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Trainers and pit bulls and DA

Discussion in 'Training & Behavior' started by Rhinna13021, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. I have been looking for a trainer for rihanna for basic obiedence(i want to make sure i have her trained properly).

    Well Rihanna is starting to get DA. I explained this to a trainer who said well you need to bring her to a class with other dogs to train her out of it...

    1. she is a pit bull they where bred to be DA
    2. this lady is a nut job if she doesnt know anything about the breed, she sure isnt going to help me train my dog
    3. she said DA leads to HA. Which i know is a bunch of BS

    I think I found a good trainer, she is familiar with the breed.

    Also rihanna is only 1 so i know i can expect her to get more DA. The weird thing is its mostly towards other females. i can control her when we are outside, I will walk to the other side of the street to avoid a confrontation. i am doing everything to be a responsible owner. she Is spayed and has been socialized with people, loves people, loves the cats, but would like nothing better than to get a squirrel or two.
  2. rallyracer

    rallyracer CH Dog

    my hat is off to you for working with her. a basic obidience class is a good thing for you and her. sadly- most of the "trainers" out there are like the one you found-dont know much about canine behavior....anyone who wants can call themselves a "trainer".
    its good that you realize what is at the end of your leash, and are working with that in mind.
    hopefully this new trainer will work out for you

    oh, and about the DA thing- i personally think that there is none greater than female-female...they are some wicked creatures, 2 OR 4 legged ;)
  3. budboy88

    budboy88 CH Dog

    run away from her as fast as you can
  4. Lee D

    Lee D CH Dog

    bring her to a class to train it out? that trainer has NO CLUE what shes talkin about...... good luck with your other trainer:)
  5. mydawgs

    mydawgs CH Dog

    +10....you cannot change the essence of the breed and any trainer worth anything would know that, but you can master the management of the dog of any breed.

    And LOL at Rally...my GURL is definately an aspiring alpha female, her problem is she keeps runnin into the head bit*h in charge...ME heh heh, my poor male dawg...and husband :eek:
  6. she absolutely would like nothing better than to tear into my downstairs neighbors boxer/rottie girl. Stupid thing lunged at Rihanna and they told my landlord that my dog tried to bite theirs.
  7. mydawgs

    mydawgs CH Dog

    Until you can control your girl, make sure your neighbors dog and her are never within stiking distance. Also do some homework and learn how to seperate two dogs as you live in close proximity of a dog that can and will challange your girl. I can give you a site that schools seperating two dogs...and there are many here that can give you information. My girl was the same way...while training her I made sure I was always a barrier....
  8. I was able to control her, the first time my dumb neighbors brought the dog out rihanna was minding her own business which for her was really good. I had told my neighbors 'rihanna does NOT get along with other dogs' so i guess they thought that meant bring their uncontrollable dog outside and let her bark and growl at me and rihanna, oh and i had my son in the stroller at the time. Rihanna did go after her but I was able to lift her up off her front legs and swing her around to the front porch where once there she went to the door and i let her in. I did have a few words with them in regards to their dog. They let her run loose with no leash/chain and we have many other dogs in this neighbor hood that are confined but if that dog gets into their territory its going to get hurt.

    I have been researching ways to split up dogs fighting because of her DA. I avoid areas where there are alot of dogs. If we go to the vet she has to be muzzled for other dogs safety as well as her own.
  9. absolute peril

    absolute peril Big Dog

    I'm glad you realize the first trainer was a nut job when it comes to APBTs of any kind. I hope you find a good trainer to help you with her. I was talking with a Petsmart trainer and she said " One day you have a good loving pit bull and the next day it just SNAPS". I tried to explain to her that she was wrong and point out the finer points of the APBT but it was like milking a dead cow.
  10. I hear that all the time. I walk rihanna while pushing the double stroller, people will stop me and say things like 'that dog will kill your children one day'...and usually at the times they say that rih is sitting near the stroller licking my sons hand:rolleyes:

    at the moment i know somebody who has the most unruly wanna be pit bull. It's bit my daughter on 3 separate occassions and despite me telling this person that the dog should be put down, they are now using a 'e-collar' on him. (my daughter lives with this psycho dog). Its about 2-3 yrs old and is getting DA. but they dont understand what DA is and they let him roam loose with their jack russel...i have a feeling something bads going to happen to the JR.
  11. farm curs

    farm curs Big Dog

    Forget about the JRT No way in hell a dog would bite my kid and live let alone 3 times and live with my kid.Over my dead body!How do you allow that?????
  12. I have no say. She lives with her grandmother(her father's mom) and when i tried to bring it up in court, her grandmother talked her way out of it. I never knew about the bites till months after the fact they never took her to the doctor for them at all. Its an uphill battle that i've been fighting for 2 years now. All the judge said was dont leave the dog alone with her.

    put it this way grandma works for the county....that should explain it all. :rolleyes:

