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Top producers

Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by TRUEPITS, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. tryph

    tryph Pup

    Yes very close
  2. tryph

    tryph Pup

  3. tryph

    tryph Pup

    Do you have a match
  4. mac 11

    mac 11 Banned

    Not at all, I knew someone with that nickname thats all.
  5. A dog that produces better than himself
  6. ohpitbulls

    ohpitbulls CH Dog

    that sums it up
  7. mr.futuristic

    mr.futuristic Big Dog

    I feel you but a good producer throws too any bitch you should be able to get good dogs of anything he touchs when someone says a stud only throws bred too a certain line its bullshit history will tell you that you will know for those resons when you have a rom dog on your yard back anything from cold to curr to the that said dog and get results he might throw better to a certain bitch but if he is throwing only to that bitch he isnt a good producer the bitch is
  8. weirdjack

    weirdjack Pup

    you forget one woodalls weird jack one greastest of modren time thats a fact
  9. Ligyron

    Ligyron Premium Member Premium Member

    I'm new here and here to learn, so please forgive me if I expand on this topic a bit.

    I believe there were several dogs who weren't all that great themselves in terms of winnings but who, none the less, passed on greatness. Snooty comes to mind, and don't get mad I like Snooty and I know there were better examples. Who were they?

    See, it's relatively easy to look back and recognize greatness and top producers in hindsight, but what about doing it in real time? Who do we stud or stud to and how many puppies/dogs are we going to feed and care for? I mean, how and who do we select if we want to start a family and need a "top producer" like, right now? Let us assume that matching dogs is perfectly legal, as it has been throughout most of history.

    Now, what about that game lil' dog who gets a serious butt whippin' for an hour or two, yet still crawls across the scratch line and is counted out only 'cause they're dragging their broken rear end? Would this dog be in anybody's breeding program? They're not counted as a winner, but...

    What about a "beast" who destroys all opposition in under an hour, several in less than 15 min. - a 4X winner with no more takers at anything close to their weight? Is this talent or ability a dependable commodity to bet on geneticaly?

    Seeing as how it takes time, and a whole lot of it, to know if a dog is a CH and will produce any champions themselves, never mind a whole bunch or a whole bunch regardless of who they are bred with, what type dog would you put your money on? Figuratively speaking that is..;)

    Now then, male dog can pass on his genes to literally hundreds of pups through their dam each year, but a female dog is only going to pass on her genetics to what? one litter? Being realistic, say 5-7 dogs each year?

    Does that mean that a Honeybunch or a Dirty Mary -- is she more or is she less important than access to desireable sperm?

    I'm new at this and would love to know.
  10. To me, a good stud would have to consist of three things, those being; deep gameness, a good hard mouth, and pit intelligence. Once he has proven to you that he those qualities, breed him to the worst bitch on your yard (I know everyone wants to say that everything on their yard is the best, but in all honesty, some are way better than others), and keep all of the pups from that litter for yourself. If you find those same qualities that the stud has, then you know that you might be on to something. If the pups pan out, breed them, and if they produce the same as the grand sire, you can ALMOST guarantee that you can breed your stud to anything and get some good results. On the other hand, Frisco was considered a cur by some, and he's the all time great.

    I'm just saying.........
  11. teras

    teras Big Dog

    im too noob to answer this, let alone having personal experience.

    however, from answers i got in this forum on similar to this question, my understanding is that many times a dog is a one-off and can be a monster.

    in fact many ppl here admit that some great dogs they had were given to them for free.

    having a great dog out of an average line for example is not enough to breed (if i have understood corectly). The dog must be great but also have a pedegree of dogs that have also proven great down the line.

    in this way you increase the probability of getting repeatable results.
  12. teras

    teras Big Dog

    is this how it works???
  13. peppapig

    peppapig Banned

    a dog that produces a high percentage of winners relative to the amount of pups he has sired is a good stud.a dog doesnt get rom just cos his offspring finish quick....its because they win..no matter how they get there....end of story....
  14. Caos

    Caos Top Dog

    a dog who don't bred too much in my opinion is a good producer we saw some dogs with 500,700 offspring and lots of people call them top producers for me they are not.
  15. Xman

    Xman Banned

    Caos... you got a good point there...........

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