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The Staffordshire must remain a multi-purpose dog

Discussion in 'Staffordshire Bull Terriers' started by bulldogkennel, Aug 6, 2012.

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  1. trampus

    trampus Banned

    But is anyone out side eu keeping staffys for fighting , i dont thik so... pits are the professionals dog
  2. 12 gauge

    12 gauge CH Dog

    europe, asia, africa or oceania it doesnt matter they are still kept for their original purpose. you can think what you want but it is not facts what you are giving here, just a mere opinion. apbt can be just as bad in big numbers and very good in small numbers. i live in america and for every 100 apbts theres one or two woth the name. not many people know and i hope those who dont need to know are kept at bay. it will only be good for the future of the breed.
  3. trampus

    trampus Banned

    are you stupid, where you from? staff dont measure up to pits,,,its only your opinion they do, show any regular battles between the two out side uk and eu and they not to many staffys survive
  4. Roveros

    Roveros Pup

    Firstly when i was involved in the breed the stock here was of a good quality although variable same as anywhere. The thing is I think you are missing the point. I love the breed but am not blind to what has become of it. I am sure there are a few sporting strains closely guarded and relatively secret but for the most part they are pets and show dogs. Any sporting dog has to be bred solely for the performance aspect or the breed reverts to the average. Sporting strains of any breed only keep their excellence through selective performance based breeding.

    Pitbulls have no magic as the vast majority of them fall into the useless meat burner category as well. However there are still numerically a quite large number of sporting bloodlines still being bred and blended together. The gene pool and the availability of quality staffords is less. If your premise is they are the same breed anyway why the big deal about reviving the sporting abilities of the stafford? It would seem to be easier to just breed pitbulls in the first place no?

    I am sure with selective breeding the Stafford could again become an excellent sporting dog as that is how it and the APBT were developed in the first place but the question is why would you?
  5. Oxstaf

    Oxstaf Big Dog

    The answer is why wouldnt you ?? why let another sporting breed die out ..
  6. 12 gauge

    12 gauge CH Dog

    not all staffords are bred or created equal, i've chosen the staffords over bulldogs i got cause i have done my homework. no difference there
  7. Dusty Road

    Dusty Road CH Dog

  8. bulldogkennel

    bulldogkennel Banned

    My friend said that there is no difference between a pit ADBA from working lines and a sporting stafford is a joke.
  9. Nogz

    Nogz Pup

    Comparing a sporting APBT with a working SBT is a joke too. You cannot compare different things with each other.
  10. Oxstaf

    Oxstaf Big Dog

    I advocate the sporting staff they are my true love ,But i,am thinking a real real good staff can live with and beat just a average pit bull against a real good pit bull they are gonna be left wanting .This is my opinion based on what i have seen..
  11. 12 gauge

    12 gauge CH Dog

    Ox lb per lb you mean? i admit apbts are greater in numbers than staffords in what they are best doing but as a good sportsmanship aren't we suppose to keep those staffords that finish on top including apbt's? i know of staffords that have prevailed over good staffords and apbt's, not average and they werent left wanting. among those bulldogs they were red boy, boyles and a carver dogs. now with this i'm not fantasizing about about a 35 lb stafford against a 47-50 lbs apbt. i'm not here to contradict what you say just to ask your clarification as you are a very fair man/dogman and i have learnt to respect your work and dogs for that matter. plus i'm just as in love as you are with the stafford.
  12. Dusty Road

    Dusty Road CH Dog

    In the British isles.... Staffs have rearly beaten APBTs... and when they did it was below average APBTs.... there has never being a top notch APBT beaten by a Staff.... I honestly believe the only reason there are some game Staffords still in UK is they are a native breed and some people have sentimental attachment to the breed .... if they (SBT and APBT ) had the same name ... SBT would long ago be left to the show people and pet owners ....
  13. Hi,i'm cristiano durante,the co-owner of Bulldog's Kennel. It's very interesting see how some of you,poor monkey, don't understand what Daniele said you. I have one pig in my house and for sure he would understand better than you if i explained something about dogs,T.A.g or something like this. Daniele didn't say you our staffordshire are game,just because we don't and we can't breed for game,but you go on with your stupid bla bla bla bla talking about game or not game....;daniele didn't said you nothing about T.A.G test and you go on insisting your dogs would pass easyly...i'd like to see some of your super dogs under my hands.Ricky B,daniele said you he respect you,but i'm honest,i don't respect you: you don't know anything about T.A.G test but you said your dogs would pass easily our test,why don't you come in italy???you go on through europe judging stupid show staffordshirre ,like you were GOD OF STAFFORD, why don't you spend some money to come in italy to test your super dog???come to me ricky b.and if you don't come shut up please and let talk real dogmen.i don't want to mention other names of other people because they make me sick. Daniele has been calm until now,but i don't think with stupid monkey we have to talk,stupid monkey understand only the language of stick and the kick ass. You go on keeping your super bulldogs,and we'll go on with ours bulldogs,but in the future we'll se where is the true.
  14. Dusty Road

    Dusty Road CH Dog

    Well maybe if you explained what TAG is maybe we would shut up
  15. you're funny ricky,once you expressed an opinion about T.A.G(saying your dogs would pass it) and now you want to know what T.A.G is??? do you notice it's an illogical request???i don't want to explain you nothing.
  16. Joe Black

    Joe Black Banned

    LMAO on this thread, Daniele did say his dog are gamebreed in his earlier post because they are bred from dogs that can hunt small game.
    The only person's who are beeing stupid are you 2 clowns.
    You are not even a Monkey because Monkey see, Monkey do, that's how easy a monkey can learn.
    You 2 don't wanna learn nothing and actualy think a TAG test or a 10/20km run is endurance and work.
    Inviting people too come to Italia, why should anybody feel the need they need too do that when you can't even be clear about the TAG test and what it is.
  17. show me where daniele said that WE BREED for game,idiot,otherwise shut up.you're an ignorant boor,of the worst kind.
  18. Dusty Road

    Dusty Road CH Dog

    Iv no real interest what you do with your dogs ... I only made one comment about TAG ,all I meant was if its not game testing with dogs, or other animals Im sure one of my Dutch Shepherds would pass it... but as you say I don't know what you do in this test... if you don't want to talk about TAG why mention it at all ? ... The other comment was nothing to do with TAG, it was a comment about Staff competing with Apbts
  19. Sorry Ricky,how can you say "... but as you say I don't know what you do in this test" and at the same time say "Im sure one of my Dutch Shepherds would pass it"...sorry again,but i should believe that you think that your dogs could do everithing you don't know...for example: i meet you in the pub,we take a beer and then i say to you" hi ricky,do you think your dogs can do this?", and you:" hey cristiano,i'm sure they can do this! i don't know what but i'm sure!!" and i reply:" ok,i just would know if your dogs could walk on the moon this afternoon"...sorry,it's just for fun....i know you had very hard dogs in the past and i really respect them,but as you well know,i can't say,for example, "my dogs would go on in the pit for 4 hours" if i don't put never my dogs in the pit for 4 hours....so you can't say my dogs could do this or this other without knowing what it is and without have never done this. now i want to ask you sorry for having insult you, i didn't want,believe me,it's been a moment of irritation. sorry again ;-)
  20. Dusty Road

    Dusty Road CH Dog

    ok, there is no problem from me... but if a test that don't involve dogs or animals, I just guess it was like Schutzhund ...? ..and I have some Dutch shepherds that don't back down, are very active and 30km would be nothing to them, this is what I meant.....But I don't know what you do ... like most here Im curious because it (TAG) has being hid... I will not mention TAG again... R
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