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UK: 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act an obvious fail

Discussion in 'Laws & Legislation' started by StopBSL.com, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. StopBSL.com

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    UK statistics show that emergency room dog bite treatments have increased by 94% over the last ten years, reaching 6,097 treated bites in the year ending March 2011. Prosecutions of dangerous dog owners and costs for boarding seized dogs have also … Continue reading →[​IMG]

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  2. bauer

    bauer Top Dog

    Its took them 20 years to find out its not working...
  3. Hamish

    Hamish Pup

    It never was going to work , it was all about eradacating a fine breed of dog {nothing to do with public safety} ,
    Thanks to the dedicated that failed too,
    rspca wanting more funds n publicity, the media circus anything to sell papers, so called dog experts {a ex is a hasbeen and a spurt a drip under pressure} grabbing limelite with lies n misinformation whipping up public hysteria, led to a weak failing government jumping to the tune of the media and its time to bring on the scapegoat .,
    result we have image seeking fxxx wits with look a bit like if you squint bull types every where you look , all of which become pure bred game dogs if there is an incident, hmm sounds like 91 again ,
    i wont go into the disturbed individuals the rspca inspired to get dogs they never heard of before and re enact sick spectacles described by the so called animal lovers and imaginary training techniques, all useless and all cruel fantasys of sick rspca minds
    shit i best stop now a full on rant is developing
  4. I wouldnt be promoting the bsl to cover more dogs press x rott as the example you gave, once more breeds or cross breeds are added it will make it even harder to abolish it for the apbt.
  5. Sorry bsl retread your post and read it wrong the first time, bsl is all rubbish needs to be abolished i would be in favour of a new law to ensure capable owners can only own apbt and other banned breeds as I admit these dogs can be dangerous like ANY other dog in the hands of moronic arseholes.

    PITS+PATTS Big Dog

    How do you think i feel,i was arrested for 1;owning a dangerous dog 2;owning a dangerous dog unmuzzled in a public place. That was in 1993,the dog was a 35lb harmless whippet-like type,even the 10 policeman laughed who were dressed in full riot gear with a fire extinguisher filled with a type of knock-out gas and a lance-type sword used for plunging the dog in the heart!Now for years ive seen Bull-Greyhounds for sale in the Countrymans Weekly,and 30times more dogs on the street than i ever saw in the early 90's!Now i have a conviction for owning a Dangerous Dog when the police just walk passed a group of lads with dogs clearly of the type known as the Pitbull Terrier.The law stated the dog only had to exibit 1% of the type known as the pitbull terrier,the dog was sent to one of Their vets who used phases like 'the dog had a tail like an old fashioned water pump', all text book stuff,a kangaroo court,a sttich up!Fair play to the lads who are getting away with it but im pissed!Wonder how id fair if i got court coursing with a clear Bull x?I'll try and get the Deps onsite?Was it Dr Rodger Mugford and our nemisis rspca inspector Frank Milner?
  7. fonzie

    fonzie Top Dog

    That sucks
  8. jaykay

    jaykay Big Dog

    the bsl "bull shit legislation" needs to stop in the uk. i have owned staffords for around 17 year they all have been 17"-19" tall and have fit the "pit bull type" even have the water pump tail like said above lol. and the amount of people that ask oh is that one of those pitbulls arnt they banned and i have also had police stroke and pet them and say isnt he big for a stafford?? what is needed in the uk is proper education on the breed not bull shit media stories i also believe in owning a licience and being regesterd as owning the breed. infact to be honest i could probably walk a true game bred apbt anyware i live and people wouldnt have a fucking clue as to what breed of dog it was most people in the uk think of a apbt as being the bully type wide with huge heads ect ect.

    PITS+PATTS Big Dog

    Well said jaykay,the UK had better get a grip soon,but i also belive the young owners need some education as we all know how friendly these dogs can be when socialised but all know what the're also bred for!
  10. jacko

    jacko CH Dog

    i had a dog licence it cost me 37 pence i believe...lol
    also i i had the police asking me if my stafford was a mayfield pit-bull , pmsl
    so yes education could be the way forward !!
  11. ian uk

    ian uk Pup

    it should be on the owners not on the dogs no dogs should be banned from the uk like i said it should be the idiot on the end of the lead
  12. gypsyboy

    gypsyboy Big Dog

    Its sad that a great breed of dog is banned from the country where its ancestors came I've been bitten more times by yorkies than anything but I don't see any bsl for them the goverment was just looking for a scapegoat
  13. hello people if you'v got facebook join the group stand tall be proud our pitbull is a friend also ther are planned marches all across the uk on july 14th 2012 the places definitely arranged are london manchester and glasgow so far... for face book just search peaceful protests bsl for those without facebook the link to the site is http://peacefulprotestsdda.webs.com/ also if you are a member of any other sites please help spread the word so our voice can be heard and let the government know what we think of this law that they know dosent work but don't stop it because they don't want to admit they where wrong

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