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Todays staffords it's a shame

Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terriers' started by dogman2007, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. activeirish

    activeirish Big Dog

    We'd definately know eachother then and probably of a similar age, I hope you wern't chasing the girls around McDivitts hehe, you must've known old Willie McCloskey who kept the horses there, his son Pat still does, I spent a lot of time down around there myself long before the bridge was thought of
  2. activeirish

    activeirish Big Dog

    Yes dried "nuts" or kibble type, there's plenty of good ones, many of them are well made for the job, for example Red Mills, there's a 27% & 32% protein versions, or i think it's Lifeplan or Lifestage i used for a while, it's expensive but very good.
    if you want to give it a go check the details on the bag, they all state the various amounts of protein etc BUT when you read more carefully it will tell you what the protein is, for example from > Meat Derivatives, thats just any crap that comes from any animal, basically the scrapings off the bones & mats from heads etc.
    but a quality meal like Lifeplan will state > Chicken and is supposed to be good quality chicken, they are also made with rice which is kind to the dogs system, so do your homework before deciding, in the long run you might work the dog onto a feed that keeps him healthy and cuts out a lot of time & preparation for you, might be a lot cheaper also?
  3. Herodog1

    Herodog1 Top Dog

    I own a kc staff which a few of you will know and I have defended them on here from time to time. I recently went to a club for show folk to train their staffs and I was amazed to see 3 or 4 staffs there that were so short with ultra short muzzles that they were sounding like bull dogs when they breathed. There was one particular bitch there I saw from profile (side view) and I had to look twice as I couldn't beliver what I saw, it actually looked like a pug! I can't believe I said that but it's true. I actually expressed my concerns about this on a SBT forum and asked for some responses but I never got one reply. I hate to admit it but where will the staff be in ten years if the breeding programs don't change? Down the swanny. I still love my dog though. Sorry for the moan.
  4. hmots

    hmots Big Dog

    See ? this is what we've been saying the whole time !! It's unbelievable what some people are passing off as staffords nowadays.
  5. Herodog1

    Herodog1 Top Dog

    Yes you have and I haven't been able to see the wood for the trees. There are still some decent dogs around the show scene but for how long, who knows.
  6. Dogman_M

    Dogman_M Pup

    My boy is nothing like these short stocky staffs, he still got the right structure. Often we play with other SBT's and im telling you, as he is getting warmed up these staffs are already breathless and overheated.. There's nothing he won't outsmart, outpull, out-tug them in. + He got the "prey" drive of an apbt, i leave his toy in a tree or such, he will stand for hours, days if i let him, under the tree howling and trying to climb it - hell he even try biting the tree "You big MOFO, gimmi my toy back".
    I to thinks its a shame agility and so on is second to "looks"(cuz i dont even think they look good the little ones).
    In my nightmares these end up like the English Bulldog.

    Btw did u know the "Pug" is the most inbred animal in the world? Is the only thing more inbred than the panda, lol.
  7. Tomo

    Tomo Pup

    Lads 1st time on must say entertain me half dozen good dog men sensible talking. Then a few d..kheads to. Very good lads all the best wat ever yous do the the wee dog with big heart. Tomo
  8. Herodog1

    Herodog1 Top Dog

    Got no clue what you are on about??
  9. Tomo

    Tomo Pup

    Pm you hero that ok for ya.
    Atb tomo

  10. i think the kennel club was the worst thing that happened todogs full stop! nearly all breeds have been changed and for the worst in mostcases, and allows puppy mills and BYB’s to flourish as people changed fromgetting a dog for a purpose to getting a dog with papers.
    we gotta keep the apbt with the breed clubs and way from the kennel club or they'll ruin them too.
  11. gimwitag

    gimwitag Pup

    With all the changes that are happening to these dogs, is there still worthy stock available to turn it around or is it too late
  12. tommy1985

    tommy1985 Big Dog

    that video on pedigree dogs exposed was shocking. far as im concerned the more people that focused on breeding towards healthy dogs rather than for aesthetics all breeds would be better off. the biggest downfall of the staffords was people breeding to make money rather than breeding to maintain the quality of the dogs.
  13. Gioferani

    Gioferani Pup

    harley1.jpg harley 2.jpg harley 3.jpg

    My staff's not that thick or short muzzled i think
  14. tommy1985

    tommy1985 Big Dog

  15. BmSBT

    BmSBT Big Dog

    no fat short muzzled types here either. and yes she gets shown.

  16. Gioferani

    Gioferani Pup

    Thanks Bro, its alot of (satisfying) work though :P
    Cant do alot cause he's only 8 month's. :)
  17. tommy1985

    tommy1985 Big Dog

    enjoy the work mate lol maybe its just me but in many cases its a damn good excuse to get outta the house and chill out for an hour two in peace lol
  18. Gioferani

    Gioferani Pup

    Yeah i'm enjoying every minute. It IS a good excuse to get outta the house but chill and peace.....not really haha we run through the hills cause what we do we do together. Not really a ball throwing kinda guy and puppy just chomps it to bits when on his way back to me.

    Last night started working him with a flirtpole.....talking bout bat out of hell :P Only thing is i don't think he's very bright.
    His eye-mouth coordination is good but i got some problems with him running after the flirt. normally dogs just run circles. he just runs after it then takes a sprint and runs past it then takes another sprint. like a dragster straight ahead instead of just pacing....any tips?
  19. trampus

    trampus Banned

    staff owners come in 3 groups. pet owners that just want a pet, show dog owners who breed for a show standard, and irish staff breeders who live for the dogs 6 generations at the back of ther dogs peds
  20. tommy1985

    tommy1985 Big Dog

    i dont have much experience on that front mate. perhaps use a fox tail or somethin to encourage his drive and he'l be more determined to get it than just run around for a play.

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