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Tri-State APBT shows

Discussion in 'Northeast' started by TriStateAPBT, Dec 6, 2010.

  1. We are very excited to announce our 2011 show dates! This year is the Tri-State APBT Club’s official 15th year birthday as an ADBA club! Tri-State has a rich history that actually stretches back over 20 plus years. Most of us were the original Garden State Club which traces its roots back into the 1980s. We are working on making next year’s shows even more special. Of course the Sat night party will be in full swing as always, but we will be hosting 3 conformation and 2 weight pulls at EACH show! So we would like to hear back from the people who always come out and support us, we need ideas to make these show super special, we want to hear about what YOU guys as exhibitors would like to see for your show. In truth, since we always try to host the best show as possible, I am plum out of ideas, lol. So suggestions for fun classes, contests, etc are appreciated. All ideas suggested will be voted on in the next few weeks. As always, a HUGE thanks to all of our supporters!
    April 30th & May 1st 2011 - 3 conformation and 2 weight pulls
    Sept 17th & 18th 2011 - 3 conformation and 2 weight pulls
  2. mikefromMD

    mikefromMD Top Dog

    AHHHHH you guys put on a great show every year!!!!! I know the folks really enjoy the fun on Sat. Night....

    Off the top of my head... How bout a best tri colored fun class... Also, I once saw a "Best Couch Pototoe" fun class that was fun and alot of older dogs got to enter....
  3. IMPACT631

    IMPACT631 Top Dog

    Love the TRI STATE CLUB... of course its my home club but i still want best "FIX" conditioned dog!
  4. BoogiemanBlood

    BoogiemanBlood Premium Member Premium Member

    I just want one of them BOS or BOO trophies LOL

    Can't wait. I will be there!!! :)
  5. mommy2kane

    mommy2kane Big Dog

    hey I sent you a PM with my ideas. But I do like the best altered idea
  6. mikefromMD

    mikefromMD Top Dog

    Best Matthew dog

    JRSPITS Top Dog

    lmao, but wait, I don't have one yet!

    How about best Sorrells dog instead. I've never seen that fun class before.

    Hopefully we can make our first Tristate show this year.
  8. We really hope you guys can make it out!!! You know, you too can have a Matthew dog, LOL We are actually expecting babies in about 3 weeks!

    Thanks to everyone else for the ideas, I think we may of come up with something thanks to kanesmom so we shall see!!!!

    Hope everyone gets to make it!!!

    JRSPITS Top Dog

    OMG please don't tempt me!!!!! Phoenix is just past the one year mark (and finally in her first heat :D) but Tessa is only 9 months and Prozac is just 5 months, its a miracle I still have any hair left:eek:. I am at my puppy limit!!!! But then again, we're talking about a perfect Matthew pup that would be a complete angel so who's the momma :D:D:D
  10. HAHAHAHAHA that is very funny, I normally have a disclaimer that they are little demons!

    Momma is our Lil Boy's "GrCH" Lilith, this is the repeat that produced Mike & Crystal's F&E's "G/C" Clancy (he's a duel Ch & multiple time national winner including this years National Champ overall winner) Mike & Patty's "G/C"Garden of Eden - this years National Champ female winner & multiple champ cup winner over the boys, Rico's "Ch" Flash Dancer-multiple BOS & BOO winner, & our "Ch"Samael (trained and handled by ColdRiver knls) won the adba nationals 55-65lbs class and has multiple MWPP wins and even most over all wp at NC wp. Others have also had wins at nats and local shows. So to say the least we are Very excited!!!

    I hope you guys come out - we all camp out and it's a party for sure!

    We are working on as a "fun" class to have two on-leash obedience classes. A novice and advance class which will be held at assigned times throughout day and judged by a VERY experienced Shznd trainer. The patterns will be available in advance so ppl can train for them and 1st, 2nd, & 3rd placing being given, more details to follow!

    JRSPITS Top Dog

    I'd love to have a pup off that breeding, the previous litter turned out great, but I really am pupped out :( It is finals week so maybe next week I'll feel different lol :D
  12. machobuck

    machobuck Big Dog

    i will deff be there again
  13. Preciouspits508

    Preciouspits508 Top Dog

    Cant wait its going to be fun
  14. mikefromMD

    mikefromMD Top Dog

    I'm still liking the "Best Couch Pototoe" ...am I spelling pototoe correctly??? i feel like dan Quayle or however you spell his name...lol...
  15. hades

    hades Pup

    how about best el negro dog
  16. genevieve

    genevieve Big Dog

    I think you should bring back the "Best Offspring" class that you used to have! Or a "Best Bred- by Handler".

    A "Best Senior" class might be fun too- give the old dogs a chance to get some recognition.

    ROCCITY Big Dog

    Best bred by handler would be cool.
  18. mommy2kane

    mommy2kane Big Dog

    how old would the dog have to be to take part in this class?
  19. scratchin dog

    scratchin dog CH Dog

    I agree..good ideas. Also maybe have a fun class for pups who most look like their sire/dam.
  20. Dream Pits

    Dream Pits CH Dog

    Might have to make that trip once again:D

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