbull219 CH Dog

    Get a lawyer, or even contact the ACLU. They can't tell you to get rid of your dogs if there is no law on the books prohibiting you from owning them. They need to cite the supposed ordinance they feel your dogs are not conducive with. They were explicit about the debris (which by the way there isn't any, that should get the case thrown right out if it ever goes before a judge) but are purposely vague about what code the dogs violate. I think the fact that they're looking for some kind of bread in your yard is enough to get this situation laughed right out of court......
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  8. jaystreetsA4

    jaystreetsA4 Top Dog

    :confused: didnt know you could raise bread. i thought u baked it?
  9. I hope so...In this small town, I am thinking of how hard it is going to be to
    find a lawyer that is willing to go against the city for a "BREAD" that is hated by so many........
    I hate this world and what it has come to.
  10. LOL.....thanks for the laugh...we needed it.
  11. Mr Mark

    Mr Mark Guest

    Ask them what kind of breed it is that you have first? Remember, "Pit Bull" is not a breed!

    Then contact a lawyer ASAP!

    Also, ask them where in the "City Code" does it state the amount of dogs someone can keep and where does it name specific breeds of dogs? Because I couldn't find any of that info, which means they have no right to tell you that you can't have your dogs.

    Chapter 3, Article III (Page 45- Dogs)
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 2, 2007
  12. Michele

    Michele Guest

    Like i said next door in chat, consult a lawyer now please. PM me where you live and give me your phone number and I can try to get you one that deals with these types of cases. I can check on Monday when I go back to work.
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  13. Suki

    Suki Guest

    fearless, check your PM and lemme know, ...n/p....
    i'll wait til i hear your reply
  14. dogged

    dogged Big Dog

    I can't offer much help, but you've got my support. That really sucks. :( Your yard looks nice, too.

    I've never heard of aggressive or dangerous bread. Guess I need to be careful next time I go grocery shopping.
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  15. I can't find it anywhere either. Thank you very much for taking the time to help it is very much appreciated.
  16. chaneystate

    chaneystate Guest

    just wanted to say how unfair that is I guess since they cant get vic youll do Sorry can't offer legal advice however I would be willing to house any dog you cant find a home for with the understanding that the dog or dogs are still yours and would be cared for with the same and devoted attention we give our pitts I currently own 4 pitts 3 are in my yard and 1 my best friend has the other one. I will return your dog or dogs asap upon your request. again cant offer legal advice but can help with housing. Here is my web page were you can learn a little about me and my fam and dogs, hope to here from you or better yet hope you beat the SYSTEM: http://mysite.verizon.net/vzesnxfi/
  17. ****UPDATE****

    My husband and were just talking over some this crazy crap and it occured to me this:

    About 3 weeks ago I moved our deep freezer out onto our porch ( I was trying to make room for baby things and this was not a neccesity) Anyways, we came home to a notice on our door that stated we needed to move the freezer (which we sold) and that we had to call in ALL rabie tag numbers on ALL dogs. Well, when my husband called them in he only called in 9, couldn't find 2 of them (which we found and have) but never called those 2 back in. The man was supposed to call us back he never did.
    My husband just got home from work and stopped at the corner store up the road from us and spoke with an officer of Landrum. The officer stated that he had 2 Rotts and thought this was was a bunch of crap! Well he then said that the man that wanted the numbers should have called back a long time ago, and if he has not then we need to call the chief of police and basically tell on him...lol!
    But what has occured to me is this:
    We only called in 9 tag numbers...they think that is all we have, so the notice that we received is based sololey on the 1 time that they came out here.
    Having called in only 9 numbers, they never even came back or called back to check........we could have 20 dogs out here and they really wouldn't have any idea of this fact.
    I guess the point I am trying to make here is that 1 man came into this yard for a freezer (possibly) and saw the dogs and has now a BIG fuss over something he doens't even have hard facts on.....
  18. pitthappy

    pitthappy Pup

    Don't they have anything better to do?
  19. Verderben

    Verderben CH Dog

    I don't see any "bread" laying around, nor any "junk"
  20. coolhandjean

    coolhandjean CH Dog

    your yard looks great to me...I don't have any legal experience, so I can't help you, but it seems some people in here, so hopefully you can just get this "violation" thrown out. If not, maybe you can find a good lawyer to take care of the "trash" that is trying to make you get rid of your dogs...

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