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true/desired nature

Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terriers' started by IV Ecosse, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. IV Ecosse

    IV Ecosse Pup

    thought this could be a good conversation piece for people from both points of view.

    how do you want your dogs to behave around other dogs? stay true to sbt nature and be wary of other dogs or act like alot of the "a-frame weight pull dogs" and be non-dog aggressive

    surely the second view goes against the true nature of the breed what people are striving for. so are they essentially not breeding true to origional type?

    would really appreciate the input of experinced owners
  2. littleblackdog

    littleblackdog Big Dog

    I will never punish my dogs on how they act except if they growl at a human (only in public, at home they are just protecting their territory)besides that I let them be theirselves. Dog on dog aggression is not encourage or discourage on this yard. The personalities are so strong in most of our dogs trying to change them would be cruel. People breeding the APBT for non dog aggressive APBT is not a fancier of the breed but a "cur" themselves and have no place owning these dogs. Original purpose of the dog should always be preserve to the best of our abilities without breaking the laws of the corupt US government. I wish I could match my dogs but I have kids, a wife and dogs to protect and if I broke those laws it would change my life forever, dogs are my #1 hobby but making sure I don't get in trouble for owning a FN dog is the #1 concern as a father and husband so I hunt with them to try to keep as much of the original APBT traits in them. Guys you don't have to jeopardize your life to stay true to breed but you have to cull twice as hard when you see things in these untested dogs. Keep scratchin and keeping the true APBT alive the best you can.
  3. MCS

    MCS CH Dog

    Great post lbd
  4. Davey

    Davey Pup

    Is aggression toward other dogs not a result of environment and the own dogs experience? Ability being a different matter and more down to its breeding? :confused:
  5. Bobby Rooster

    Bobby Rooster CH Dog

    IMO I don't like stupid fight crazy dogs... And I don't like punk pushovers that are scarred.... I PREFER a dog to be aware but somewhat ignore all other things outside of being in a hunt...Gameness and Dog Aggression have nothing to do with each other. Those are MY Preferences.
  6. Dream Pits

    Dream Pits CH Dog

    dogs are individuals. dog aggression is part of the breed but at the end of the day that means nothing. all tha barking and lunging mean nothin once the chains are off, so i let them be themselves.
  7. ccourtcleve

    ccourtcleve Big Dog

    It's an interesting question. The APBT was not bred for dog aggression, it was bred for gameness. I think the terms are interchanged sometimes when they shouldn't be. As stated above, I also do not like the extremely dog aggressive dog. But just because a dog is calm around other dogs does not have anything to do with its "gameness" or does it mean it was not bred true to the standard.
  8. New England

    New England Banned

    good post lbd
  9. coop-dog

    coop-dog Big Dog

    I for one like the style my Lucy dog has she doesnt carry on all crazy,but she is definetly ready to rumble.She stands as ridig as can be and starts wining and its as if nothing else exists.Yet with people and kids is absolutley bomb proof.To me they should definetly have apathy towards other dogs and should not be discouraged.That being said its not somthing I encourage.
  10. jake

    jake Pup

    i don't have a lot of use for a dog that isn't interested in scrapping with anything on four legs. proper training etc can make it controllable.
    it seems the popular trend to have a lab in stafford clothing.
  11. coop-dog

    coop-dog Big Dog

    Aint that the truth jake. When I used to hang around the ckc dog shows .I would get so pissed when people would frown upon a dog with fire in its belly.I was always good for a heated debate though,then I would get somthing like now wounder your dog acts like that.
  12. bionic

    bionic Big Dog

    As others have said, I like my dogs to be aware of other dogs but not to be necessarily fixated on them and straining at their leashes to get at them. Quietly confident but not aggressive.
  13. odinslad

    odinslad Big Dog

    Well its all in the training & upbringing of your dog , i myself cant take the chance of anyform of real aggretion as i have 4 kids at home with other dogs but its all in the training of your dog , basicly if you want a real game dog you have got one if you do your homework right as we all know but its then in the dog , but if you want your dog as a family pet then the best advice i can give you is 3 simple things
    1 show your dog love
    2 feed your dog
    3 go out plenty of walks with your dog

