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They're Both Drowning and You Can Save Only One . Your Dog or a Stranger?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Titch_Pitbull, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. Gxkon

    Gxkon Big Dog

    LMAO got to get in where you fit in
  2. pitbull_24

    pitbull_24 Top Dog

    Definitely, unless its a child, then I would grab both, I have a small dog and a kid is generally small too. Im the same size as you lol
  3. preme

    preme CH Dog

    my dog:):)
  4. my dog....
  5. mlmaas

    mlmaas Top Dog

    some of these answers are ridiculous, if you've ever had somebody die in front of you your minds would change. if not, karma is a bitch. maybe the rope you get thrown won't be long enough to reach you.
  6. sy82nj

    sy82nj Top Dog

    this post is seriously some bs. i would try to save the stranger but not to endanger myself of drowning. dog are suppose to be natural swimmers
  7. unless ur immediate family ur ass is out of luck. Definately my dog no ifs or buts!
  8. cromsboss

    cromsboss Big Dog

    I wouldn't take a bullet for a stranger, so I definitely wouldn't risk drowning for one either

    if the dog can't swim to safety, I doubt I'd be able to swim for us both

    I'd sit on the bank & let nature take it's course, but I would throw the stranger a life bouy if one was available
  9. jacko

    jacko CH Dog

    i would stand on the stranger to get to my dog !!!1;)
  10. Titch_Pitbull

    Titch_Pitbull Top Dog

    How about..

    The police knock on the door , The inform you that your son/daughter/family member/friend died drowning. There was a possibility he/she could have been saved yet the only person in the vicinity decided to save there drowning dog instead.

    What would your reaction be?.

    By most of the comments here people would be perfectly happy and understanding why someone would choose to save there dog over human life.
  11. jacko

    jacko CH Dog

  12. BullyMeat

    BullyMeat Pup

    My dog wtf
  13. mlmaas

    mlmaas Top Dog

    depends on your ability i guess, but if the water's safe enough to jump in after your dog, odds are you've got a fair shot at rescuing a person. obviously if i cant safely get the person out of the water, shit happens. if my dog is drowning in a calm lake, and 50 ft to my other side a little kid is going under, better believe i'm going for the kid. this one of those case-by-case things though...if there's rough rapids then you have a fat chance in getting either one of them. i just hope your heart is in the right place when the time comes, because if i find out that my daughter could be easily saved and someone thought their dog was more important, karma would get you, but i'll most definately speed up the process.
  14. T.BUNDY

    T.BUNDY Banned

    im gonna save u but you owe me a stack so i can see mr garner again...
  15. garth

    garth Big Dog

    The stranger.This person is more then likely to have children who need their parent.To them that said their dog are IMO full of it.I have a few really good dogs so loseing one to me is not a big thing.But to let a person die that you can save is just BS,IMO you should be charged with murder giving life with out parole.Now lets end this crazy topic.
  16. Like most post on any site....You get the tag along's that follow what there Hero's say? No hound dog is worth a human life. Even if there scum.
  17. short1

    short1 Big Dog

    would have to save the stranger every time (I like dogs but after all they are just that dogs they are not seinentent(sp) beings
  18. Khanfueshus says it depends on the RISK factor to ones own life in each individual situation at that time as most people WONT risk there own life for a stranger and most people WONT risk there own life for a animal either wether it be yours or not. Most people will only risk there own lives for a human loved one.

    Our natural instinct is self preservation of ones self and immediate family members like a child, spouse, or parents.

    If I had to choose it would be Human Loved ones first, a stranger second and a animal last. BUT depending on the risk factor involved I would only risk my life for a Human Loved one.
  19. DryCreek

    DryCreek CH Dog

    You know what the really sad thing is about those that answered their dog? They answered the same as what an Animal Rights Extremist would! Same as A PETA'phile, same as a HSUS'ist.

    No wonder the world is going to hell in a hand basket...
  20. Lonewolf

    Lonewolf Big Dog

    GOod point buddy..I agree 100%..

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