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Vicious Dog Roundup - Des Moines

Discussion in 'Laws & Legislation' started by Judy, Oct 28, 2005.

  1. Luigi

    Luigi Top Dog

    We are talking about your right to property---dogs being property.

    Domestic dogs are legal~wild animals are not.

    We are not fighting to change the laws so that we can own wild animals. We are, however, willing to fight to preserve our right to own a domestic animal, in this case a dog, a right we have always enjoyed.

    We are trying to preserve our rights, not change long standing pre-existing laws.
  2. Sid Finster

    Sid Finster Big Dog

    Put a tiger in a cage, and voila, its "property". Anyway, the Constitution doesn't give you an unlimited right to own property - for instance, narcotics, which may be legally owned by a licensed research institution, but not by the average dude. Prescription drugs, certain weapons, (at one time) gold, the list goes on.

    I am not sure what you mean by the last part of your explanation, Luigi.
  3. Luigi

    Luigi Top Dog

    Tigers are illegal to own, as are narcotics, for "the average dude."

    This debate is starting to feel like I'm smashing myself in the face with a spoon. Pointless at this point. :)
  4. rocksteady

    rocksteady I'll drink to that..

    in a nut shell, we also haveto remember that our liberties only go as far as to not to interfer with the happinies, freedom, liberties of others..

    imo it seems people are afraid of pit bulls, therefor by us owning said dog, we are infringing on other peoples safety and well being, happiness (Mrs Jones cannot take her ankle biter outside in her yard for fear of it getting mauled by the neighbors pit bull)

    I know its stupid..but thats how they preceive it..
  5. Sid Finster

    Sid Finster Big Dog

    That is precisely my point - why are tigers and heroin illegal for ordinary bozos to own? Because some government body has enacted a law to that effect.

    Most of the attempts to deconstitutionalize BSL as violating liberties or property rights have avoided the fact that the law can and does take away liberties and property rights all the time. And there is not much you or I can do about it.

    So, assuming that the legislature can enact animal control ordinances such as BSL, and that there is a demand for such laws, what can we as bulldog owners/lovers do?

    Either move to Ukraine - or present legislatures with an alternative to BSL.

    I've been racking my brains over such an alternative, because Ukraine is just not a place where the average American or western European belongs.

    One idea I came up with is to enforce existing laws, specifically the law that requires dogs to be licensed. Nothing BSL in that, and I'll bet that a lot of backyard owners don't have licenses. Backyard types tend to ignore BSL anyway, so I suspect that they don't bother to license their dogs, either.

    That is far from a perfect solution, because from the point of view of the elected official, it looks better to battle a perceived problem with new laws, rather than enforcing existing ones, but it may be better than nothing.
  6. Luigi

    Luigi Top Dog

    I can't debate with you anymore. You've broken my brain. :)

    Dangerous dog laws~that's what I want to see . . .

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