    I tried to tell them that that was not the kind of dog for them. It needed a steady, strong hand an owner who knew about the breed. They got him cause he was 'cute'...well that dog is no longer a cute puppy.
  13. farm curs

    farm curs Big Dog

    The dog would be gone,some way some how by some one
  14. mydawgs

    mydawgs CH Dog

    I am glad you realize you need to protect your girl!!! My night mare even today is a loose dog running up to my girl. When I say you have control of Rhinna, I mean you can put her in a downed position behind you with a voice command while you provide the barrier of a loose dog. My girl is always in a submissive position to me in the presence of another dog. She does shake and look at me with a wild look as she holds her down, I think that is her fighting everything she is giving me the respect she feels I deserve as her pack leader. Once I had an idiot with an ankle biter off the leash run around me and to her in her down, she moved her head away from the dog...an avoidance behavior as I swept this "poo" dog up to safety. I am not so sure she would hold the down if a large aggressive dog came at her and got around me, but I will tell you I have no qualms about drop kicken any mutt that charges mydawg as she does what she should!

    There is nothing more perfect to me than a PB that behaves like a well trained dog while the other "non-threatening" hounds act like they own their humans...makes me LOL!!!!!
  15. I can get her to a sit position at my side or behind me. Down we are working on. I spend a great deal of my day with her doing training, chasing kids, housework.

    I've taught her so far to sit before we go into the house, sit at the top of the stairs to have the leash removed and continue to sit till i open the gate. Outside I can say 'leave it' which thankfully she follows very well.

    If more people did what I do. take the time to teach their dogs(this goes for all breeds) basic commands I'd be happy. BUT I have to worry about other people's inability to properly train their dogs.
  16. BringBackup

    BringBackup Top Dog

    I've been socializing the hell out of my pup since he was 3-weeks-old. He is 8 months now and I understand he is getting to the age where it can be a little dicey, depending on the situation. Still, I truly believe his training has brought him to the point he is at. I take him to the pet store a couple times a week and I DO NOT allow anyone to let their dog rush in on him. You see a lot of people with their dogs out six feet in front of them or a little dog thrashing and hollering in it's owners arms trying to get at my boy. My dog is quiet, on a two foot traffic lead, and for the most part shows no reaction to other dogs. Hell, I was walking him past a small dog park a couple weeks ago and there had to be probably ten small breed dogs trying to fence fight with him! The owners were trying to cover their dog's aggressiveness with "Oh Pugsley, come here, I know you just want to play!". Yeah right.

    Now I'm not saying my dog is the perfect angel and doesn't act up sometimes. He can't play with other dogs outside my home, he'd be itching to fight in only moments. There is this one dog that I walk him with, and they can't be loose together ever now. This GSD outweighs my pup by 50lbs currently, and we'd let them play when my boy still acted like a pup and could play safely with other dogs a few months ago. That was the first time my pup really "turned on". It looked like he was playing at first but it just escalated real fast and that was the last time. When I say we walk them together, I mean my pup is behaved enough and won't go instigating anything. A small leash correction usually curbs any negative behaviors with him.
  17. mydawgs

    mydawgs CH Dog

    And you always will!!! When you have her basics down pact, get a friend to help you with distraction training....repeat all your OB with distractions until she is realiable as well!!!! I started with people, then toys and finally dogs. It was during this phase we created our strongest bond, and she finally decided to trust me to protect her.
  18. absolute peril

    absolute peril Big Dog

    Yep, It's cute when a small dog does it but it isn't when it's my "vicious pit bull".
    There is a pet bakery next door to my vets office and I took one of my APBTs in and he is very well behaved with people and dogs so I didn't see any issue. We walked in and looked around for a while and after about five minutes a little pom walked up to my APBT and bit his face. (This pom belonged to the store owner)I said excuse me your dog just bit mine and she looked down at the pom and said " Oh be nice, your suppose to play nice you silly dog". That was it. My dog wasn't hurt but it was the principal of the issue because if my dog would have bit back in defense or decided today was the day he wanted to "turn on". I would have NEVER gotten away with "Oh play nice".
  19. mydawgs

    mydawgs CH Dog

    I so feel your pain....I was walkin my male and this little white "mop/rag..poo', don't know came runnin at us off leash, now my male is very stable but I lifted him off his front paws anyway....his head was as big as this mutt...the owner came running up to me and said "Oh don't worry, poopsie (or what ever the dogs name was) is not dog aggressive"

    Ya just kind of look at them in disbelief and wonder if they see the same thing you are holding up that you see, followed by this uncontrollable desire to put a remote trainer on the owner dial it up to 100 and hold continuous until common sense prevails!!!!!!!

  20. I agree, I've been training my boy for a month now and one day a wild dog ran up on him. As he aggressively ran to him I told my boy "besay" ( he hits the floor ) then said "Lev toi" (french for get up) and pointed behind me, my boy swiftly goes behind me and the other dog ran straight into a NEW YORK concrete wall :p haha then I told my boy to head butt him. I teach my boy different words so he only understands me and my family, different strokes for diff folks... but I never saw a dog run away so fast lol. I for one am against violent acts but we must train our Pups (regardless the breed) for these situations.. just in case. Good luck with the new trainer
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 4, 2010

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