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Top dogs in Europe?

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by damon, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. idris

    idris Pup

    well , you only one I'm going to replay ! I will ignore your rubbish , we are doing much better than you that if you doing something !!!! and we are more true to the sport than the Americans .... (with my respect to the Old School ) .Now days Most of you are Internet peddlers selling curs only .
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 31, 2010
  2. dedro

    dedro Pup

    idris how many year you in pitbul.....
  3. Tramplove

    Tramplove Big Dog

    What about the Gr.Ch Virus dog. He seemed to be a good one.
  4. Idris , from which country you are ? I see that you are the most smartest here and from now I want buying dogs just from you !

    Until now .. I was buy some Crenshaw .. Jeep - Honeybunch dogs .. because I was think that they are one of best in World , from Boby Hall i have some Cowboys .. from Garner some Chinaman dogs and I am realy satisfide with them .
    But !
    When I read your comments , I really think that by now 20 years I wasted my time buying the blood through the imported dogs from USA . When I had such a good dogs in your yard .
    Is there somewhere maybe some Idris line of dogs in Europe , and that I have not heared for her ?
    My friend .. are you maybe Albanian ?
  5. idris

    idris Pup

    lol..., My friend ,you said ( Until now .. I was buy some Crenshaw .. Jeep - Honeybunch dogs .. because I was think that they are one of best in World , from Boby Hall i have some Cowboys .. from Garner some Chinaman dogs and I am realy satisfide with them ) ,..... the only breeder is still active I guess is Garner!!!
    So you tell me do you still import dogs from U.S (I'm talking about today) .... if yes, you tell me from whom ????

    My point is U.S.A dogs were the best in the past and nothing left coz the old pitmen gone and the new breeders 90% depend on the pedigrees coz can't match and they might be fake anyone can make a pedigree am I right ??
    So tell me how I'm going to buy from U.S this days (in which bases)

    I think it is better to buy from you coz you got a great bloodline and I don't have to depend on luck ...lol coz I can see with my eyes .
  6. che

    che Big Dog

    Idris do you come from Turkey;)
  7. MinorThreat

    MinorThreat CH Dog

    idris, you are incorrect
  8. idris

    idris Pup

    anyway that is my opinion nobody force to agree or disagree ,Im not going to replay anymore I'm done of this ......
  9. KDW

    KDW Native Nightmare Premium Member

    intrestin discussion :dogstare:
  10. Well matching dogs has been illegal since 1976 and I'm pretty sure th U.S. has produced a few good ones since then but I could be wrong.
  11. But all this being said I would love to get a few dogs from the Balkans and Russia as well.
  12. Dogs are dogs no matter where they are from the place . Several generations it is necessary that you from the good blood combine a dangerous dogs . Experience is very crucial and your feelings .

    Watching all ..

    From the mindset of a dog to physical predispositions . And it is very sensitive .
    When you make a dog that can destroy any opponent in a period of 120 seconds, which is in my opinion for one quality pit bull enough .. then you know that you did a good job .
    All except the top .. not appreciate and do not admit .

    I have not at the top , but my dogs beat up dangerous CH for 20 minutes .
    In average .. they can crushed to a great dog for 15 minutes and an ordinary dog under 10 minutes .
    But I think that it is not a good job ... all we know for Shady Lady , Tudor Black Jack and such a dogs .

    No man in the world that can convince me that I through this dog ..

    BULLDOG MASTER ` GENERAL GALBA | apbt-pedigrees.com

    I can not get this dog .

    GR CH REBEL'S SHADY LADY (5XW) POR | apbt-pedigrees.com

    A backing me for this are the female who can gives the dogs who kill CH for 20 minutes , blood from a reputable kennel that has achieved the kennel of year and had DOY .. GM Kennels .

    BULLDOG MASTER'S DRAMA | apbt-pedigrees.com
  13. Maruccio

    Maruccio Banned

    I think dogs from Bulldog Master kennel have top genetics now in EU
    , results show his good work .
    Also , Best Compliments for Sany Boy:thewave2:
  14. teras

    teras Big Dog

    ok, besides the usa vs europe thing...

    what about dogs of western europe? (not balkans)

    they must have some good ones too i suppose, even though they are not too loud about it...

    and in usa i believe there must be good dogs. i mean wtf did they all moved out to the balkan area??? lol The fact that many usa people who own good dogs keep it quiet and dont wanna deal and sell publicaly and to foreigners doesnt mean they dont have dogs. i suppose they just sell to selected people only.

    one more thing i'd like to put down for discussion, i have the feeling that balkan breeding is different than USA and western european breeding. balkans are putting a lot of best to best with disregard to pedigrees and lines and get some exceptional dogs on accation but a lot of garbage as well.

    also, by looking dogs from balkan area, sometimes i get the feeling that they many breed with total disregard to overall health like bone structure etc. and i'm not talking about conformation stuff here. i'm talking about a basic healthy structure. of course things are not black/white and there are not all like that of course but it seems to be a high percentage of them.
  15. udt

    udt Pup

    Destroy any dog in 120 seconds? WTF? Seeing it is legal for me to see with my own eyes in my country,please tell me of dangerous dog that can KO let's say SamJr or Isis in 120 seconds. How do you rate chilindrina compared to your top females? No sir if all is said and done you will realise that there are great dogs all over but especially in the US. Some of the most intelligent breeders and
    consistent breeders also in the US. We have been all over so I can tell you that. How do you school your 120 second freaks dear sir?
  16. jumper3202

    jumper3202 Big Dog

    Usa #1 always will be.. anyone can match a dog but who truly knows where and how to take there genetics n blood to the next level and continue raising that bar a decade later and so on.. The man behind the dog schooling testing ect is where i think usa prevails, we have learned from the best and continue to grow in the right direction..

    Usa is dead no more working yards.. ;)
  17. udt

    udt Pup

    Seems no one is interested in direct questions after seeing it fit to disrespect a whole countries dogs....
  18. ben brockton

    ben brockton CH Dog

    i sure do wish there were more good folks like "idris" working for hsus,peta & nored. keep up the good work bud. maybe it will rub off on the agencies.
  19. dedro

    dedro Pup

    in balkan only game dog sinse 20 yeer ...wait oter 20 yeer ant same as usa :)
  20. Naustroms

    Naustroms CH Dog

    Bestia those are European bred dogs?

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