    & if these are done then you shouldnt have any real problem with the dog , also let your dog of the leed to mix with other dogs at a young age but if you see a dog your not to sure off then put the dog on the lead as the last thing you want is for your dog to have a bad experiance with another dog that can lead to problems in years to come with other dogs , but remember these are my own thoughts also listen to people like LBD as what he has said is true . but remember when my dogs start playing they can co over the top at times its just staffs for you but they know their place indoors
  14. jake

    jake Pup

    i would suggest that if a person is not willing and / or able to deal with the characteristics of a historical fighting dog, they should pick another breed instead of selecting "historically inaccurate" dogs, or at the very least refer to dogs who do not carry the traits of the historical sbt as the modern specimens they are and not try to use the guise of the now popular blanket of "old style" (or whatever term they want to use) of sbt. the terms "game" and "dog aggressive" certainly are not the same nor are they inter-changeable, but you can't have a dog who is "game" if that dog is not happy to and willing to start a fight. the idea of a "fight finishing" dog who is calm, cool, collected and never starts a fight sounds great, but in reality a "good finishing" dog also should be a "good starting" dog. every dog who wants to fight may not be "game" or even a good fighter, but you can't have a good game fighter who does not want to get into a fight.
    and just to clarify, a high level of dog aggression does not translate to any level of people aggression.
    a lack of proper food, exercise and attention will result in an un-socialized misfit. food, attention and exercise will not "cure" inherited traits like the desire to engage other dogs in combat. dog aggression is a trait like any other that can (and in the case of the historically accurate sbt, should) be bred for, culled against and passed on. dog aggression can be taught through training or experience / environment, but in it's purest form, is passed on from generation to generation.
    at the end of the day, ability and gameness don't even enter the equation without the dog being "dog aggressive" enough to get in the fight in the first place.
    sorry for the long post.
  15. Bobby Rooster

    Bobby Rooster CH Dog

    Good post Jake. IMO enough DA to me means an alert aware and confident dog when out side the woods, BUT that when taken to the woods he is ALL willing, able ready and eager to hunt with the best of em'. To others DA enough may mean a whole lot more interest when out of the woods. But none the less a really good post, props man.
  16. Tigerlines

    Tigerlines Banned

    good post, ... most people are able to manage a fit athletic stafford in a family environment, with other animals, and kids through socialisation, exercise and training.......but a performance bred stafford true to type operates on a different level to a family pet dog, its bull and terrier instincts are heightened above and beyond what most people consider manageable , or controllable in modern society.......they dont just crave physical exercise and interaction, they crave to fight at every opportunity.....its easier to believe that empty vessels make the most noise, and that a good stafford is well behaved and controllable through training, will nanny the kids, and only fight if pushed,.....but a performance bred animal is highly strung and desires to express its instincts constantly.......most people like the idea of a true to type stafford but not the reality and responsibilty which comes with owning such animals, they would rather have a athletic type which looks the part but doesnt require any where near the same effort and commitment to own.
  17. hammer head

    hammer head Top Dog

    true game dog is a nightmare to own. now & again a quite honest worker will be whelped but thats not the rule. As for the fastlane.......most staffs and pits dont quite cut it.



    breed them so they cross the line and not stand the line..........
  18. sidonis

    sidonis Pup

    my English staffordshire pup is easier to handle around other dogs than my last pitbull, he has backed down to older dogs which my pitbull never done even as pup, he was a hard dog to handle in the company of other dogs, he'd foam at the mouth and really want to get them, on the few occassions he did get to them, if the other dog made no sound or move on him he would just knock them down and walk off, heheh, but some of these jack russels went straight into his mouth and he'd just start choking them...........luckily I taught him to let go.........with alot of work.
    I would rather have adog with all the fire of old..................but you have to be on the ball and a responsible owner with these dogs.
  19. rikjd

    rikjd Pup

    my staff bitch is good with other dogs generally but if she senses a challenge to her authority all hell breaks loose no matter what shes up against, for me thats what i look for, shes more interested in chasing small furry things in the woods then playing with dogs but will tolerate their presence.
  20. MinorThreat

    MinorThreat CH Dog

    lol is that how it is, not in the real world anyway. Doesnt make a difference to me, they can be piss mean or kick back, I dont prefer loud mouths though.

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