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Discussion in 'The Dogs' started by Stratman, May 10, 2016.

  1. Stratman

    Stratman Big Dog

    Because of the importance of both Dibo and Rascal in today’s bloodlines, I've chosen to tell their story collectively. The two famous dogs,
    Tudor's Dibo (pronounced DIE-BO) and Trahan's Rascal shared the same sire, Hubbard's Bounce, also called Corvino's Bouncer. Bounce, as he is more frequently recognized, was out of Hubbard's Lena and sired by Hubbard's Gimp. Bounce's grand-parents were comprised of three Corvino dogs: Gimp, Goldie, and Shorty.
    The Dibo line descended from the inbred Lloyd's Pilot ( Pilot was bred at the "Red Lion Inn" in Birmingham, England and imported by Charles "Cockney Charlie" Lloyd, of Manhattan, New York City strain of Con Feeley of Chicago which was then selectively bred by Joe Corvino, also of Chicago and resulted in 2 key dogs, Corvino's Gimp ( Dibo's Great-Grandsire) and his litter brother Corvino's Shorty. Dibo also had some influence from the powerful strain of Frank Henry of Marietta, Ohio whose blood centered around his "Richmond" dog which was imported from Wolverhampton, England. This Richmond blood was blended with Lloyd's Pilot blood of W.T. Delihant and great aces such as Swineford's Ch King Paddy, Henry's Ch Black Brandy, Tudor's Gr Ch Black Jack and his much-feared son Peterson's Gr Ch Black Jack, Jr. resulted. Gr Ch Black Jack, Jr. was out of Cunningham's Nellie, a pure Henry bitch descended from Richmond. A daughter of Gr Ch Black Jack, Jr. was then bred to the imported Irish "Old Family" gamedog Bill Shipley's Red Jerry owned by Shipley of Texas who maintained a breeding partnership with Irishman Jim Corcoran. This breeding yielded the bitch Tudor's Goldie, a devastating pit dog which Joe Corvino bought from Earl Tudor and incorporated into his breeding program, which ultimately resulted in Dibo. Dibo's dam was Ed Ritcheson's Bambi. Bambi, also known as Heinzl's Bambi, was sired by Ritcheson's Spike and she was out of Ritcheson's Spotty. A novice by the name of W. D. Smith acquired Bambi and made the breeding to Wiz Hubbard's Bounce. Smith eventually sold Dibo, as a pup, to a man named Jensen who only wanted a pet for his son. The young boy named his pet Dumbo, but tired of him and wished for a collie, as Lassie was popular at that time. Jensen then contacted Mr. Heinzl in regard to trading Dumbo for a collie pup. Howard Heinzl knew Bounce and Bambi were good individuals, but still had his doubts as one of Bounce's sisters were questionable, and Bambi was cold. The trade was made and
    Dumbo went home with Howard Heinzl and stayed, where he would follow Mr. Heinzl and stayed out of the reach of the other chained dogs on the yard for about two years. Earl Tudor visited Heinzl's yard and took a liking to Dumbo. Mr. Heinzl offered Mr. Tudor any dog on his yard, trying to convince him to purchase a good dog. In spite of everything, Tudor took Dumbo home and changed his name to Dibo. Dibo was stolen shortly after and was sold to a black restaurant owner, who named him Runt, Frank Ferris later changed all the incorrect papers. The pup wouldn't hit a lick until it was 2 1/2 years old, but when it did, it was an ace dog from that day forward!.
    Floyd Boudreaux and William Burley owned a good brindle dog named Buzz on halves. They had to pull this pup off Buzz in :18 minutes as he wrecked Buzz in short order. Floyd matched him at 39 lbs. into a 40 lb. dog and won the contest in style and short order. He used his dad's Man dog 6 weeks later and matched into Gaboon Trahan and his highly regarded Country Boy dog, gave him a pound and beat him in :33 minutes. Tudor got Dibo back from the gentleman and by the age of four, Dibo had finally turned on and eventually became a three time winner at 44 lbs. His performance record is minute in comparison to his ability to produce.
    Dibo sired:
    Tudor's White Rock 4X winner, Tudor's Spike 4X winner, Tudor's Jeff 3X winner, Trahan's Blackie 3X winner, McCraw's Snowball, Harrel's Topper 5X winner, Start (Haye's) Cry Baby, 4X winner Boudreaux' Blind Billy, Heinzl's Polly Ed, Crenshaw's Buck, Edward's Sam, Carver's Cracker. Dibo had two litter mates that also made names for themselves: Heinzl's Arizona Pete and Langham's Lil.
    Rascal was sent to Hanson by Corvino and later Rascal went to Pete Lormond, then to Clavelle and finally Rascal was traded to Floyd Boudreaux, where he and Gaboon Trahan collaborated on many of the breedings with Rascal.
    Boudreaux said Trahan never owned the dog and it should appear as Boudreaux' Rascal, like he is registered. Anyway, Floyd owned the dog and crossed him with Blind Billy. Like Dibo, Rascal wouldn't start as a young dog and as a matter of fact, he was also stolen, but because of the fact that he hadn't turned on, they turned him loose into the streets. Boudreaux saw him in 1957 when he got out of the service and he fought against a big black dog that was out of Cannon's Black Shine and those dogs. At that, time they was all arrested, but in those days it was just a misdemeanor, there was really nothing against bulldogs. Rascal was owned by SP and Floyd traded one of Rascal's sons for him, a young dog called Rascal, Jr. This pup had only one testicle, but SP took him and later sold him. It is believed that Rascal won approximately 6 matches at a weight of 57 lbs. He was considered a game dog, who was a very rough ear dog.
    Rascal sired:
    Trahan's Peter (Country Boy) 3X winner Trahan's Little Rascal
    Trahan's Marciano Trahan's Lou
    Trahan's Boy, a game loser in 2:30 Elias' Pistol
    Carver's Sherly Boudreaux' Rascal, Jr.
    Trahan's Ruby, who produced Cotton's Bullet.
    Cajun 2X winner, who lost in 2:12 to Komosinski's Rocky II and many more.

    To reinforce the importance of these two dogs in the history of today's American Pit Bull Terrier, it is very unlikely that you can trace the pedigree of any pit bull bred in the USA, and not find at least one of these two dogs in the pedigree. I believe the only strain of pit bulls that does not trace back to Dibo or Rascal would be the Colby bred dogs. But, they are being crossed with these strains to produce winners, I.E. Jeep / Red Boy, Red Boy / Jocko, and Red Boy / Bolio.
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  2. smalldog

    smalldog Big Dog

    Good read Stratman..


    Nice share,,, thank you...
  4. stinkrock

    stinkrock Top Dog

    Thanks for the read.
  5. M-Tree281

    M-Tree281 Banned

    Thanks for the info

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