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The Secret

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mydawgs, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. mydawgs

    mydawgs CH Dog

    OK, so I am reading this book called The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. The preface of this book is that the Secret of life is the law of attraction. When you think a thought you are attracating LIKE thoughts to you. Thoughts have a frequency and as you think them they travel out into the universe and magnetically attract like things on the same frequency...what you send out is returned to you. So according to this theory your current thoughts are creating your future, what you think about most and focus on will appear in your life...your thoughts will become things.

    Being an analytical person I am not sure what my assessment is of this phenomenon, but suppose for one moment it was true. If we could train our thoughts about this breed to be clearly positive, if when something makes us feel bad about these dogs we could change the channel (or frequency) to a positive thought and we collectively focused positive energy out into the universe, then we could define the future for the APBT as we want it. The good thoughts radiating out into the universe will attract a good return, our thoughts could become tangible. Now this is by this books definition for a single person....well what if the thoughts radiating were similar from many individuals - would not the energy become stronger collectively (the law of attraction), thus increasing the likelyhood of defining a real and positive future for these dogs.

    No I am not hung over...my point is I am going to try this way of thinking...anyone interested check out the book and join me...can't hurt!!!!
  2. LuvinBullies

    LuvinBullies CH Dog

    Sort of like all the fish swimming down together in Finding Nemo? LMAO...I hear ya hon I'm just poking. And at this rate- this idea is a grand one. Where did you get this book...is it at BAM or should I order it...I'm analytical too (Big time. Drives my husband nuts ;)) and it sounds great.

    Thanks for a new angle...I love positive thinking.

    "Just keep swimming just keep swimming just keep swimming swimming swimming" :p
  3. ghost 1

    ghost 1 CH Dog

    if i had this way of thinking i'd be in serious trouble:o ,,,

    i'd be the biggest pornstar,:D :D ;) :rolleyes: ,,lmao,,,lmao,,,lmao

    i couldn't help it..me sorry,,, me sorry
    LuvinBullies likes this.
  4. mydawgs

    mydawgs CH Dog

  5. ghost 1

    ghost 1 CH Dog


    I'M WOUND UP LIKE A TIMEX WATCH,,,:rolleyes: ,,



  6. Michele

    Michele Guest

    LMAOOO..i just spit out my water
  7. Suki

    Suki Guest

    i have been reading this book, on and off for quite sometime. (months now). it's pretty good, but my feeling has always been that what you "send out" you shall also receive, kinda like, what goes around comes around. so, this book, although thought provoking and insightful, imo, is just common sense: again, at least to me, it is. good concept tho, mydawgs and i DO believe in the power of positive thinking so my feeling is what the hay~can't hurt.
    enjoy it. you'll like it and the more you read it, the more you'll see you can get from it, and learn by it. :D
  8. Roadman Jr.

    Roadman Jr. Guest

    Ever heard this,..in all your getting get understanding,to me there is only knowledge or lack of, it applies to any situation.It's not to know something but to understand it,once you choose to learn,learn to understand it,and then you will see that it wasn't a secret,it was just your knowledge or lack of.......My thoughts anyway...Thanks...p.s. leave a tip at the door..ha.ha.ha
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 24, 2007
  9. meno222

    meno222 Big Dog

    i saw the dvd on the secret and my wife and i have been thinking positive on everything and i could see a difference in our life's. you guys should give it a try.

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