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Timid Pup

Discussion in 'Training & Behavior' started by nicsgal72004, Jul 27, 2010.

  1. deadgam33

    deadgam33 CH Dog

    i had a lot of timid dogs in the past and none turn to man bitters i just think its how ppl bring them up and if u came to this point IMO its to late just put it to sleep...
  2. Yardboy

    Yardboy CH Dog

    put a bullet in it........
  3. deadgam33

    deadgam33 CH Dog

    x3 shoot it....................
  4. 7mmrowland

    7mmrowland Big Dog

    So whats the status on the dog?:confused:
  5. DirtyD

    DirtyD Top Dog

    x4 shoot it.. that is not a happy dog and has to be miserable living like that
  6. zelda

    zelda Pup

    We sometimes forget that our pets are indeed animals who often work off of their instinct. It doesn't matter if it is normal or not. What matters is it is not safe. Definitely look into getting the dog some training.

  7. atomic

    atomic Pup

    If you don't have the time, get rid of her! But on the other hand try putting bits of kibble in your pocket. Take her for evening walks where people are, at a distance first till she's use to them. As her confident builds in the future walk her a little nearer. Once your able to get close and again her confidence is secure, give volunteers treats to hand her for being a good girl! Just don't rush her, but you must take her out as often as possible now..

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