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...The saga of LIGHTNIN' BILLY...

Discussion in 'APBT History' started by ELIAS'PISTOLA, Nov 28, 2015.

  1. c_note

    c_note CH Dog

    I know some ol heads to this day will still cut you before they would shoot you. Reach right past the pistol they carry for the knife in their pocket type guys. “IT’S THE PRINCIBALITY”!! Lol murder the english language then cut you to the white meat
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  2. oldguy

    oldguy Big Dog

    I think every one of my posts probably murders the English language :) I was involved with these men from a distance and through association in the dogs, in hindsight I was probably naïve and being used by them for access to some good kennels and winning dogs back then.. That night at my home with my daughter present was the very last straw for me.. After I heard the guy was murdered I moved house and never invited anyone to look at my dogs again.. They both carried knives as a formality, but I think on that day, in that situation with my daughter at home, I'd have gutted them both like pigs and they knew it. .I didn't mean to detract from the original topic, or Mr Fox's enlightened opinion in that regard... Just wanted to highlight there's a lot of good people in the dogs, but also some sly, nasty and dangerous dung beetles the game would do better without .
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  3. stedz

    stedz Big Dog

    yeah i know the old timers had their fair share of scumbags,i mean you only got to look at carver,when you break it down he was a pimp,liar and murderer,doesnt mean i cant enjoy reading about them.Believe me im not reading about them through rose tinted spectacles.
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